Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chorus Supernatural Skin Care

A couple of mths ago the ppl at Chorus Supernatural Skin Care reached out to me about trying some
products from their line.  Whenever I'm asked to review a product - especially skin care related I like to really use the product for awhile so that I can provide a really honest opinion about the products and how they worked for me.

Well I've been using the products for a couple of mths now so I can honestly say I REALLY like them!  And one of the coolest things about the brand (at least to me) is that it's from Canada and manufactured in Richmond B.C.  I do like to support Canadian companies whenever possible so this was definitely a bonus w/ the brand.

Of course if the products themselves weren't good that wouldn't have mattered but thankfully they are! Also, important to a lot of ppl these days who are concerned about what they put on their skin or ingest into their bodies - Chorus is 100% natural source ingredients.  It's free from petro-chemicals, artificial fragrance and colour. Plus not only do they promise premium quality ingredients in their products but they are also some of the safest in the industry as rated by the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website.

The 4 Key Ingredients that are the basis of everything they make are:

LithiaA clean, untainted spring water that emerges high on a mountainside in the Rockies of British Columbia. This is some of the purest water on the planet, with a significant level of naturally occurring lithium.

Moor - A rare, nutrient-rich peat, created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers that have been submerged beneath the Earth's surface for many thousands of years.

Seaweed - Hand-harvested giant kelp, from the cold, pristine waters off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. 

Clay - One of the most mineral-rich clays in the world, obtained from ancient volcanic caves and mountain slopes on the western shores of Vancouver Island.

 Because my skin is ALWAYS on the oily/combination side I tried out skincare specific to my skin concerns.

Facial Mask - The product is 100% organic and natural and consists purely of moor peat and water. Just mix a teaspoon of it w/ a couple of drops of water and rub onto the skin.  I really liked how soft it made my skin feel plus I find anything clay based really helps suck out some of the excess oil in my pores.  If you rub it into your skin when your washing it off you also get a nice, gentle exfoliation and it's not so drying that my skin felt tight or uncomfortable afterward.

 Cleansing Gel - It's a low foaming, hypoallergenic cleanser w/ key ingredients of moor, seaweed extract, tea tree oil, lavendar, lemongrass and ylang-ylang.  I LOVE how this product smells.  For a product that has not artificial fragrance this smells so good and I feel better knowing that the smell is from natural ingredients not chemicals.  It feels refreshing on the skin and just like the mask it doesn't make my skin feel tight or uncomfortable but it does a good job and cleansing it.

Clarify Moisturizer - Out of the 3 products I tried this is BY FAR my favourite of the 3!  It's oil free, lightly hydrating and great for acne prone adults (aka ME).  It absorbs excess oil, refines skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.  It also creates a MATTE finish on the skin which for an oily person like me is a perfect starting canvas for my morning routine.  I really loved the way it made my skin feel - smooth and matte but again not tight or uncomfortable like it was over drying it. I'd definitely recommend this moisturizer to oily skin people!

All the products are very affordable in my opinion - especially considering the high quality ingredients involved.  All the products I tried came in under $23.00 Canadian/product.  You can buy them online and there is a growing number of retailers carrying the products.  If you look on their site you can see them.  Definitely a skincare brand I would recommend looking into!