Thursday, May 31, 2012

See And Be Seen - Exclusive Set

About a mth ago (yes I'm sorry for the delay :S ) I got to try the New Anastasia See And Be Seen Set which is a limited edition and exclusive collection just for Sephora!  I personally LOVE sets or collections b/c it allows me to try a few products from a line and usually they are marked at a discount or promotional price...and I always LOVE a good deal ;)

Speaking of deals the See And Be Seen collection is a GREAT deal valued at $80 US but priced at $44 US that's almost a 50% savings!  It's a really great collection for Summer too.  The HydraFull Glosses in Heiress and Plastic are super punchy and colourful and the Eyeshadow Duo is a really nice Bronzy/Gold Duo...both go perfect w/ that Summer glow.  I think you could even use the eyeshadow as a bit of a highlighter on your cheekbones if you wanted.

The only product in the set which was  a bit awkward for me was the Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel...I have very dark brows so I couldn't use this product and in truth there might be a lot of ppl who can't use it b/c their brows are darker.  I think it would have been more helpful and universal if they maybe had two sets - one w/ a lighter brow gel and one w/ a darker brow gel...esp. since Anastasia is the brow guru and all ;)

The products are all formulated w/out parabens which is great b/c parabens just aren't good.  So overall it's a really cute set and might make a great gift for the girl who likes a bit of colour and a beautiful glow to her skin and eyes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

InBeauty for the Digital Age

As you all know I'm a very loyal fan and follower of the twice annual InBeauty Magazine.  I've blogged about it several times and I must admit since my initial purchase it has become a lot easier to longer do I personally have to contact the Toronto distributor and have them send a personal copy to a magazine store for me to purchase (yes I did that SEVERAL times lol).

Anyway, guess who got word from Taiwan (where the magazine comes from) that InBeauty has come out w/ a digital copy app for you iPad!  How cool is that.  Now you can have it w/ you anywhere you take the old iPad.  I unfortunately, do not have an iPad yet...but still a very cool development and it makes it a lot easier for those in small towns to obtain.

I guess the editors saw that I've blogged about the mag several times so they wanted to me to pass the word out lol!  Right now it's only the S/S12 issue available but in a couple of wks (mid June) the A/W12-13 issue will be available online and in stores!

Btw InStyle also has a Facebook Page if you want to follow that...also gives updates about InBeauty Magazine!  They've already shown a teaser for the new edition and it's already making me drool!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I LOVE Showing Off My Brides!

So we are now officially in "Wedding Season"...actually I think it started about mid April (at least for me personally) and that means tons of weddings every mth...sometimes several a wk or two a day!  It's exhausting and a lot of work but so worth it when I see my bride looking and feeling more beautiful than she ever has before.

One of my fav things is actually when my brides (or their photographers) send me pictures after the wedding.  I obviously am not there after they finish getting ready (unless they hire me for the whole day) so it's always a joy to see my work in photos and to see how it held up throughout the day (it of course holds up great btw ;) ).

Today one of my Winter bride's Glenda had her photographer Esther Kelly send me a few pictures and I'm so happy she did b/c they are absolutely gorgeous!  I knew they would be as Glenda is a really beautiful girl.  Esther the photographer is actually a friend of Glenda's and came in from Winnipeg (Glenda's hometown) for the wedding.  I always think it helps a lot when the couple has a connection w/ the photographer or they've already developed a relationship w/ the photographer prior to the wedding either through meetings or an engagement shoot or whatever the situation may be.

Hope you enjoy these pics as I much as I enjoyed the wedding!

Such a Beautiful Shot!

Me at Work!

Great Hair Shot!  Love when photographers actually take a pic or two of the hair!

Happy Couple - Todd & Glenda
Glenda told me Todd was speechless when he saw her for the first could he not be she looks beautiful!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She Knows Canada...She Lists My Blog

It's always exciting when you get a bit of recognition for something you do. It's especially nice when it's something you do just for the love of it - like this blog for me.

I may not have the most popular or fancy or most commented blog but it is nice to know some ppl enjoy the content I produce and my own unique writing style.

She Knows Canada contacted me yesterday to let me know they picked my blog as one of their 10 Canadian Beauty & Fashion Bloggers We Love!
Pretty cool indeed! Even cooler I'm actually the first blog listed!

Here's the link if you want to see some the list and some of the other awesome bloggers in my company!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Todd Anthony Tyler - Asia's Next Top Model

I always LOVE to see my friends and family succeed and this is no different.  My old photographer friend Todd Anthony Tyler - yes, the one that gave me my first big break in the biz and the one that invited me to give Shanghai a try so very very long ago (btw May 14 I'll have been back 3 yrs...where the HELL does the time go) is going to be the resident photographer for Asia's Next Top Model!

This is pretty exciting and I think he is BEYOND a perfect fit for the job!  1. He looks great on camera ;) 2. He use to be a model himself and was for 10 yrs before he became a photographer and I think overall it has really helped and influenced his work b/c unlike most photographers he can really know and understand what it's like to be on the other side of the camera and he can bring that knowledge to the show and really help the girls out. 3. He's just a damn good photographer so why not!

Man it's moments like this where I wish I was still back in Shanghai working sometimes!  He's asked me if I'd ever think about coming back and at various times I'll admit I've given it great consideration but it's just SO HARD now!  When I left my career was in a VERY different place - aka I didn't have one lol!  I was brand new and I learned so much I'm more established and I have clients...not so easy just to up and go again!  Esp. b/c it's China...kinda far...not just like I can go for 2 wks do some shoots and come back lol.  If I'm going to do it it's got to be for at least a couple of mths...but and this isn't a bad thing I keep booking work so therefore WHEN would I go!  Ugghh I never thought I'd say I miss it me...but after a couple of years you do get nostalgic plus I've grown so much as an artist I'd LOVE the chance to take my skills and experience there now and really rock some great shit out!

Anyway, here's Todd talking about what he's going to bring to Asia's Next Top Model!  Enjoy ;)

He's coming here at the end of the mth...hopefully we'll get a chance to shoot some stuff on this visit b/c I really miss working w/ him!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss Review

A few weeks ago the very nice ppl over at Whitening Lightning (I reviewed their teeth whitening pen a couple of mths ago) sent me over another nice little gift to try out and review - their Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss in Jewel (a beautiful, rich, deep berry tone)!  The ppl at Whitening Lightning must know me or something b/c as someone who likes a red or berry lip this gloss does not disappoint nor is it for the wallflower that wants to blend in!  This is NO sheer gloss w/ just a hint of me this is a full on lip lacquer w/ a beautiful, rich full colour payoff but w/out the stickiness that often comes w/ glosses.

Btw they do have two other really beautiful colours as well - Icicle - a gorgeous shimmery pink and Crystal - a beautiful coral hot this season ;).  All the colours do appear to have shimmer in them but I'll say from wearing it, it's not like you have a disco ball on your lips in goes well w/ the colour and just adds a nice amount of glam to the gloss!

So as I mentioned before this is No Ordinary also comes w/ a lot of other cool benefits!  The gloss itself has collagen peptides to increase lip volume (so it's a plumping gloss...but I didn't notice it burning my lips like some other lip plumper products).  By increasing volume it reduces lip wrinkles while doubling as an amazing moisturizer!  It feels smooth and light on the lips (but as mentioned still very pigmented) plus it doesn't feel sticky or icky and it will not feather or bleed (often a prob w/ a lot of other glosses).

So even w/ that you're probably thinking wow this gloss is cool...but wait...there's MORE (yes I'm an infomercial lol).  The gloss packaging is really cool and practical!  I'm ALL about things being multipurpose and this gloss doesn't disappoint!  On the side of the gloss there is a mirror for easy touch ups w/out having to have a mirror in your purse AND there is a LIGHT in the gloss that lights up when you take the wand out of the tube - this is PERFECT for touching up your lips at the club or lounge or any dim or dark you have a great gloss w/ great added benefits and then the packaging has a mirror AND light...come on that's pretty cool admit it!

You can buy all 3 glosses together as a set or buy them individually as well!

Couple of Extra Pics of Me Wearing Jewel

What a GREAT my teeth are still looking nice & white ;)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dairy-Free Love Promo Video

Last week I got the opportunity to re-create my beloved giant beehive and vintage makeup look for my friend Victoria Murdoch for a really cool promo video for her upcoming one woman show Dairy-Free Love!  I was actually a little nervous I wouldn't be able to re-create the epicness of my last beehive for a photo shoot we did a couple of mths ago.  Luckily for me, the hair gods were w/ me and I think I created an even better beehive then the first time!

Here's the promo can even see me for a split second (or my mouth/hands at least).  I was her friend  "Tina" an important character in the show...never actually seen in the show (it's a one woman show after all) but referred to a lot.

Director: Robert Shaw
Makeup & Hair: Jessica Jean Myers
Dawn: Victoria Murdoch

There's also going to be a mini behind the scenes video to come later featuring me at work so stay tuned for that!

Here's a couple of behind the scenes shots from the shoot too!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feeling A Little Blue - CHCH Avatar Premiere

I just wrapped up a really cool 3 day promo makeup job for CHCH for their BIG Avatar promotion.  CHCH is a local TV network in Toronto and they are premiering Avatar on Sunday May 6 at 8 pm and they've been doing a HUGE promotional push to get the word out there about the premiere - Newspaper, Billboards, Commercials and Live Avatars out on the street posing w/ the public and spreading the word!

I obviously had a hand in the last part - creating the Avatar promo ppl!  This was a BIG job as I mentioned and required a lot of skill, speed and patience to paint 20 Avatars blue - head, neck and arms!  They also had Avatar shirts and Avatar wigs which REALLY helped complete the final look!  In the end it went amazingly well and I can't thank everyone that helped enough b/c it was A LOT of work!  My hands/nails will probably be blue for weeks lol...I can only imagine how the actors feel lol!  They were all such a great egos or drama...such a pleasure b/c I'll be real what I was doing to them wasn't really "nice".

I was actually really nervous going into this job on Thurs b/c the work before I did a "mini promo" w/ only 2 Avatars and to say it went horribly on my end would actually be an understatement of epic proportions...I actually ran out of makeup after making up 1 ACTOR lol...I had to take the other actor in a cab to a makeup supply store and then finish his makeup back at my apt!  The makeup I had ordered specially for the job hadn't arrived yet so I was just using what I had on hand and I thought it was enough...lesson learned!  I actually would have completely understood if they would have wanted to find someone else to do the was bad...I've never been so embarrassed and apologetic about a job!  But thankfully, they were all very understanding down at CHCH and they believed in me enough to know that I could do a complete 180 and do the job right the following week...and I did of course ;)

In actuality I'm SO HAPPY we had that mini promo day b/c it just made me realize what was possible and what wasn't in the time we had.  At first I thought I was going to airbrush them b/c I thought that would be quickest...but it wasn't at all!  And to get the opaqueness I needed I would have needed SO MUCH product to do 20 ppl 3 days in a would have cost me a fortune...that I didn't properly budget for in my quote!  Lesson learned let me tell you!  But sometimes you have to fall flat on your face to learn the biggest lessons!

In the end I ended up using Kryolan Aquacolor in Blue and just activated it w/ water or Ben Nye Liquiset.  It went on so opaque and beautifully smooth...not streaky and made my life a dream in it was A LOT cheaper than the airbrush would have been...and I could get it locally ;)  At first I thought a sponge would be the best application b/c that's what I was told in the store but after a little trial and error I realized a foundation brush was the quickest and smoothest the end of Day 3 I was a Avatar painting machine!

I've included some behind the scenes pics of me at work and a couple of the Avatars out on the streets w/ the ppl!  So happy for them (and my makeup) it only rained on the Thurs later into the night!

Other bonus of switching to brushes instead of sponges...MUCH cleaner hands lol!

Look...Rare Photo - I'm smiling while I work lol!

Apparently some of the actors even took the subway home at the end of the night like this...would have LOVED to have seen ppl's reaction to that lol!

If you're around on Sunday night at 8 pm make sure to watch the premiere of Avatar on CHCH!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OleHenriksen Micro/Mini Peel System Review

Hope you like reviews b/c I gotta a bunch of exciting ones on the way!  Mother's Day is on the way and what better way to show all the women you love you really care then to get them some luxurious and wonderful products from OleHenriksen.

A few mths ago I got my first taste of this great brand and now I'm here to tell you about their really cool Home Mirco/Mini Peel System.

I'm ALL about scrubs and peels so I was really excited to try this home Micro/Mini Peel system b/c let's be real most of us (me included) don't have the money to be heading to the spa every time we want a good cleansing/peel treatment for our face!  Now there's a treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost that offers great results!  Plus think about it...Mother's Day is coming up - you could buy  her ONE spa treatment or for the same cost (or less depending on the spa) you can get her a kit like this which offers 8-10 treatments (I think you could get 10-12's a really generous size).

So here are the deets - it's a 3 step program and you use it once a week!

Step 1 - Almond Polish - Basically just a really good scrub for the face...refines and polishes the skin so that it's then ready for the next step.

Step 2 - Lemon Strip - Now here is where we really get down to business!  You only leave this on by itself for a few mins b/c it is powerful...don't worry the tingle is normal (that's how you know it's working ;) ).  This strip emulates the benefits of an acid peel w/ lactic and glycolic acid leaving  your skin feeling refreshed and refined.

Step 3 - Chamomile Comfort - You actually put this on top of the Lemon Strip and leave it on for an additional 20 mins or so.  This step soothes the skin after Step 2.

I've used this product 3 times now and I definitely feel like it leaves my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and refined...but not burnt or too red like some harsh peel treatments do.  Plus like I said for the price approx $95 USD it's really affordable when you consider you can probably get a dozen treatments out of it...going to a spa is at least $95/visit!  Plus all you have to do is check out the other reviews on the OleHenriksen and see that it was a Chatelaine Beauty Winner to know it's the real deal!

As a bonus I also received Water Jel Unburn Sunburn Relief.  I haven't actually had a chance to use this yet b/c unfortunately Toronto hasn't been seeing the same heat waves it saw in March...therefore no sunburns as of yet lol!  But this product also said it works reg. burns and THAT's something I'm actually REALLY interested in!  I have burnt myself on set numerous occasions w/ hot tools (curling irons, hair dryers etc) so what a great idea to have a product that promotes heat transfer and cools the area and pulls the heat away from the burn!  I'm not really looking forward to getting burnt in the near future but I am curious to use this product next time it happens...and this is me so it's only a matter of time lol!  Definitely thinking I need to make a little bottle of THIS a staple in my kit!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Most Favourite Primer EVER!

I don't know what it is about this particular beauty product that has always interested me but even before I became a makeup artist I was on the hunt for a great primer.  Now it seems like EVERY brand of makeup has their own primer but I remember when I was first looking the mention of the product to sales girls often got me confused looks.

Over the years I have tried MANY primers...some I've liked, some not so much...but never one that I absolutely loved (kind of like my dating life lol)!  But NOW I've found my one true love (we're still talking about Primers btw...not relationships...I'm still working on that one ;) ) - Arbonne Makeup Primer!

I actually tried this primer about a yr ago...and even wrote about it on this blog.  I got a sample and I loved it then but I didn't go and buy it for myself..not sure why.  Fast forward a year, I've now taken the plunge and I'm sorry I waited so long!

For any makeup newbies or novices who are asking - What's a primer and why do I need it?

Basically, it's a product you put on before your foundation (you can wear it alone w/out foundation too btw).  It's like when you paint a wall in your house you always prime it first...primer for the face is the same kind of idea.  A good primer sort of diffuses and diminishes fine lines and just smooths out the surface of your face so that foundation lays nicer and you'll use less of it.  It also creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation and personally I find foundation lasts longer w/ it.

So what is it about this particular primer you ask?  Well first off you only need a small amount to do the entire face b/c the product is that yes, it might be on a little bit of the pricier side (equivalent to Smashbox Primer) but it will last you a long time so it's worth it remember since you're using a primer you'll need less foundation...therefore saving money there too ;).  This primer just leaves the skin feeling so smooth and silky and it really does do what it says - diminishes the appearance of fine lines and pores.

 Also in the past I've found w/ some popular primers (Smashbox I'm looking at you) they've been a bit heavy and sometimes depending on the client's skin when I've gone to put foundation over top the primer has sort of balled up or rolled off...NOT GOOD!  I've yet to experience this w/ the Arbonne Primer.  I should mention I'm not alone in calling this The Best Primer...even the readers at agree - it was voted #1 (beating out big brands like MUFE, Smashbox & MAC) w/ an average reader rating of 9.9!

Other reasons I'm a big fan of this Primer...and other products from Arbonne:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • PH Correct
  • Vegan Certified, Peta-Approved
  • No Parabens, Phthalates, Artificial Dyes, Fragrance, Mineral Oil or Formaldehyde-donating Preservatives
  • A lot of their products are also Gluten Free which is becoming an important thing for a lot of ppl too
  • They also have a really strong Green Commitment - responsible harvesting, don't use endangered ingredients, print w/ soy based inks when possible, recyclable packaging or packaging made from recyclable materials

So overall just a very responsible and socially conscientious brand which is cool.  Their products are available online and they have literally hundreds of other great products available.  Plus a lot of really cool deals, discounts (20% off all orders) and free products if you sign up as a Preferred Client (which is open to anyone...not just Pros..but it does have a joining fee just an FYI..but still a good investment if you plan on buying a few things).

Oh one last thing...if you don't like anything you buy w/ Arbonne you have 45 days to return it!  Yes, that's right they are so confident in their products that you have a 45 day money back guarantee...that's pretty sweet!

One thing is for sure I'm definitely going to have 2 of these Primers - 1 for Myself & 1 for my Kit b/c I'll be honest I don't want to share it w/ anyone ;)

For anyone interested here's a link to buy it!