Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Reflections on the Past Year's Goals & Resolutions

Every year at this time I like to look back and reflect on the goals I set for myself for 2014.  I find it really interesting to look back and see if I overall achieved what I set out to do that year.  This is usually one of my fav blog posts every year and typically I find that I've done a pretty good job at nailing my goals.

Well I'll admit this year wasn't always an easy one for me in a lot of ways.  I actually kind of chuckled to myself at some of the goals I wrote for myself at the beginning of the year b/c I definitely know there's more work to be done lol!

First though I guess like any good teacher I should touch on the positive and talk about the Goals & Resolutions I do think I did "right"!

Exercise More - Although I've been a little off the bandwagon since my trip I'd definitely give myself a gold star for this one.  I ran a half marathon so right there I'm saying "Good Job, Jessica".  I may have kind of thrown the idea out there a bit before but I don't know if I ever thought I'd actually do it and I'm so happy I did.  Can't wait to beat my time next year!  And I can't believe I just started running a year ago pretty much!

Live a Healthier and More Balanced Lifestyle - Again overall I'm pretty happy with this one.  I did a juice cleanse back in March and since then I've reached a weight and size I don't know if I ever thought I'd see...again been a little off track since my trip but I'm confident I'll get back to that weight again - too many nice dresses and skinny jeans to fit into again ;)  This combined w/ the exercise has really been good for me this year!

Read More - I've definitely found the reading bug again and I'm happy about that.  Having my Kobo really does make a difference and it was great on my trip where I must have read at least 3 books.  I tend to go through phases where I read a ton and then go a couple of mths where I read nothing.  I really should try to read 1 book a month or something b/c truth is once I start reading a book I'll typically finish it in less than a wk.

 Travel More - Well even though I didn't do any small trips like I was hoping I did do a big 3 wk adventure to Central America and did 5 countries while there so I guess I'll give myself a pass on this one. Although I was definitely cutting it close since I only did the trip in late Nov/early Dec.

Network More Within The Bridal Industry - Well I didn't hit the 80 wedding mark like I was hoping for...only came in at 76 but I can tell from my sales that the weddings I was doing were definitely bigger than years past.  Plus I grew my team a little bit more and had more weddings for said team.  And as I mentioned yesterday I've been working on rebranding my wedding business to make it grow even bigger for everyone involved.  I've even networked a bit more w/ some of the other sections/industries in my biz and did a wedding creative so that's good.

So next I'll touch on some of the things I did okay on but definitely could have done better with.

Be More Productive - Most ppl who know me don't believe me when I say this...and maybe I am being too hard on myself but I think I'm actually incredibly lazy and waste a huge amount of time.  I definitely think I've been getting better at being productive.  Especially these past few mths since I got rid of a couple of the toxic things that were holding me back and stopping me from concentrating.  I really need to make lists for myself on a daily basis b/c I think that would help me do more and be more productive.

Stop Concerning Myself So Much With Other People - Not gonna lie this is still something I struggle with.  I've definitely found it helpful to actually just delete or block the feed of certain ppl on my facebook or instagram if I found them to be doing more harm than good to my well being. Although it may not be the most mature thing sometimes the best way for me to not get jealous or compare myself is just to delete and forget about them...although I do need to work on just living w/ it and being happy for everyone else and their success.  Typically I am happy for others success just sometimes when I'm in a down mood it's a bit much for me.

Stop Living In The Past - In some ways I've definitely been a lot better about this and than in other aspects of my life, specifically my last relationship I constantly keep running through "what if" scenarios in my head and that doesn't help anyone...especially me because it played out the way it did and I have to remind myself even if certain things didn't go down there would have probably been other issues at other points anyway.  Although, I'm not going to lie this one has been a hard one...especially during the holidays.

Cut Out Toxic Influences or People - Well even though I would have never put my ex into the "toxic people" category at this time last year b/c we were still together I guess how everything played out he kind of would be there now so I guess it's good we're not together.  Like I've said before I wish things had worked out differently in a lot of ways but they didn't and he was making me miserable, lonely, isolated and sad...and I didn't even realize it until everything was done.  I probably should have realized it sooner so there was definitely some toxicity in my life for several mths this year. And I know for a fact that toxicity definitely affected my productivity in every part of my life unfortunately.

The rest of the list is honestly things I think I failed at achieving pretty miserably lol.

Blog More - Yeah well I blogged less this year than any other A LOT yeah definitely failed at that one.  I think I was just going through so much I just didn't feel I had anything interesting to write about or share.  Hopefully that will change this year and I'll be re-inspired and reinvigorated!

Get More Commercial Work & Do More Creatives - Yeah was definitely not focusing on these things enough last year.  I think I only did 1 creative that got published.  It was a beautiful story but seriously I use to be doing that stuff all the time.  I did also do a wedding creative but I wasn't counting that one.  Commercial work...did a bit but again I really need to focus on this!  I was so busy in the Spring/Summer w/ the wedding stuff that it all got kind of sidetracked.  This is why I really want to start making lists so that I can check things off and be more productive!

Overall I guess I did okay.  Unlike last year I think I didn't necessarily start that strong but I definitely finished strong by time September hit...hopefully I can carry that momentum into next year!

Tomorrow I'll write my Goals & Resolutions for 2015!  Hope Everyone has a Wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Toronto Beauty Group

As 2014 closes out and 2015 is literally just a couple of days away I thought this would be a good time to share with everyone the changes I have in store for my wedding business!  Which in just a few short years has really taken off and I couldn't be happier or more proud about that fact.  It's so funny to think that originally I started doing weddings as a "side thing" to my fashion and commercial work and it just sort of took off and ended up becoming more my focus..especially these past couple of years.

I think one of my strengths and a big reason I've seen such growth in a few short years is b/c of my anal, organizational, business personality when it comes to things like emailing, scheduling, following up on things etc.  A lot of artists just don't have this as a strength and I'll openly admit I'm a bit crazy about it all lol.

So being that this is a strength of mine and with me getting solidly booked every weekend it only made sense to expand my business and develop a team to work with me and that I can outsource on weddings on their own.  I've been doing this for a couple of years now under Jessica Jean Myers & Associates and overall I've seen growth but like usual I want more lol!

I realized the only way to make "my team" busier was actually to take my name out of the mix...had to put my ego aside on this one but the thing is people of course only wanted to hire me so getting them to use my team has not always been the easiest even though I know I only bring on artists that I feel do work that is comparable to quality and talent as my own.

With that idea and a A LOT of brainstorming of names I came up with Toronto Beauty Group - I actually came up with the name during a bus ride in Nicaragua during my Central America backpacking adventure!  I wanted something that wasn't too fluffy or frilly b/c that's not my clientele or me but I wanted it to be self explanatory as to what it was but still sound professional and classy. Such a simple name really but I think it's strong and I'm surprised actually it wasn't taken lol!

With the name decided I've taken the past couple of weeks to change up my site a bit, buy new domains and email addresses and add Bios for my team.  I even got new business cards and made a new Instagram Account just for the Wedding Business.  I really want to separate it from myself and really build something that is it's own entity so that I can outsource weddings to my team more and build the business that way.

This year the company closed out at just under 100 weddings (98 to be exact) and next year I'm really hoping to smash that and do at least 100 weddings!  I did notice this year the weddings were definitely bigger than previous years which is also a good thing!

I'm always looking for new and talented Makeup & Hair artists or assistants to add to my roster so any artists that have experience in Bridal and have a style they would classify as "Soft, Romantic, Natural" should definitely reach out to me.

With engagement season in full effect I'm really excited to see what this year has in store for the business...I'm already starting to book into 2016 so that's exciting!