Monday, January 27, 2014

Pink Martini Spring/Summer Lookbook

Back in late Summer I had the chance to work w/ an amazing team on the Pink Martini Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook!  I knew the day of the shoot we created some really gorgeous pics but I had no idea how awesome they would turn out!  I've literally been waiting months to be able to show some of these pics to you so I'm so glad I finally get the chance to do so.

This may be surprising to some...I know it is to me when I look at the pics but these were actually shot in Hamilton, ON...I love the bohemian, traveler vibe we were able to get w/ this shoot and although my knowledge of Hamilton before this shoot was limited I was very surprised to see just how well it worked for the theme.  Plus the people and stores in the city were so inviting and helpful w/ letting us shops, clothing stores, fruit markets...none of them had a problem w/ us stopping in and taking some pics...yeah that definitely would not be happening in Toronto lol!

As anyone can tell from the pics the shooting conditions were perfect - warm & sunny but not too hot.  Plus I have to say I've worked on a lot of lookbooks and the clothes in this collection were outstanding!  They looked great in person and fit even better!  I think there was one dress that had to be clipped...literally that's it!  That's almost unheard of for any sort of lookbook or catalog shoot!

The clothes are available online at numerous stores including some of my personal fave - Modcloth and Ruche plus numerous stores around Canada and USA.

As you can see from the makeup and hair I was going for a very soft and pretty look.  Not trying to hard - just soft neutrals on the eyes, flushed/glowy cheek and a soft glossed lip.  For the hair I wanted loose curls...again I wanted it all to look effortless and natural to go w/ the "traveler theme" of the shoot.  Really hope I get to work w/ everyone again on another project!

Special thanks goes out to the entire team on this shoot:
Photographer - Eleanor Dobbins
Model - Kelleth Cuthbert (Sutherland)
Creative Director - Salvina Lauricella

I know it's a lot of pics (and this isn't even all of them...I just couldn't decide on my favs)

No idea how I'll pick just a couple for my site lol!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Favourite Loose & Down Wedding Hairstyles of 2013

So a few days ago I shared w/ you a bunch of my favourite updos from last years wedding season! Well you know what they say - what goes up, must come down.  So I thought I'd share w/ you some of my favourite half up or down wedding hairstyles from 2013.

Back in the day I think it was just assumed on your wedding day you're suppose to get an updo...well times and trends have changed and I definitely feel there has been a shift in this mentality.  I'd say it's really an even split as to whether my brides are wearing their hair up or down on their wedding day.

I will say this though, lots of people assume that wearing the hair down is a lot easier to style but for me personally I'd say depending on the bride's natural hair there is actually a lot more stress and worry as to what could go wrong!

With an updo I can be secure in my skills enough to know that it's going to stay once I have it locked in (even if it is one of those popular loose styles that everyone loves).  But when a bride opts to wear her hair down there is so much more that could go wrong!  Wind, heat, humidity...maybe the bride just has hair that doesn't hold a curl no matter what you do to it!  You never know so it actually creates a lot of stress and worry b/c of course I want nothing more than for my brides to have beautiful hair and makeup on their wedding days!

Also, one of the biggest things a lot of brides need to realize if they are going to wear their hair down is that they need either naturally very thick, voluminous hair or like most of the celebs and women of the world they need a little help w/ the use of clip-in hair extensions.  It really does make all the difference in creating the volume and body necessary for a majority of the down hairstyles for weddings!

With that being said here are some of my gorgeous brides that did totally rock wearing their hair down on their wedding days!

A lot of times brides want curls in their hair if they are going to wear it down.  I really loved this 60's inspired half updo w/ it's sleek smoothness that I created for Adriana.  It also included additional clip-in extensions which I made for her prior to the wedding day.
Photographer - Nicole Duplantis @ Eclipse Photography

Even her bridesmaids got in on the down hairstyles for this wedding!

Denise actually has wavy, curly hair but like many curly haired girls she wanted a different type of curl on her wedding day.  It may sound weird but so many curly haired ladies opt. to blow their hair straight and then add a different type of curl back into the hair.  We kept things very simple here, not a lot of volume and just some clean, smooth beautiful curls.  Considering the rain that day I'm very impressed w/ the smoothness!

Genalyn was a referral from a wedding I did last year.  She was a bridesmaid and hired me for her wedding this year.  At first she didn't think she needed a trial b/c she knew she liked my style but I convinced her that a trial was still a good idea as there are still kinks to work out and it makes for a less stressful wedding day.  I'm so glad we did b/c w/out the trial I don't think we would have gotten the style to look as good as it did w/out a trial first!  Really a great reminder for brides...even if you know you love an artist having a "practice run" makes everything that much better on the wedding day!
Photographer - Chris Lacsamana

So many of my brides w/ naturally curly hair try to work against their hair's natural texture...not Jennifer!  Finally a curly haired bride that wanted to embrace her natural, gorgeous curls!  Everything about Jennifer's style was super natural and relaxed so I wanted the hair to be the same way.  She deffused it before I got there and then I just re-curled certain curls a little bit more to make the hair uniform throughout.  Teased a bit at the crown, pinned back a few pieces added a clip and done!
Photographer - Dave & Charlotte

I had done Jennifer's makeup for another wedding earlier in the year when she was a bridesmaid so I was thrilled when she contacted me a few mths later to do her hair and makeup for her own wedding!  Jennifer LOVES vintage looks and isn't afraid of makeup or volume and she wanted some Va-Va-Voom on her wedding day!  This girl has HAIR!  Curly hair that I blewout and then set for a larger, smoother style curl...when I was combing in out into the waves it was probably the only time in my career where I thought...OMG this is holding too well!  Lol w/ a little more brushing I was able to get it into the glamorous big, curl waves I wanted.

Kristin has gorgeous blonde hair made even more gorgeous by the blonde extensions that were added on the day for her wedding!  She is a perfect example of why you need extensions to create those big voluminous loose curls that we see in all the magazines!
Photographer - Erin @ Renaissance Studios

If I'm going to talk about down hairstyling I definitely can't forget about Laura.  She seriously has hair model hair!  That gorgeous blonde hair that is full and thick and holds curls so beautiful even after you brush it out!  Seriously if EVERY client had hair like Laura I can't even imagine what I could create!
Photographer - Tobin Grimshaw

Laura's sister who I first met last year when she got married.  She wanted a style very similar to her wedding day except not quite as much volume.  We used the extensions I had made for her last year and they still looked amazing!  I don't think anyone would ever question that that's not her own hair!

Lucy was a last minute bride I booked in the Fall.  We never did a trial before the wedding (I don't like to do that but sometimes it can't be helped).  I did however make clip-in extensions for her on her wedding day and they worked perfectly...even w/out a trial beforehand ;)
Photographer - Boston Ave Photography

Shannon actually had a couple of hair trials and was back and forth a bit on exactly what she wanted...happens all the time actually.  Funny thing is she ended up going w/ the look we tried out at the first trial.  I think it's perfect and I really like the fact that most of the curls are still framing the face and only a section from the front it pulled back.  It really does depend on your face shape, hairline, hair length, texture and a bunch of other factors as to what looks best when wearing your hair down...crazy how just making the slightest alteration or decision can change the whole hairstyle.  Some people look better w/ more pulled back while others look better w/ other a tiny bit pulled back.
Photographer - Stacey Wight

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Of My Fav Bridal Updos Of 2013

Every year I have a mix of brides and hairstyles.  Some wanting to wear their hair down on their wedding day while others opting to wear it up.  I find award shows and movie premieres can be a big indicator as to what types of trends and hairstyles brides will be throwing my way as there are often a ton of gorgeous updos and hairstyles during red carpet season.

Of course it would be insane to not also give credit to Pinterest for having a HUGE impact on EVERY aspect of weddings!  A lot of artists have a love/hate relationship w/ Pinterest.  On one hand it's a great tool for brides to source and collect pictures to show the artist so we get a really good idea of what the bride wants - pictures speak a thousand words after all.  On the other hand it can be frustrating b/c it sometimes builds unrealistic expectations as to what their hair can do (not everyone is a blonde hair model in a photo shoot after all) as well it can be rather annoying to get many of the SAME pictures over and over again from brides thinking they are being so unique w/ their choice of style.

The trick of course are to take this pictures and ideas and like any good artist make them your own and make them work for the client and hair you have in front of you!  I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my fav updos I created this past season and to show not all updos are the same and even if you're given the same picture repeatedly you can make it your own and make it unique for that bride on her special day!

I love the tousled texture I was able to work into this updo!  I also loved that she opted to have it swept back w/ no part.
Photographer - Markus Staley

Another bride w/ a great understanding of her own personal styling!  I LOVED this headband so much and it was the perfect compliment to this updo.  Probably one of my fav. hair accessories all season actually.  
Photographer - Lavish & Light Photography

Gorgeous sophisticated, elegant bride...only makes sense she would have a gorgeous, sleek, elegant and sophisticated updo!  I loved the smoothness of this updo it just worked so well w/ her elegant dress and stature!
Photographer - Silverlight Photography

So much hair!  I loved the way this very full curled updo came together!  So many brides want this kind of fullness and it's impossible w/ extensions...Nina's is all natural!
Photographer - Shelley K

A classic beehive french twist.  Some classics never get old and this was perfect w/ her vintage style tea length dress and fascinator.
Photographer - Ryan @ Luminous Studios

I actually just shared w/ you recently some gorgeous pics from my friend Penelope's wedding...but she didn't send me this first hair pic originally...can you believe it!?!  It's an AWESOME picture!  I know Penelope's hair up close and personal and I have to say w/out sounded conceited I'm actually still impressed and how full and big I made her hair look b/c it's actually quite straight and a bit limp/fine to be honest.
Photographer - Zach @ Times & Paper

Ryanne has a great haircut and gorgeous blonde hair!  It holds curl awesome and is just the perfect length to create a tousled, curly updo!  I love the addition of the sparkly comb on the side to sort of fill out the hair and make the updo look bigger!  Brides don't always realize how much a hair comb or clip can really just complete the whole hairstyle!
Photographer - Emma McIntyre

Talk about a gorgeous couple!  Beautiful dress, Beautiful location...Beautiful Updo!  What most ppl are shocked to find out is that Rachael naturally has VERY fine, shoulder length hair...this full, gorgeous updo was created w/ the help of clip-in hair extensions.  Brides don's always realize that MANY of those celeb or pinterest hairstyles we love and see are created w/ fake hair!

Tammy tried both her hair down and up at the trial and she's one of the few brides where I'll say she could have gone either way!  She opted for up b/c she thought it suited the traditional Chinese tea ceremony dress better.

Sara & Caitlin
Sara had some of the most gorgeous red hair I've ever seen and I loved the romance of her curled, swept back updo.  But I also have to give credit to Caitlin who rocked an awesome braid inspired updo.  You can't see ton of detail here but there were actually two braids on either side that connected to create an awesome and elaborate looking bun on the side!

I don't normally include snapshots of pics I've taken on the wedding day b/c I prefer to only include professional photos but I love this Jennifer Lawrence inspired updo w/ it's texture, fishtail braid and detail so much!  I really wish she had sent me pics from her wedding day :(

Next I'll do a gallery w/ some of my Favourite down hairstyling from last year's wedding season!