Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love This New Editorial...Wish They Spelt My Name Right :S

So I got the pics from another editorial I did back in may remember this shoot as I think I may have referred to it as my most miserable day on set EVER lol! You know how it is when getting your work published- when it rains it pours (which is funny actually b/c it did unfortunately pour on this shoot :( ). I contacted the magazine personally about getting a copy and the PDF file of the editorial and they literally got back to me in was insane - I've never had that happen before! I wasn't hearing anything back from the photographer so I'm not one to just sit back - I take control and make this shit happen for myself. I like these pics way too much to NOT get this editorial in my book! I hear a lot of times MUAs talking about not getting pics or tears and to be honest I've never really had too much of a problem w/ this (knock on wood). Probably b/c 1. I work w/ professional people 2. If I want something I will figure out a way to get it myself...I have contacted several magazines on my own about getting my shit - I don't like to wait around lol...and I may have slight control issues w/ not trusting anyone to do a job when I can do it myself lol! - This may also be why I've never worked w/ an assistant yet...but that's a whole other issue lol!

So anyway back to the editorial - it was for Don Gil Magazine and I really love it! I especially love that the opening page is a beauty shot b/c a lot of times when doing editorial I don't get a really strong beauty shot for myself unless it's specifically a beauty story. Only one prob w/ the editorial - THEY SPELT MY NAME WRONG!! They didn't include my middle name which isn't really that big of a deal BUT they also spelt my last name wrong - MEYERS instead of MYERS..Ugghh! It was bound to happen at some point as it is a really COMMON mistake w/ my name but it still sucks! So here is the editorial - enjoy!
The guy pic was shot in a Shanghai ghetto. It reeked of piss and shit...I'm not kidding (you can even see some old underwear drying near his head was Jan. btw)! They don't even have running water or sad.
The girl pic was taken at a dead chicken stall. Really cool location for a pic long as you ignore how filthy it is and your okay w/ dead chickens hanging/laying everywhere lol!
Btw if anyone is curious the model is wearing extensions (I even made and applied them myself)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Editorial - Twilight Zone

So I got a copy of the "Vampire in Shanghai" editorial I did for DaMan Magazine right before I left for Thailand. As you may remember it was a male model shoot...which was nice for a change ;) Petr the model was super sweet and overall I like the editorial a it's 18 pgs so that's cool! The rain was a bitch that night but it actually looks really good for the pics and makes the streets look super shiny and cool! So w/out further ado - Twilight Zone!

Btw if anyone is curious I paled him out a bit using a very sheer layer of Face Atelier 0- foundation adjuster. His pouty red lips are courtesy of just a touch of OCC lip balm in Vanity.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toronto, Mumbai, Beijing - Oh My!

First off just want to say I'm sorry, I've been a bad blogger as of late :(

Okay now on to the fun stuff! First I CAN'T believe I'm headed back to Canada in 2.5 wks...CRAZY!! I'm definitely ready to get back and I'm already so pumped about contacting all sorts of great photographers, models, stylists and setting up some exciting shoots. I really miss doing can't really do them here b/c of the whole styling situation that I've talked about's very frustrating when all I want to do is create!! Also need to get my book fully together again and start knocking on those agency doors. I think I'm ready...or at least I hope I'm ready. I should have 4 editorials coming out in the next mth or two also which is cool!

A friend of mine who is a wedding planer in Toronto also told me she has a lot of weddings coming up in late Summer/early Fall. She's Chinese and deals w/ a lot of Chinese clients at the hotel she works for and they keep asking her do you know a makeup artist that can do Asian makeup...umm yes she does lol! So hopefully I'll get some bookings out of that.

Also I don't think I've mentioned this on here before but I have plans to head out to Mumbai, India for work either this upcoming Oct. or Jan. and work there for a few mths (date is still a little up in the air). I was actually suppose to go this last Jan. but it was very complicated to do a work visa as a Canadian in China going to India and I wouldn't have gotten out there till 1.5 mths after originally planned so I decided to wait until I could do it I need to save some more money again ;) .

Talks of this all started when I asked photographer Troy Moth about his time assisting in India. He gave me the name of his photographer friend - Colston Julian. Who I just contacted on a whim more just to you know introduce myself and maybe learn a thing or two about working in India. This photographer couldn't have been nicer and was so willing to help me out w/ so many things over there. So really excited about this future prospect and I think it could be really exciting and way better than Shanghai to be honest!

So now on to Beijing! I've booked myself a little mini trip for next weekend to Beijing! I figure I only have a few wks left here I need to get out and do what I can b/c honestly who knows if I'll ever be back in China again. I'll worry about the money when I get back to Canada I guess I've been living like a pauper for mths now I think I deserve a little enjoyment (yes I have to justify things...I do the same thing w/ shopping ALL the time lol). So yeah I head there on Fri. Booked myself some tours for Sat. and Sun. (Great Wall, Forbidden City etc) and what I'm most excited about I've booked a ticket to go see some Peking Opera. Okay now what's really cool is I've arranged to go early and watch the performers put on their makeup...and I can take pictures and everything! How cool is that!?!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Think I'll Miss The Fruit The Most :(

So I'm back in Shanghai now...don't really know how I feel about that lol. It's fine I suppose. I'm excited to get back to the gym as it's been 2 wks and I'm majorly craving it (God I never thought I'd say that lol). Literally, I was back in the city less than an hr and I stepped outside to hit up the grocery store and I see not 1 but 2 men urinating in broad daylight and I thought to myself...aww yes I'm DEFINITELY back in Shanghai lol! Also totally weird. I ran into my model friend Michelle outside my building after grocery shopping. She JUST moved into my building 3 days ago...what a crazy coincidence as she didn't even know that's where I lived!

I really wish I would have actually booked a few extra days in Bangkok as I don't have any shoots booked for the next couple of days but c'est la vie. I definitely want to go back to Thailand at some point in the future though and travel more throughout the country. I really enjoyed it a lot and the ppl there are on a whole so nice and polite...the exact opposite of a lot of the ppl in China actually lol!

I took a ferry/bus/train from the island to Bangkok and on the bus I met these 2 hilarious British lads...ahh got to love the accent. I love British boys and their humor. These guys were a lot of fun and we had some time between the bus and train and grabbed a bite and then both our trains were delayed so we hung out some more. Wish we could have actually got the chance to hang out in Bangkok but they were actually flying back to London straight from the train (and they took a different train then me/I took the Express). Hope they add me to Facebook actually and it totally made my travel time fun for once (travelling alone not really the most exciting thing all the time lol).

My day in Bangkok flew by and was so much fun. I went shopping at MBK and it was amazing! Again I wish I had more time b/c there is this amazing market just out of town on the weekends but I was leaving :( . The shopping is SOOO AMAZING and SOOOO CHEAP!!! I could have bought so much more stuff but I had to stop myself...seriously. If I would have had another day I would have had to buy a second suitcase and I probably would have filled it lol! Even now I'm sitting here going damn I wish I had more time b/c even w/ 5 hrs and MBK I felt rushed (had to meet a friend for dinner).

So yeah I met a fellow detoxer for dinner. We went to this AMAZING raw food restaurant. Seriously, the best meal I've had in a long time. It was so good and so flavourful and filling. Then we went and had some non alcoholic cocktails at this cool rooftop patio called Nest that was really cool.

I think I'm going to miss the fresh juices, coconut water and fresh fruits the most! Man, seriously the best bananas I've ever eaten (and not just cuz I went w/out food for 7 days they were seriously awesome)! I LOVED being able to buy fresh watermelon and pineapple on the street everywhere!

P.S. I'm's some pics I took of myself making funny faces w/ a coconut lol!

MMmmmm Fresh Young Coconut Juice!
Enjoying my last coconut :(
Btw it's really hard to take a pic of yourself while making and funny face and sucking down coconut water lol!
Yeah I was bored by myself in the restaurant
Now I'm cool...I have my shades on lol!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leaving the Island :(

So this is it...leaving my little paradise today. This afternoon I'm heading off to Bangkok again for one day where I plan to do some crazy shopping since none of my clothes fit anymore - YEAH! Btw things are doing better in Bangkok for now so don't worry about me.

Did my final weigh-in yesterday and after 7 days on the Cleanse/Detox I'm VERY happy w/ the results. Down another 3 kilos aka 6.6 pds! Yeah! I feel great too! I don't even crave any sugar or pop or any food like that. I was even in a 7-11 today buying some water in the village and I didn't want any of the crap that usually calls my name. For the next few days I'm sticking to purely raw fruits & veggies then cooked vegetarian for a few days and then slowly incorporate meat back into the diet. Tomorrow night I'm even meeting up w/ one of the fellow detoxers in Bangkok and she's taking me to this apparently awesome raw restaurant there...sounds like a great way to end a day of shopping!

Rode the elephant yesterday btw. It was fun I guess but I was alone so it would have definitely been better w/ someone and I found it kind of sad too. I'll write more about it when I post the pics.

Speaking of pics here's just a couple of me enjoying my "first meal" - Watermelon! That's what they give you at the resort and I don't mind at all b/c it just happens to be my favourite fruit!

Excuse the wonky eye in the first one lol!
A bit of crazy eyes in the next one lol!

Btw once I get back to Shanghai only 3 more wks and then I go back to Canada! Can you believe it!! Don't worry I'll still keep blogging about all my shoots and work and all that - I'm addicted ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The "Waterfall"

So here are some pics of the "waterfall" that I trekked up and saw. I was not amused after 4 days of not eating to find this was the waterfall...I guess I just expected more. If I wasn't so tired from walking up this hilly mountain I probably would have found it prettier but I just though there would be more you know. Btw on Day 6 now...tomorrow is the last day YEAH!!

Yesterday I had to walk to town and back to print my train ticket. I did it...slowly lol. Overall, not doing too bad but of course I don't have a lot of energy. On my first food day I've booked myself some elephant trekking. I'm super excited about riding an elephant and I'll be sure to post the pics from that!

P.S. It's all safe on the island to those that are worrying. I'm only in Bangkok one night then I head out...hopefully there will be no probs at the airport like awhile ago.
Toshi the Yoga guy Toffler and I went w/ to the "waterfall"
Me...bad lighting the bags under my eyes are HUGE...I don't even have any in real life!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resort Pics

I'll do The Grand Palace pics another time I don't feel like labelling them right now. So here are just a few pics I took at the "resort" I'm staying at. I'm using the ".." b/c it's pretty rustic here, not fancy at all...truthfully I wouldn't really call it a resort but it's cheap, comfortable enough and good for the Detox. Btw Day 4 today...going pretty well. Felt hungry today but then I had some carrot juice and all was good again. Can't wait for the 2:45 coconut water that's like the highlight of my day lol!

Went to a "waterfall" today and I'll post those pics another time. Not really a waterfall in my opinion and was pretty disappointed when I trekked ALL the way to the top of this rocky mountain w/ no food for 4 days to find a stream and some rocks. I'm going to do some elephant trekking in the next couple of days too...I'm super excited about riding an elephant and I hope it lives up to my expectations and it's not a big a disappointment like the "waterfall". Anyway, here's the pics!

"Bartender" Zoer...makes us our gross shakes and yummy juice
MMMmmm Carrot Juice
Toffler the girl in Shanghai who told me about this place
Natali & Anita fellow Detoxers - Natali is from Montreal
The Pool
A lizard thing I saw
Chugging down the gross shake...ugghh!
More chugging...bikini body not looking too bad if I do say so myself ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Website Up FINALLY!!

Wow I'm being so productive during my Detox lol! FINALLY got my new website all up and running! If you know me and computers this is actually a pretty amazing thing that I did it all myself other than the actually launching it online part (got a girl from the resort to help..thanks Toffler ;) )

So I decided to go w/ Dripbook as a lot of artists I love use it and anytime I update my Dripbook it automatically updates my website how cool is that?! So yeah go check it out! Just keep in mind I still have to do a better bio and get a better pic I just wanted to get it online. Plus once I get back to Canada (1 mth away) I'll scan all my tears and actually upload them instead of just having the pics that were used in the magazine.

Yeah I'm excited!! :)

Day 3 - Going Strong!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Huge storm at night and the power went out so I went to sleep at 9 pm lol! So far it's going really well and I feel great...a little hungry but not really and the afternoon juices (carrot and coconut water) cure that right up. I know it sounds weird but I'm actually kind of hoping I feel like crap at least one day that way I know it's really working you know.

Walked to a near by "town" today...not really a town lol but we'll call it that. One of the girls here needed money and I like walking so we went. Seeing the 7-11 was the only time I actually felt a bit hungry and I think honestly that's more of a habit sort of Pavlov's dog lol. It was totally controlable but it was one of those things were normally I might go in and buy at least a coke zero just because.

Booked my ferry/bus ticket while in town too...which is good cuz I was a bit nervous about it being sold out if I waited till that day. I booked my train back and it's good I did it now b/c I still only got an Upper Berth sleeper. I actually have to stay at the resort a day longer and moved my flight back to Shanghai a day later b/c Thai New Year is the 15th so I couldn't get any trains back to Bangkok on the 15th. Works out better anyway, then I get a full day and a half to break the fast at the resort.

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few Bangkok Pics

So here's a few Wat Pho pics to hold you all over. I'll do The Grand Palace pics tomorrow probably. Btw in the middle of Day 1 at the Detox Resort...lots of shakes and herbs...MMmmm...actually not MMmmm at all lol!

Here's me at Wat Pho (Giant Reclining Buddha). Please excuse my gross appearance - 1. I have no makeup on 2. It was REALLY hot 3. I had to wear pants and a shirt w/ sleeves b/c of dress code at The Grand Palace
Just a little background info Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok. The reclining Buddha is 46 m long and 15 m high. He is decorated w/ gold plating on his body and mother of pearl on his eyes and soles of his feet. The temple is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage.

Here's just a collection of pics I took at Wat Pho
People praying

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At the Resort...Let the Detox Begin!

Bangkok was great fun yesterday. Did some sight seeing - Grand Palace and Wat Pho (reclining Buddha). Was going to check out Wat Arun too but a little noon time torrential downpour put a stop to that lol. Decided to do some shopping instead :) . Only bought one really pretty dress and a pair of sandals though as I'm trying to wait until AFTER the cleanse for my REAL shopping day! I'll upload some pics on another entry it's getting late here and I'm tired plus I have a super early start tomorrow.

Arrived at the resort today after a very long train/bus/ferry/cab and got all nice and settled in. I had my first meeting w/ the Director of the spa about my cleanse and I was given a schedule and everything...boy who knew you could be so busy and NOT eat lol! Sounds good though anything to keep my mind off food and keep me occupied sounds great. Plus after Day 2 or 3 I'm allowed to leave the resort and do some sight seeing...they even rent scooters (I've never driven one before would it be crazy to start while not eating lol).

The schedule looks something like this:

7:30 am - Shake (Psyllium and Bentonite)

8:00 am - Massage (Nice way to start the day :) )

9:00 am - Herbs - Fresh Juice

9:15 am - First Colonic Session of the Day

10:30 am - Shake (Psyllium and Bentonite)

12:00 pm - Herbs - Fresh Juice

1:30 pm - Shake (How am I suppose to get hungry w/ all these gross shakes lol)

2:45 pm - Herbs - Coconut Water - Sauna

4:15 pm - Shake (Psyllium and Bentonite)

6:00 pm - Herbs - Broth Soup

6:15 pm - Colonic Session

7:30 pm - Shake (Psyllium and Bentonite)

9:00 pm - Herbs

Before Sleep - Flora Grow

So I've been eating raw for the past several days and the resort actually has this really yummy little restaurant in it for locals and yoga ppl not doing a cleanse. Man I'm kind of jealous that I was limited b/c there were so many yummy things on the menu. But I did have a really good salad and fruit plate as my last meal.

Btw did I mention how much I love in Bangkok that there are tons of ppl selling yummy yummy fruit on the street all cut up. All my favs too - Pineapple, Watermelon, Papaya, Banana...not too hard to just eat raw fruit when that's available everywhere...and cheap :) The bananas in Bangkok are so much better than Shanghai lol!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

At the Airport!...btw down 25 lbs!

Just a quick hi from the airport! I'll write a longer entry once I get settled in either Bangkok or Koh Phangan. Shoot last night went well...other than it was pouring rain and it was an outside shoot ugghhh! The model was cute and super polite...really sweet guy...obviously he hasn't been modeling long enough to develop an asshole persona lol. I definitely think there will be some cool pics from it. The rain kind of killed the hair a bit though b/c his hair was already longer and finer than what I needed to work w/ so it was hard to keep it standing and full in the rain. Of course I have some behind the scenes know how I love them ;) .

Btw guess who is officially down 25 lbs! ME....YES YES YES! What a great treat before Thailand! Totally excited for this Detox/Cleanse and curious about the results I'm going to get from it. I'm really hoping it helps w/ my skin and sugar cravings. Before anyone writes anything I just want to reassure you all don't worry trust me I'm definitely NOT too thin so you don't have to say anything about that. I took a few pics really quick this morning that I'll include here.

Look at my HIP BONES!! Excuse the pink undies hehe!
Lower Abs really starting to show...still got the booty lol!
Pants totally fall off now lol!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini Update - Actually WAY Longer Than Planned Lol!

So I leave for Thailand in 3.5 days (Sunday)!! Getting very excited and luckily enough I'm actually kind of super busy before I leave so at least the time will go by quicker. For the next few days I'm trying to do a raw fruit & veg diet (suggested by spa) as prep for the Detox/Cleanse I'll be doing while in Thailand so that's somewhat interesting but actually not that far removed from what I eat already.

Tomorrow I'm shooting another cover for Drink Magazine. Nothing fancy really but just nice to have a few covers in the portfolio you know.

Speaking of portfolio I'm FINALLY getting my procrastinating ass moving on doing a new website. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a tech tard...seriously! I'm actually impressed w/ myself that I switched hosting/domain companies for my current site lol. I've decided I'm going to go w/ Dripbook and build a site through them which is something they now offer. Their sites look super good (you can choose different colours schemes, layouts etc and change it as often as you want!), are totally affordable and best of all even a tech tard like ME can build and update it apparently!

That's the prob w/ my site now. A girl I use to work w/ built it for me as her final school project and then was suppose to teach me how to update it but she just "disappeared" was so odd she wouldn't email me back or return calls. No idea why but it left me w/ an intial site and no way to update it so therefore very quickly useless :( Lots of amazing artists do their sites through Dripbook now too btw like one of my favs - Lottie - so you know it's good ;)

I'm doing an editorial on Sat. night now...I can't remember the mags name at this moment but I'm just happy it's happening before I go. It was all up in the air b/c of the finding a stylist in China issue (surprise, surprise). I thought it might actually be shot while I was gone which made me sad but luckily it got bumped to the night before I leave :)

It's w/ a yummy, foreign male model btw :) Hey, if I'm going to be working a Sat. night at least I'll have some nice eye candy lol! It's so rare that I get to work w/ hot male models so yeah! And it's actually a cool makeup concept for me not just boring male grooming so that's cool. It's inspired by Twilight sort of (don't be jealous Sian Melton lol). We're doing a sort of Vampire at night in Shanghai sort of thing...but not cheesy - fashiony of course. So I'm paling out his complexion a bit and tinting the lips and giving him some structured, high, messy hair alla Robert Pattinson.

Btw apparently DestinAsian really liked the shoot that I did a few wks ago so that's cool and I can't wait to see the pics from that one!

I'll have WiFi at the resort btw so I'll be updating on the Detox/Cleanse!