Saturday, March 28, 2009

? Y E S I D O !

So today was Day 1 of Uma Wang's Bridal Fashion Show. Overall, it went really well and I'm really pleased w/ everything so that's great. It was a little frustrating w/ her changing hair concepts a bit last minute but you know try your best and work w/ it...I've come to get use to these sorts of things w/ Uma lol.

Today was the VIP and media show and tomorrow is for the actual public. Originally, Uma was only going to do the cool, funky makeup today and something more traditional tomorrow b/c she was afraid that the reg. Chinese public wouldn't get the makeup but we convinced her that it looks really cool and she should use it tomorrow too which I think is the best move. I mean her clothes and designs aren't for regular Chinese people why should the makeup be...and this IS a Fashion Show after all, it's suppose to have an element of whimsy and be a bit avant garde.

I didn't come up w/ the makeup concept but I liked it overall and I thought it was cool. The inspiration came from the Fall/Winter 08 Victor & Rolf show. I personally would have done a different concept w/ the hair but again not my call. There were 8 models for the show and two MUAs doing both hair & makeup. The other MUA was Sandra who is really easy going and great to work with. I've worked w/ her when she's done styling but not makeup so today was a first.

On a side note it's funny b/c several mths ago I showed Troy Moth a magazine and he actually chose this makeup look and said he wanted to do a shoot like that at some point. It's only funny b/c Uma LOVES Troy's work esp. the "Powder Coated" shoot. If Troy is ever in Shanghai he needs to work w/ Uma b/c they obviously have some creative connective energy or something lol.

Oh and it's good that I'm super anal and really try to plan for everything and all the details even if I'm not the key artist b/c the makeup concept as you see from the pics below is stenciled lettering which btw spells out ? YES I DO ! (wedding/bride you get it). So yeah anyway I ask Nela who was assisting Uma for this about stencils for the letters and they totally didn't even think about it. I think they actually thought we were going to free hand it...umm do you know how much longer that would take and to get it symmetrical w/ 2 different MUAs...and trying to do "S" or "?"...umm NO! So I made some stencils for print out for the show. There really wasn't a "key" artist per se and I've just realized in China or anywhere for that matter to never rely on someone else to do it b/c that's how you end up screwed and to ALWAYS have EVERYTHING planned for...these are the same reason's I hated group work in high school lol. Yeah for being a Control Freak lol!

Below are some Behind the Scenes pics of the "backstage area" and the actual runway show (wish it had been warmer and sunnier today :( )

Some of my makeup...this is actually pretty organized for me..esp. considering it was a multiple model runway day lol!

The Designer - Uma Wang w/ some of the models...btw don't you just LOVE the hats!
More model pics - the "D" is Michelle - Uma's website/catalog model for her last two collections
More models...I should add I somehow managed to get stuck w/ almost all the hard letters lol - "S", "E", "D" and "I"..."I" was easy but I had to fight for it...seriously lol!
Lining the girls up for the show
The Show
Uma taking her bow
Fingers crossed tomorrow goes as well!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


THAILAND...I'm going to Thailand!!!

I've been in the process of figuring all this out for a few wks now but I hate to mention anything before details are sorted out incase something falls through (I'm the same way w/ relationships too). So I have officially booked my plane ticket and resort for Thailand so I feel confident enough in the details to talk about it now lol.

I need to get out of China for a bit as I'm just going crazy. I LOVE cities but sometimes you just need a break from it all you know. Esp. here - all the shoving and rudeness and public urination (in daylight I might add) and ppl staring at you ALL THE just gets to be tiring.

So I'm going to Thailand for almost 2 wks. I leave on the 5th and come back on the 17th of April. Don't worry everywhere I'm going has internet access...I've checked ;) so I'll be hopefully updating!

Upon arrival I'm going to spend one night/day in Bangkok do a tour and sightseeing and then hope on an overnight train headed to my main destination. I'm going to an island called Koh Phangan (wanted to go to Koh Samui but that resort was booked :( ). Anyway, I'm going to be staying at this Yoga Resort and here's the best part...I've always wanted to do one of these but it's WAY too expensive in North America. I'm going to be doing a 7.5 day Detox & Cleanse program. I know it probably sounds like some of your dream vacations lol...jealous lol? 7.5 days no food, but they do give you these cleansing shakes and broth I believe, daily yoga, daily thai massages and steam baths plus twice a day self administered colemas (sorry if that's TMI lol).

I've actually had a series of colonics before and I'm really excited to "clean myself out". Plus while I'm there I plan to do a little sight seeing of the island - for sure I want to ride an elephant and go to a traditonal Thai boxing you know the beach and all that.

So anyway, after that I take another ferry/train back to Bangkok for one more night there. During my final day in Bangkok I plan to do all my shopping...I'm waiting till after the spa of course cuz I'm going to be thinner lol! Shopping is SOOOO CHEAP in Thailand apparently so I'm going to stock up and I need new clothes b/c I haven't really bought anything since I've lost the weight. Then that night I'm hoping to maybe meet some ppl and have a fun/crazy party night Bangkok style...although I don't think I'll drink cuz that kind of ruins the cleanse but I do LOVE to dance. Then taxi/plane back to reality the next day.

So yeah that's the plans...YEAH!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inked Magazine Spread - Shanghai Nights

Just got the PDF from the Inked Magazine spread and I'm pretty excited! Overall I like's definitely a bit different then my usual style I would say b/c it's more of a focus on overt sexiness and I usually don't work on shoots like that. The funny thing is the mag didn't feel it was sexy enough at it's not outright T&A but I definitely think it's sexy.

I'm especially excited about this mag though b/c it's the first time I've been published in an American magazine. I've had quite a few editorials in various mags throughout Asia, Europe and Canada but this is officially my first American tear! Plus it's available all across North America so for once my friends & family can actually just walk into a mag store or Chapters and buy a copy for themselves...if anyone is interested it's the issue w/ Dita Von Teese on the cover ;)

Below is the editorial for all to enjoy!

Btw also got booked for two Fashion Shows on Sat & Sun...I'll keep you updated on how that all goes lol!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Successful Shoot - WooHoo!

So I made it through my 6 am call time for DestinAsian magazine today. I was so paranoid that I was going to sleep in I was literally waking up every 2 hrs...actually I kind of only took a nap b/c I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 4 but sometimes a 4 hrs nap is so much better than 5-6 hrs you know.

Got to Todd's at 6 and the model was already there which was great! Very nice girl named Fei Fei. Apparently a real up and comer and I'm not surprised I really liked her look and she knew how to pose. Overall, I'm really happy and excited abou this shoot and I can't wait to see the pics, YEAH! Things started out a little shaky b/c I decided after I preped the skin to move to hair and I was doing something completely out of my comfort zone today - Victory Rolls (1940s hairdo). I'm not going to lie it took me a little longer then I wanted and I didn't go w/ the originally style Todd was looking for I modified it a bit but overall I'm happy w/ the outcome (anyone who knows me knows hair is my weak point right now...but I'm working on it!). The main prob I had w/ her hair at first was actually it was just too slippery and needed to be dirtied up a bit just so it would hold better. Nothing a little wax spray and hairspray couldn't solve.

I actually ended up finishing the makeup at the first location while they set up lights which worked out perfectly. When I think about it I don't think I've ever had an on location editorial move so smoothly or quickly. My focus was bright Spring lips today and I practically had a chance to change the lips for every outfit! I think I altered the lips like 8 out of 10 outfits lol!

So the first location was The Mansion Hotel in the French Concession. Really nice hotel which had a lot of great spots to shoot esp. since the focus was sort of a 1930s/40s French Shanghai feel. Then we did a really cute location shoot on this old school BMW motorcycle and then we went to this restaurant called 1931. There is nothing really crazy to say here - everything went really smooth and easy. After I got the hair under control it was all juicy lips and fun times! Man I wish every editorial went like this lol. I think sometime next wk I'll be shooting another cover for Drink Magazine and around the first I'm pretty sure I'm doing between a 12-20 pg editorial for this Men's Fashion magazine (forgot the name) that is owned by the same ppl as DestinAsian. Yeah male model ;) ...kind of wish it was a girl shoot though...I mean 12-20 pgs! Whatever still good for my male grooming section I suppose lol.

Below are some Behind the Scenes shots...I know how much you guys love them lol!

Me doing my thing...not a sweater but still 3/4 sleeves lol (keeps me warm doesn't get in the makeup)
I know the hair looks ghetto here...don't worry I fixed it and made it fab!
These are all at The Mansion Hotel
Repeat outfit from Fri...there were some new outfits thought too!
Love these Gucci Shoes - The model on Fri. couldn't wear them b/c her ankles were too big. This model had much longer limbs!
Just looking at the last two photos I remembered there was ONE thing that was fucking weird about the last two shoots! I've heard this mentioned before by another foreign photographer in Shanghai but never yet experienced it but both Fri. and today's model obviously don't shave their at all I think! It wasn't thick hair or even a lot so I guess that's why they "think" it's okay but it was if I didn't shave mine for a mth. Weird...and not acceptable!!! I noticed b/c I usually put some makeup on the knees or bruises and I have this lotion that creates a really nice sheen on the legs that I always use.
It's not easy being a model. That's Todd's finance keeping Fei Fei warm in between shots.
Look at her arms! They are soo long and skinny!
At 1931 Restaurant

Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember Me...Yeah Once In Awhile I Actually Do Makeup For A Living!

So had a really cool shoot today that I'm really excited to see some pics from. The shoot was w/ the consistently fantastic Todd Anthony Tyler of course. He actually shot the shoot two different ways to maximize magazine potential and already has a few magazines interested so that's cool.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but styling is a major bitch here and it's impossible to pull clothes here unless it's for a Chinese magazine...even foreign magazines the stores won't loan out clothes!?! So you have to have a stylist that works for a magazine pull clothes for that magazine and that shoot and the store basically tells you what you're going to style them basically the stylist is NOT really a stylist...just a glorified dresser.

I only mention this b/c these clothes are actually going to be used again for another magazine shoot on Sunday. The DestinAsian shoot I mentioned before. Todd had the stylist pull the clothes this wk and she actually had to go to Beijing this weekend so she's not even going to be at the shoot on Sunday lol (which is honestly better...glorified dresser remember...NO style). So since he had the clothes for a few extra days and they are all top names he thought why not do a couple of other concepts w/ them since we have the opportunity. The Sunday shoot is going to be very commercial editorial anyway so COMPLETELY different and outside for some parts (this was all in studio).

I'll be very interested to see how the pics from this shoot turn out. One style was very blurred and kind of double vision...really cool. The other was more typical commercial editorial w/ some cool shadowing and blue gels. Overall the model was really good and she was a really sweet girl. Actually I worked w/ her last Summer when I was in Shanghai. She recognized me right away and I only recognized her b/c it was one of those "Oh Fuck...Look At That Skin!!!" moments. Yeah I remember that skin last Summer too...still not any better...unfortunately. Great cheekbones though so at least that was good. This shoot I got to be a little more avant garde w/ the makeup and just hair done getting blown around while Sunday will be a lot more classic editorial w/ a focus on the lips and hair up in a high fashion style (that I really hope I can pull off eekk) but it's cool b/c if things go right I could end up w/ at least 3 different mag tears which is always good.

Man I'm going to have a book full of Asians when I get back lol! It can't be helped really...the Asian models are just SO much stronger than the foreign models getting sent to Shanghai right now. The foreign ones just look sort of short and fat in comparison...I know that's harsh but fuck off this is Fashion not Sesame Street. The Asians have really really improved over the last couple of years in China and they are just far superior to the foreigners that happen to get sent over to the Chinese market (mostly b/c it's not a really good money making market as a foreign model...and a lot of the agencies rip the girls off :( )

So yeah below are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot. They are really crappy quality though b/c w/ the lighting set up I couldn't really use my flash during the shoots so they are pretty dark and not that detailed...sorry :(

Me in my "typical" photoshoot uniform - jeans, glasses and 3/4 sleeve v-neck sweater (hey it's a figure flattering neckline, the sleeves don't end up in makeup and it's somewhat prof. looking lol)

Wish me Luck for Sunday!...6 am call that even allowed on a Sunday?!?!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Shout Out - Christine Estima

So I just wanted to give another shout out to a friend and former university (Theatre) classmate of mine - Christine Estima. Christine is a writer, feminist, world traveler and all around sexy bitch lol! Check out her awesome blog - The Spadina Monologues (anyone from Toronto knows this is a very witty and cute title for a blog...I've always loved it. Btw Spadina is a famous street in Toronto for those that don't know).

More importantly though Christine is one of the top 50 finalists for The Island Reef Job (you know that job search thing for Australia)!!! She beat out like 30 000 other entries how insane is that! So yeah it would be great if ppl could go vote for her - here's the link!

Also for all you Brits out there that read my blog you may recognize Christine as one of the stars of the reality show - When Women Rule the World! See I told you she was cool lol!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photographer Troy Moth - New Blog

Just wanted to give a little shout out to my friend and one of my fav. collaborators who as many of you know I've mentioned several times on this blog - Photographer - Troy Moth. Hell he even has his own "label" on my blog lol!

Anyway, Troy has started a new blog and he's just trying to figure out how to get followers and all that jazz. He's trying to get it started before he goes to India in May for work...I come back to Canada and he leaves lol. It's okay he'll be back and I can't wait to see what we'll create after our long overdue hiatus.

So if you have time go check out Troy's new blog . It's quirky and cool just like him!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogs to Bookmark!

I just want to give a special thanks and shout out to Alex Collins - the creator of the amazing blog - what the pros do ...if you haven't checked it out I highly suggest you do. It's full of tons of great tips for any MUA or just anyone who loves makeup.

Anyway, she selected my little old blog as one of her Top 10 Blogs To Bookmark.

I'm really flattered and honoured that she actually thinks my blog is one to bookmark...also a little embarrassed that it's been so boring lately (will work on it lol). You've inspired me and now I feel it is my duty to live up to the title...I will not let you down lol!

Thank you again!


Behind the Scenes - Uma Shoot

Sorry for the lack of updates lately...haven't really felt motivated and well it's been pretty quiet...for EVERYONE (at least I know it's not just me). Nela (Todd's photo assistant) sent me a few Behind the Scenes photos from the disappointing Uma shoot. I thought I'd put them up b/c well...why not lol.

I think the look on Michelle's face pretty much sums things up lol!
Me Doing My Thing...I'm Very Serious Lol!
Yeah Fan Brush
Us Goofing Around A Bit...Notice I'm Wearing Skinny Jeans Tucked Into Boots!!

On a positive note I'm doing an editorial for DestinAsian magazine next wk w/ Todd. They LOVED the cover!?! Like seriously, apparently the owner of the mag sent Todd two emails and mentioned it in both...whatever as long as the client likes it I'm happy. It's weird b/c Todd has done 4 covers for them and he even admits that that was probably his least fav. Just shows you never can tell.