Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magic Hair Pad (Fringe Holder) Review

So here's a quick little review for a cute new little product - Magic Hair Pad - Fringe Holder.  I was sent this product to check out from the cool ppl over at Magic Hair Pad and it's actually a very useful product for us MUAs or anyone who has bangs (fringe) that gets in the way while they are doing makeup.

The pads come in 2 colours - Black or Pink (I picked Black) and basically they are just like mini velcro pieces that you use to hold the bangs off your face while you're doing your makeup.  The great thing about them is that they don't flatter or crimp your bangs like a clip might do.  I'm constantly pinning girl's hair off their faces when I'm doing their makeup so this is very useful b/c sometimes they've already had their hair done by me (or someone else) and I don't want to mess up their bangs by clipping them out of the way so I can work.

I've used the pads on a couple of my brides thus far and plain and simple they do what they are suppose to which is hold the bangs off the face lol.  There are 2 pads in a pack and they are really affordable at $7.00 a pack.

You can also use them when you're washing your face, using a face mask or pretty much anything where you need to have your bangs off your face.  So check them out I definitely think it's a neat little product!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Howls

Literally, over a year ago I did a shoot w/ photographer Zach Hertzman, Stylist Alexandra Loeb and Models Julia K and Julia C (Elmer)...also just a side note my assistant for the day was Cassandra Forrester I did give her name w/ my credit information and I HATE when they don't credit things right!  You guys may remember I even wrote about it on this blog after the shoot!  Anyway, even though the shoot was really cool w/ lots of amazing clothes, photography and all that it had a HELL of a time being picked up happens.

Well out of the blue stylist Alexandra Loeb contacted me to let me know that it had been picked up by this magazine called LadyGunn!  Really cool magazine and it's even available in print! She had literally submitted it to them eons ago so it was a big surprise to hear from them...but a nice one!  They printed the whole story and overall it looks pretty good.  There are some things I would change w/ the Makeup & Hair and I def. don't think it's by any means my strongest work but you know what it's been a year so of course I've grown and evolved (and hopefully improved).  Plus I was experimenting w/ some techniques and styles and that's all necessary to grow as an artist so even though I don't think it's my best I think it's good to share it w/ you.

It's weird to see an editorial I did SO LONG AGO finally come out...I remember it was VERY hot that day and the girls were such troopers wearing fur and everything.  The heat and timing of everything def. led to some complications but like I've said before live and learn.  One thing I do still like is the wicked nails I shaped and created for Julia K (the "dark" one).  I gotta create some cool nails again for another shoot!

So here it is - ENJOY!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Part 2

A couple of wks ago I finally got some of the pics from the amazing wedding photographer team Justin & Mary from the Alice in Wonderland Workshop I helped out w/ a few mths ago.  Crazy it was Summer when I did this shoot...feels like not long ago at all and yet Fall is already here upon us and the weather is quickly cooling down.  Where is the time going!?!  But you know what even w/ the temperatures cooling off wedding season is still in full effect!  In fact I have 3 weddings next weekend!  And I'm getting tons of ppl requesting quotes for next me now before it's too late ;)

Anyway, here are some of the pics for you to enjoy!  I love all the little accent pics that really just help to set the scene and tell the story...even if they do have nothing to do w/ Makeup or Hair lol!  Can't wait to throw a couple of these up on my website!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rebel Baby - Marta Pacek

In between weddings and more weddings every weekend I sometimes like to sneak in the odd job that doesn't involve a bride, a veil or a white dress.  Last Sat. I got this opportunity when I was approached by photographer Robert Rafton to help work on the new Album cover for Singer/Songwriter Marta Pacek's album Rebel Baby.

Marta, who originally hails from Australia is an indie singer/songwriter w/ a sort of country/folk feel to her music.  Strong on storytelling her music has a sort of moody and intimate feel to it.  She had a different cover for her new album Rebel Baby originally but after some advice from some industry insiders she wanted to showcase something that was a bit more raw w/ a bit more sex appeal and to break away a bit from her "good girl" image.

Marta still wanted to keep the makeup very clean.  Very minimal dewey foundation, some mascara a bit of lip colour and some contouring/bronzer on the cheeks was basically everything.  The biggest thing I did was make her brows a bit more full and dark then they normally were.

For clothes Marta had a whole sort of gipsy/saloon girl thing which matched perfectly w/ the location photographer Robert Rafton found.  It was in some park and there was a log cabin as our backdrop...sorry I can't tell you more...I don't actually know where I was lol.

I can tell you though there were a shit load of mosquitoes that went to town on my face and body.  Mosquitoes LOVE me!  And unfortunately I react a bit more severely to mosquito bites than the average person.  Right near the end of the shoot I got a bite right on the corner of my lower lip.  I looked like some botched lip injection patient...w/ only HALF my lip swollen.  Which wouldn't have been THAT bad except I had one of my best friend's 30th b-day party to attend that night!  Thank God for dark lighting and matte nude lipstick!  Seriously my lip was swollen for like 10 hrs...No Joke!

Here's some behind the scenes photos courtesy of Neil - Marta's friend!  Gotta LOVE iPhone pics!  Can't wait to see the album cover when it comes out!

Me doing my thing!

I'm not a smoker and I know it's wrong but I love smoking pics!

I'm covering myself w/ a towel b/c 1. Trying to protect myself from Mosquitoes lol 2. It got kind of chilly

And just for laughs - here's my lip like 3 HRS AFTER the bite!  It actually looked WAY worse than the picture shows lol!  I know what a WEIRD spot to get least I can laugh about it now...I was NOT impressed than lol!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sigma Brush Winner!

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay I know I was suppose to pick the Winner on Fri. but it's just been a crazy couple of days - Magazine Shoots, Weddings, B-Day Party, Album Cover Shoot...I'm a BUSY GIRL lately!

Anyway, did the draw through and the WINNER is...

MoonRae - Sharon Siqueiros

Thanks again to EVERYONE that entered!

Sharon I'll be sending you an email shortly and forwarding your info off to Sigma and they will get in touch w/ you about sending you the brushes!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Good Days - Shoot for Chatelaine, Gifts in the Mail and Cocktails w/ a Friend!

Yesterday was a particularly good day (beside 1 job being cancelled)...why you ask?  Well I started my morning off at a shoot for Chatelaine Magazine.  The photographer is the incredibly young and talented Caitlin Cronenberg.  First time I ever worked w/ her or for the mag so anytime I get to make new connections is a totally cool thing!  How did I get this hook up you ask?  Well my good friend Sian Melton (photographer/makeup artist/all around cool chick) was doing the makeup/hair for this shoot and since it was a group shot she needed a little extra help and she invited me to come along and partake in the fun.  It was totally laid back and it was actually a group shot for the Women of the Year section in Chatelaine coming out in Oct.  Really great experience b/c I got to work w/ a bunch of awesome, real women that do amazing things for their organization, city and country.  So inspiring and always fun to work w/ ppl that don't normally get "dolled up" b/c they appreciate it that much more.

So that filled up the morning and it went so great that we were all wrapped and good to go before 2 pm!  Got home (b/c as mentioned above my 2nd job was cancelled urrggh) and to my surprise there was a nice little package for me in the mail.  I LOVE getting packages in the mail!  I unwrapped it immediately to find the most beautiful cosmetic bag I think (actually I know) I've ever owned!  A couple of wks ago I was contacted by Yolanda about reviewing one of her BEAUTIFUL handmade cosmetic pouches.  The site is called This Magpie's Nest and she has a variety of gorgeous makeup pouches to choose between.  Many feature old style photographs on the front w/ old postcards on the back.  Really unique and eye catching!  I chose the Mrs. Wright...Wishing You Were Here!  As mentioned above it's handmade and measures 5X7 (very roomy), it has a zippered pouch and the postcard  is printed on Muslin.  The inside is lined w/ red fabric and I have to say it's all REALLY well made!  Not flimsy or cheap at all!  In fact I CAN'T BELIEVE she's selling these pouches for the LOW LOW price of $15/each...seriously I've seen things like this in stores for like $35 and up!  Also I just want to mention how beautifully it all came wrapped and packaged...seriously it would make a perfect gift for anyone!  It was wrapped in red tissue paper w/ twine wrapped around it and a Magpie's Nest tag.  I noticed the package smelled so good and on further inspection when I opened the pouch I realized there was some lavender inside...what a nice touch!

The Front

The Back


Btw she is offering a 20% discount to any of my readers that mention this post when they are ordering...that means these beautiful pouches would be only $12/each...seriously that's INSANE!!!

So after that my day was complete w/ a nice trip to one of my fav. drink spots in Yorkville - The Avenue.  Sipped some white wine and chatted it up w/ a friend!  Great end to my great day!