Thursday, February 26, 2009

What A Disappointing Shoot! had to have been one of the most disappointing shoots I've had in a long time. Maybe it's b/c I had such high hopes for it in the first place and I was expecting a lot out of it...esp. since last time I got such amazing pics out of it. I've never wanted to leave so quickly after a shoot b/c I was so disappointed w/ the events and the way things played out.

Today was the Uma Wang shoot that I mentioned a few posts ago. As you recall I mentioned that Uma was looking for a new photographer b/c she wanted to go in a new direction. I'm all for going in a new direction but just make sure that direction is up or at least on the same level...not down...WAY DOWN!! This is the first shoot I've done in awhile where I've literally said I don't care about the pics b/c they are useless to me. Uma didn't end up going w/ the French photographer she went w/ some Chinese photographer and he just had no vision for the shoot. It was suppose to be an editorial for iLook Magazine and he didn't have any concepts or ideas...basically he was treating it like a test shoot and I'm still very confused about this one.

I was apprehensive about the whole thing to start w/ b/c Uma seemed to suddenly need to rush b/c she had to send the samples to NYC. That's fine but at least choose a photographer who has a vision, idea or concept to go along w/ the shoot not just lets take some pics of her in the clothes. He didn't get a feel for Uma or her clothes or the last shoot at was so BLAHHHH!!

I knew as soon as I arrived and asked him about his lighting and concepts that it was going to be an issue as he didn't have anything to say and I had concepts about the makeup but of course I wanted to know his stuff too so I could work it all together. Uma could tell right away it was sucking too. Basically she ended up scraping the editorial idea and just wanted some shots for her website which is fine but guess what - I gave you my editorial rate not my website/catalog rate...they are different! I mean I'm not getting anything out of this now. Plus I think she will want to do a re-shoot as no one had energy on the was so dead. I really don't know how the re-shoot thing will go cuz guess what I need to get more money for a re-shoot but this is where it gets awkward cuz she's a friend and everything. God she better not try to use the same photographer again!

After her first meeting w/ the French photographer who she thought was too slick I said she should go back to Todd. I mean why fix it if it ain't broken. I know she might not be happy w/ him as a friend and to be honest I'm not either but that doesn't mean you shouldn't work w/ him if you like what he does. I think she was letting her personal feelings influence her professional feelings WAY too much and it hurt her in the end! Even the french photographer would have been a million times better than this - at least he had a vision and story in mind! I think that was also a prob. Uma thought she wanted an editorial but I think she wants a catalog but doesn't realize it. The French photographer was explaining to her that on shoot day he's the boss and it's his ideas and she's the stylist and she didn't take kindly to that idea at all...but it's the truth. Editorial for mag - photographer is the boss - he's developing the story. Catalog - designer is the boss he/she is paying big bucks to be the boss. Editorial - little to no money photographer gets to be boss and have his/her vision in place and his/her name in the top of the credits. An editorial isn't just a bunch of nice pics of her clothes it has to have a story or evolution to it...something more to interest the viewer.

Uggh I don't even want to get started on the lighting and how awful it made the model look...ugghh it just frustrates and disappoints me to think about it. I didn't take any behind the scenes pics b/c well I couldn't be bothered and it just wasn't worth it. Definitely one of those take the money and run disappointing!

Friday, February 20, 2009

"Gross" or "Sick" w/out Makeup

I don't know if any of you have experienced this but have you ever had ppl ask "Are you sick?" or "You look really pale" or something to that extent and it just turns out you're not really wearing makeup. Well, it seems anytime I'm not wearing a base I look really washed out or sick (my face is lighter than my body from acne creams and daily SPF). I don't really care but it is a bit annoying when ppl think you're sick just b/c you don't have makeup on.

After I posted the new update weight loss pics it was mentioned that I looked "gross" in my face pics or really pale and kind of sick. I actually didn't think I looked that bad in them but that's just me. I was fresh out of the shower, barely any makeup except for some mascara and I filled in my brows (makes me wonder what ppl would have thought w/out the mascara and brows filled geez). I just thought it was "interesting" that when I am looking really natural it apparently does not look good. It really shows you the importance of learning how to do a good no makeup/makeup for shoots and life! I mean a lot of times I keep my makeup natural and I think most ppl might find it scary/crazy to realize how many steps and how much makeup I'm wearing to get that natural look lol!

Anyway, below I'm including a few new pics w/ makeup so everyone can see this weight loss has not made me "sick" looking. I'm also including a "no makeup" pic vs. "natural makeup" pic. Let this be a lesson to all the boys out there who say they like when girls don't wear makeup. You're lying you just like it when you can't tell she's wearing makeup!!

The far left is the no makeup pic (just a bit of mascara and brows) vs. the others - full face natural makeup (actually quite a bit of makeup)
The other pics are just a few I took today so ppl can see I'm not sick!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poverty Does A Body Good: Update!

So it's that time! I'm finally updating my weight loss journey. As many of you know Jan. was a bitAlign Right of a write off for me. I didn't lose any weight but on a positive note I didn't gain any either. Well anyway, since Feb. I've been back on track hardcore - Eating right, Working know the usual. And I'm happy to announce I've officially reached another weight loss milestone - I'm officially down 20 pds!! This makes me really really happy. I'm the lowest weight I've been since I don't know when...seriously I couldn't tell you. Plus I'm really enjoying the gym lately...really getting that work out high it's great!

I want to lose probably another 10-12 pds before I head back to Canada but we'll see. Overall I don't know if there is THAT much of a difference between this time and last as it is only around a 5 pds difference but I can see it in my there is even the hit of HIP BONES!! Btw I HAD to buy another pair of jeans recently b/c well the ones in the pics almost completely fall off and another pair got a hole so anyway guess what I bought - Skinny Leg Jeans!! Yes that's right Fuckin' Skinny Leg Jeans!! And the best part is I think I actually look decent in them. I don't want to vomit and the sight of my jeans tucked into my boots - that's huge for me and as many of you know a big goal! Six pack and bikini here I come! So below are some new pics of my results.

Btw I found a straight on pic that illustrates close to my old weight (straight on body pics - very rare in the past). This pic was actually taken probably around yr before I left for Shanghai so it's not totally recent and I was actually a bit heavier in this pic than when I left for Shanghai but it is a face forward pic so it's a good reference point.

Unfortunately I think my skinnier face emphasizes my bulbous nose tip more now...oh well can't have it all

Btw excuse the lack of makeup

Because ppl complained that I didn't smile last time
HIP BONES!! Well just a touch of them!
Next goal: Tighten lower abs, more ab definition and reduction on hips and thighs!
I actually still wear these jeans sometimes although I think I'm going to have to stop b/c I think they might fall off while walking soon lol. I can take them on and off w/out even undoing them!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Champagne is my Life

So I did the cover for Drink Magazine today. This is for their second issue. When Todd first told me about the shoot all he said was doing guy makeup for a cover. I got momentarily excited...ooohh maybe hot male model :)... I rarely get to work w/ those!

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The cover "model" was actually the owner of Muse Nightclub...a very funny Asian guy probably in his late 30s or early never know how old Asians are lol. But one thing was for sure he definitely was not the male model I was hoping for lol! Whatever it ended up being a fun enough shoot and he had really good energy and was very playful w/ the camera which totally worked for the concept so I actually think it will be a kind of funny cover. The whole concept was him shooting Pierre Jouet Champagne up into the air and biting on the cork like he pulled the cork out w/ his mouth and the champagne was exploding. A little messy and it took some practice w/ cheap champagne but I think we actually got some pretty funny, cool shots! Btw what's w/ me ALWAYS working around champagne?!? We have the Nils' shoot, the Moet events and now this Drink Magazine weird!

Also I got a couple of couples of DestinAsian Magazine from Todd today. It's actually not that bad in person. I can live w/ it so that's kind of nice.

Friday, February 13, 2009


So remember last mth when I did that ad for Proctor & Gamble. Really, really easy half day makeup makeup that paid really well. Well anyway, I contacted the production company people about seeing the finished product of the ad so that I can use it for my commercial portfolio. Holy shit, this has to be the cheapest, ugliest ad I've seen in awhile lol! It's going to be used for posters or some shit like that I don't even know. It just makes me laugh really hard b/c they paid really well (for China) so knowing the pay and the fact that it's for a big company like Proctor & Gamble you wouldn't think it would be something so hideous and cheap looking lol! Well whatever I got mine, cash that day thank you very much. Around $900 for 4 hrs work lol.

Anyway, the premise is suppose to be something like look your best b/c you never know what is around every corner or some shit like that. I don't really know I can't read the ad (if I have any Chinese readers and you want to tell me what the ad says go for it!). Here's the ad btw!

Doing a male magazine cover on Monday w/ Todd so at least it's a shoot. It's just guy makeup which is boring. I was hoping to maybe do some guyliner or something but no just base. Apparently the mag is going to do something cool to pic in post though so maybe it will be a good guy pic for my book and it is another cover so that's good. I don't even know the mag yet's some new mag but I'll keep you updated!

Btw you guys will be happy to know I'm keeping w/ my New Year's Resolution and FINALLY starting my language exchange w/ a Chinese girl. Had to wait until after Chinese New Year of course! Basically, we'll meet once a wk and I'll help her w/ English and she'll help me w/ Chinese. Obviously her English is WAY better than my Chinese (this is not hard to do lol). Basically, I just want to learn some basics nothing fancy so I figure this will work. I really such at learning new languages btw. Especially the hearing part...I'm definitely a visual learner.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uma Wang

First off sorry for the lack of updates as of life has been severely disappointing and boring :( lol! Anyway, Chinese New Year is OFFICIALLY over so work should start to pick up again!!!

Last night I went out to dinner w/ a designer friend of mine Uma Wang, Michelle - the model used for her last catalog that I worked on w/ her, Nela - a mutual friend and Todd's photo assistant and a photographer that Uma is sort of in talks w/ to shoot her next collection for iLook Magazine. We went to a French restaurant and I had a couple of glasses of red wine and we all split some apps and I had a chicken salad for my main (still trying to be healthy). I avoided the bread basket and dessert so I'm pretty happy about that for me b/c those are both major lures. Man I haven't drank much the last few mths and 2 glasses of wine and I was tipsy!

Overall, dinner went well although I'm not sure if Uma is going to go w/ this photographer or not. He is very well established and has some AMAZING work but I'm not sure if his style is right for her. He's very slick and clean and she likes more raw and blur so I just don't know if it's the best match. Although, I'm just happy I got to have a meeting w/ him so that I'm on his radar and hopefully he'll hire me for some future shoots b/c he works w/ big budgets and lots of advertising :) Plus meeting him through another potential client looks a lot better than me just cold calling him for a meeting.

After dinner we were all walking down the street minus the photographer and we just happened to run into Uma's crazy is that...millions and millions of ppl and we run into her brother. He invited us to Sky nightclub so we went there to meet up w/ some of his friends in VIP. It's so weird b/c the Chinese are so subdued in VIP and just sit there and drink, smoke and play this dice game that I don't know. I wanted to dance! I love dancing but we didn't stay that long...Uma seemed a little stressed and had to get home not too late.

This whole upcoming shoot is actually kind of a weird situation b/c Todd has shot her clothes for 3 yrs now but she wants to try something new and go in a bit of a new direction...but not too different so it's hard finding that balance for her I think. She still wants it to feel the same b/c she does have clients that know and trust her and her aesthetic but still be different and new. She loves the last shoot but wants a different photographer it's all a little awkward to be honest. I mean Todd is a good friend of hers and he actually introduced me to her in the Summer when I worked on her last collection. Plus she wants to use Michelle the same model as last time and Nela helped out w/ the graphic designs on the clothes. So basically, it's all the women Todd worked w/ last time minus Todd...umm awkward much! I guess business is business but still it's a fine line when friendship is also involved. Plus I'm kind of in a situation do I tell him I'm working w/ Uma? If yes, what do I say? Should Uma tell him she's going in a different direction (well actually everything is the same EXCEPT him)...I mean they are friends too. Plus he is going to find out eventually, wouldn't he find it weird if someone didn't mention it to him.

Other than the awkwardness of the photographer situation I'm really excited about the shoot. Uma really trusts my opinion and what I think is best for the collection. Her clothes are totally amazing and one of her things is she always works w/ 100% cashmere...umm luxurious much! Plus her style is amazing...not Chinese at all. She's willing to take chances and really gets fashion so that's great and exciting b/c so many designers in the Chinese market really don't understand fashion...I know that might sound crazy but they don't trust me! The location sounds amazing and I'm excited about another mag to put on the resume so that's cool too.

Below are some pics from her last collection...there are so many amazing pics but here are just a few:
Okay seriously impossible for me to choose just a few! I love so many of the shots from the last shoot! Which also kind of makes me think - If it ain't broke don't fix it! But again it's not my decision to make.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hittin' The Gym

So just got back from the gym and it feels great! I haven't been in about 3 mths to be honest - last mth before I left Toronto was crazy busy and then the first 2 mths in Shanghai no money for a membership (for some reason gym memberships in Shanghai can be crazy expensive - like almost $100 Can/mth). I joined the gym in my building which is incredibly basic but that's okay I don't mind keeping simple and 3 mths at this gym is a little less then 1 mth at the gym I joined in the Summer when I was in Shanghai. Plus I'm super lazy so I NEED convenience otherwise I'll talk myself out of going. I don't even know why I talk myself out of it...everytime I leave I feel so much better and more energized it's just the getting there part that can be hard sometimes.

Wow my cardio was hurting today though. Part of that is the 3 mth absence but another big part of it is the pollution in Shanghai on a whole. I really don't notice it on a day to day basis but boy do I feel it when I start doing that cardio lol. I'll be back in no time though!

I told you guys how I lost approx. 17 pds the first 1.5 mths I was here. Well as you know by my detox msg before I kind of stalled in Jan. That's okay I didn't gain any back either and that's what's really important but now I want to get down to business and lose another 10-13 pds. Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen w/ just diet...think I actually have to work out a bit too lol. But that's okay I'm trying to be healthy and all. I'm pissed though b/c I seem to have misplaced my lululemon sports bra...I really hope I didn't accidently throw it out when I got rid of half of my life a few mths back. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

DestinAsian Cover

Well the new issue of DestinAsian Magazine is out. That's the magazine I did a cover for a few wks ago w/ Todd. I have to be honest...I pretty much hate it. I hate their pic selection and I'm just disappointed w/ it in a lot of ways. Todd did this shoot very last minute and did the retouch very last minute too and I know it's not his job but even he admitted he should have done some more retouch on the flyaways so I find that kind of sucky. I know it's my own fault too b/c I should have been more on top of them but yeah it was a rushed shoot and you do what you can and flyaways still sometimes happen so I just hate that he didn't do his usual great post work b/c he was rushed and leaving for another shoot the next day. Live and learn I suppose.

They ended up going w/ a pic in the bar Cloud 9. It's so typical Chinese they say they don't want anything too modern or featuring too much of the metal architecture and whatnot and what do they do...choose a pic featuring the modern metal architecture. I definitely think the ones in the presidential suite were better. Todd even said he almost didn't even send them this pic as a choice b/c it was one of the last shots in the bar and he didn't think it was working so he didn't even really play w/ this last spot in the bar. I wish he hadn't sent them this pic. Here's the cover below btw. Edit: Apparently I can't show you the cover b/c everytime I upload it there is a blue tinge to everything - mag title, skin etc...don't know what that's about as the pic is fine when I pull it up just on my screen. If you really want to see it you can see a tiny version of it at See I figure it knows I hate it therefore it doesn't want to show itself lol.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So basically I spent my Sunday watching A LOT of videos on YouTube. It's okay though b/c they're all related to makeup, beauty and hair so actually I'm doing "research" or "working" if you will. My favs are Smashbox, Johnny Lavoy (Ford Artists - Hair), Sephora Beauty Editors and Eve Pearl. Although, does anyone else out there feel Eve's technique feels a bit dated and heavy handed when it comes to the foundation. Every video I saw of her's I do admit they looked good but also a little tranny or mask like. Felt a little 90's to me but again maybe that's just me. If anyone has any other suggestions of YouTube videos they love I'm totally I've mentioned before it's Chinese New Year and I'm really really bored w/ NO WORK!!

And on to Chinese New Year...can it just end already!?!? I mean do you really need 15 days of celebration?!?! It's getting back to normal now and stores that were closed have started to open again but still no work in the Fashion World right now...Boo :( Also, the firecrackers were neat at first I suppose but do I really need to be woken up at 8 am while they go off for like an hr. I mean it's Sunday geez! And before you say oh that sounds's not and it gets old quick trust me. These are firecrackers for the most part btw...not real pretty spectacles in the sky just loud annoying bangs and cracks. I definitely think everyone has done their part to scare off last years Ghosts or whatever it is they are doing it for.