Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tropical Paradise

Yesterday I promised I'd share w/ you the pics from Tropical Paradise Week on Lilogi.  So here you go!

Btw this is actually my 100th post for this year which is kind of exciting being that it's the last day of the year and all!  Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and I hope this past year has been as Exciting & Rewarding for you as it has been for me!  Feeling very Optimistic about what the future may hold :)

So weird sometimes when I think I started this little blog over 3 years ago now while living in Shanghai!  In some ways I don't know where the last 3 yrs have gone they seem to have happened so quickly and in some ways it feels like I was just there yesterday - not 3 years ago!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Petals - Another Lilogi Video

Lilogi keeps pumping out the stuff lately I know!  That's what's so great about working w/ them is since they change their content and pics everyday they need a lot of material which is great for me b/c it means I get to showcase a lot of work through them.

This mini video was actually shot during the first look that we did that day where we shot 3 different stories and it's in celebration of their Tropical Paradise Week!  I'll post the pics from this past wk tomorrow probably!

As usual Renee Rodenkirchen did an awesome job on the shoot and in the editing b/c as you'll see the video is a little more "trippy" then some of the other ones!  Sheila was a great model and what gorgeous skin!

Videographer/Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Hair Assistant Jade Truscott
Model Sheila (Elmer Olsen)
Illustrations Stephanie Ayoub

Just a side note - Where the HELL did this YEAR GO!?!  Can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  I did break my record for most posts in a year though so I'm really proud of that as it was a goal.  Plus I do feel the content this year was overall really good and showcased a lot of awesome work I've gotten the chance to work on!  Can't wait to see what next year brings!

Btw next wk Lilogi is taking on The Future...and I think it might possibly be my fav of the shoots....hard to say though as I haven't seen the final pics and I LOVE them all so much!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mackenzie Final Pics!

A couple of wks ago I shared w/ you some behind the scenes photos from my amazing (but cold) shoot down at Cherry Beach featuring up and coming singer Mackenzie.

Photographer Zach Hertzman was kind enough to send me a collection of the final pictures from the shoot so of course I want to share some w/ you b/c they look  awesome!  Zach did an amazing job of getting a great variety of both soft and edgy photos which is great to show her versatility as an artist.

Sorry there are so many but I just LOVE them so much!  Such a great backdrop and location too!

Is it just me or does it not look like it's either Spring or Fall in these pics?  In my opinion you'd never know these were shot in Toronto in late Nov/beg Dec.  Mackenzie was such a professional out there!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lilogi Holiday Week - Final Images

So yesterday I promised you a look at the final images from "Holiday Week" at Lilogi.  I know it's 11:30 pm here but I just got back to Toronto about an hr ago (God it feels GOOD to be home) so give me a break on the lateness of this entry lol!  I promise you won't be disappointed.  Esp. if you never made it over to Lilogi and this is the first time you're going to see the images!

I personally LOVE them and I'm so proud to have worked w/ Lilogi on them!

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Hair Assistant Jade Truscott
Model Oksana (Elmer Olsen)

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Video From Lilogi - WHITE LIGHT

First off Happy Holidays and I hope you are all having a lovely holiday season whatever you may or may not celebrate!  I'm in Windsor visiting family and eating WAY TOO MUCH that is for sure...but it's once a year so I figure whatever lol!

Last Fri. Lilogi premiered their latest Video Editorial - WHITE LIGHT  which I had the pleasure of working on!  This was actually the last of the 3 shoots we did that day and I'm really proud of the work I did for the whole day and particularly this shoot.  This was part of the "Ice Queen" shoot and I've already shared w/ you little snippets of the pics from that shoot.  I'll show you the full pics tomorrow don't worry ;)

It's cool b/c every day they change the wallpaper on the site to a different pic from the shoot so make sure you check out the site EVERY DAY for new pics and new content!

So if you haven't had the pleasure yet of seeing the video w/out further adieu here you go!

Also this week is the start of Tropical Paradise on Lilogi...which also features the work of yours truly so make sure you check it out!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Stocking Stuff - I Love...

So the great ppl at I Love... sent me a very nice little package to try out right before the holidays and I just have to say I LOVE - I Love...!

You may have actually seen the products in Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadians) recently and they are fairly new to Canada but got their start overseas in Europe.  They are very much in line and look similar to another MORE EXPENSIVE brand that I'm sure many of you are familar w/ called Philosophy.  Just like Philosophy they come in all sorts of YUMMY flavours like Coconut & Cream, Strawberries & Milkshake, Lemons & Limes plus a bunch of others!  Some ppl don't like body products that smell like food but I love anything that smells like a yummy dessert or fruity tropical cocktail lol!  I ended up going w/ Mango & Papaya and it's exactly what I needed to lift my spirits right before this dreary weather really starts to set in!  I personally love anything that smells like a tropical vacation so I'm all about things that smell like tropical fruit or coconut. 

In my package they sent me a really nice Body Wash/Bubble Bath that lathers wonderfully when used w/ your shower puff, a great exfoliant that I really like b/c it's not too coarse and it doesn't scratch the skin and a body butter which feels great and is very rich and luxurious on the skin esp. in this cold weather when my skin esp. my hands is starting to get all cracked and dry - eww!

As mentioned up above it has very similar packaging and style to a lot of Philosphy's products but one thing it doesn't have is the high price tag!  I'm all for Philosphy's Cinnamon Bun Body Wash but I'm not for paying $21 for it to be honest lol!  These products are ususally around the $10/each mark...much more affordable and feel every bit as luxurious and indulgent for your skin and your senses.  If you're looking for a last min gift or thing to throw in the stocking I think the I Love... products are a great way to go.  I mean what girl, teen, woman doesn't LOVE fancy bath products lol!

Plus I just checked out their Coming Soon products and I think I may explode!  The next two flavours they are coming out w/ are Juicy Watermelon & Tropical Paradise!  I think they are literally creating this brand w/ my smell palette in mind!  Tropcial Paradise - UMM YES!  And I LOVE Watermelon flavoured things!  Watermelon is my fav fruit and it's my fav flavour for Jelly Bellys lol!  So seriously I LOVE - I Love...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Essentials - Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I got the chance to work on a really fun and easy going Look Book shoot for a Men's Lounge Wear Company called - American Essentials.  It's great working on shoots like this b/c

1. It's Men's Grooming which let's be real usually tends to be VERY simple in terms of Makeup/Hair.  In fact I stand by the rule I don't even put full foundation on most men.  Just moisturize, prime, conceal where necessary and some powder foundation and we're good.  The biggest part of my day was just pushing the hair off the model's face lol.  Plus they wanted him to have a bed head sort of look for most of the day so it wasn't like the hair had to be "perfect".

2. It's commercial work therefore it pays pretty decent and it's always good to get more clean commercial work in your book.  Esp. for a company like this b/c they have a higher end brand and are putting some money into the shoot therefore you know the pics are going to be solid.

3. The team was great and so nice!  Very relaxed but professional.  I really hope I get to work w/ them all again in the future b/c it just made the day a lot nicer!  And the condo we were shooting in was so nice!  The owner even left tons of snacks for us to munch on lol!  Plus it was only a 10 min walk from my apt...can't beat that!

It's so funny b/c this time of year tends to be a bit slower esp. leading right up to Christmas but I'm actually super busy this wk and I'm really happy that I was able to fit this shoot in.  When Catherine Kaiser, the Art Director contacted me about the shoot I was so happy it didn't conflict w/ any of the other work I had scheduled this wk!  Plus always great to  meet and network w/ new ppl!

The photographer was William Suarez.  Another new person for me but I can't wait to see the finished results from this shoot b/c the stuff I saw in the camera looked gorgeous - so cool and sophisticated!  Perfect for the brand

There was one familiar face on the shoot for me though.  And that was the model Jerald from B&M.  I had actually assisted on a shoot he worked on a couple of years back when I first came back from Shanghai.  I did his grooming and the second I saw him on set I recognized him.  Such a nice guy and of course not too hard on the eyes either lol!

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the day!  We shot from early afternoon to night but I can't give too much away from the shoot ;)

I slicked the hair to the side for a couple of the looks

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lilogi Creator - Nicky Feix

Anyone who's been reading this blog lately knows I've been promoting the hell out of Lilogi and it's official launch last wk!  Well Holiday Week is finally here and I worked the main shoot for it so expect a lot more Lilogi stuff from  me this wk (be prepared ;) ).  In fact EVERY day there will be a new picture from the "Ice Queen" shoot I worked on featured as the wallpaper on the main page...that means make sure to visit the site EVERY DAY to see my AWESOME work lol!

Also, today Lilogi was actually featured on on their What's Right Now List - #5! VERY VERY COOL!  

On Sat. I did a quick headshot shoot for Lilogi creator Nicky Feix.  She's a really cool, laid back chick and we wanted to capture that w/ the shoot.  This meant keeping the makeup minimal but still keeping her trademark eyeliner and taming her insane mane of hair...but not too much ;)  

Here's the official shot courtesy of Arash Moellemi and a couple of behind the scenes photos courtesy of Alexandra Loeb

I actually really like this Behind the Scenes pic of me...normally I look so angry while working but I actually look softer here lol.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dairy-Free Love - Official Pics

I wrote to you last wk and shared some of my behind the scenes pics of the awesome promo shoot I worked on w/ my good friend Victoria Murdoch for her upcoming one woman show Dairy-Free Love!

Well photographer Joanna Haughton has already finished up all the pics and can I just say they are AMAZING!  Seriously, I'm going to share w/ you a bunch and I'm sorry there are so many but I just LOVE them all lol!  It really was a great team effort and there wasn't one weak element in the shoot - it just all came together so well and I love when that happens!

Btw, last time I mentioned I would give you a little write up about the show and I'm just going to steal this right from Victoria b/c being that it's her show she of course can explain it more eloquently then I can lol!

Savory Entertainment presents Dairy-Free Love. A play that examines life, love, and marriage through the eyes of pleasantly quirky, "Dawn", who uses her laptop and web cam to broadcast her daily live-streamed internet cooking show "Dawn's Delight's" to her loyal global audience.  This clever blend of comedy and drama takes the shape of a one-hour cooking demonstration, during which Dawn prepares a full batch of dairy-free chocolate mousse live onstage - all while sharing her own brand of advice through a series of laugh-out-loud personal stories.  The audience will laugh and cry with Dawn as she invites you into her home, her life, and her heart.  Dairy-Free Love is an emotionally fulfilling treat that will leave you wanting seconds!

Doesn't that sound great!