Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Zach Hertzman Pics

Shirleyann (the model in the pics) sent me a few more pics from the shoot w/ Zach Hertzman so I thought I'd share them w/ you :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Braids, Braids, Braids!

So I got the chance to flex my hair skills today on a shoot w/ the very talented Kira Bucca. I had worked w/ Kira once before right before X-mas and we had great chemistry then. She shoots quick - My look changes are quick...we just get our shit done QUICK..but good :)

Unfortunately, I can't show you anything from our last shoot just yet b/c we're waiting for publication but I will tell you about today. Before x-mas I mentioned to Kira that I wanted to do a Braid Story and she was ALL over the idea! FYI Braids are VERY in this Spring/Summer! So basically, we both wanted it to be really pretty, clean makeup w/ slight changes throughout the shoot but the main focus being on the hair.

This is the first shoot I've EVER done where the main focus has been on hair and NOT makeup but I was up for the challenge since a lot of you know one of my BIG New Year's Resolutions has been to get stronger at Hair.

So I met up w/ Ashley for another hair class and Ashley totally helped me w/ the braids. If anyone doesn't already know this Ashley is LITERALLY the Braid QUEEN lol! She's obsessed w/ them. Her lessons helped me A LOT! I also spent a fun Saturday night at home sewing clip in extensions and practicing on my mannequin head.

I was a little nervous heading into this shoot just b/c it's new and so different for me but you know what - IMO I totally ROCKED it! The model Ellen for NEXT was a doll...literally so pretty and GREAT skin - EXACTLY what we were going for! And thankfully her hair had grown a lot since some of her pics on the site.

We ended up doing 6 Looks: Modern Hippy Inspired Braids, Fishtail Braid, Milkmaid Braids, French Braids that made a Bun, A Lot of Little Braids w/ Wind Machine and My FAV - The one I really practiced at and wasn't sure I'd be able to do - The Front French Braid. It was actually way easier on her then my mannequin...guess all that practice helped.

I only have a couple of pics this time...sorry I kind of forgot to take more but they are from The Front French Braid Look...I took them after we were finished shooting that look so sorry for the poor quality.
Can't Wait To See The Finished Product From This One!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zach Hertzman Shoot

So awhile ago I wrote a post entitled My Magic Wand. It was basically me praising the curling Gods for my Cortex Curling Wand and how versatile and quick I find it. Anyway, that day I got to meet Toronto based photographer Zach Hertzman (who oddly enough I found out went to university w/ my brother...small world!).

I'm gonna be real - it was a paid test. Normally on a paid test I do my job and forget about the pics afterword b/c normally I don't usually find the photography in test shots particularly inspiring. But over the past mth or so I've seen pics from that shoot creeping up on Zach's blog and I've been totally blown away by much so that I think I want a couple for my book! Seriously, looking at these pics I would NEVER guess that Shirleyanne is an actress and not really a model - she's a NATURAL and what diversity in LOOKS!

Can't Wait To Work W/ Zach Again!
I think this second one and the last are my Favs!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amanda in Wonderland - Updated

So as some of you might remember I did a shoot last mth w/ photographer Dexter Quinto that I'm so stoked about...seriously I haven't been this excited about a shoot in awhile :)

Anyway, I have seen some of the finished (or very close to it) pictures but alas you'll have to wait a bit longer to see them. Dexter will be submitting the story to magazines which means if the story gets picked up I can't show the pics till the magazine comes out :( One of the annoying things about working in Fashion and always having to work a few mths ahead.

Well Veronica (Dexter's assistant) took some really cool behind the scenes photos of the shoot and I just now finally got them (she moved back to Ireland literally right after the shoot so she's been busy).

So w/out further adieu here's some more behind the scenes photos to hold you over :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair Day!

Yesterday my friend and fellow makeup artist/blogger Ashley Readings and I got together to work on one of our mutual New Years Resolutions - Get Better At Hair!

After yesterday I think we are both in agreement, lots more practice is definitely necessary! I tried to do an updo on her which was a mess to say the least...the main prob was I brushed the curls out, we both think I was suppose to leave them in tack. Lesson learned and that's what's great about these practice harm and no risk. Better to figure it out in my apt. rather then on set right lol!

We've decided to get together once a wk for practice...I might even bring in some friends so we can work on other hair types. Next wk I think we might tackle proper pin curl direction and form...very important w/ learning the basics about how curls lay etc.

I also have 2 wedding style shoots next wk so lots of practice over the next few days for those is definitely in order. Thanks again Ashley for letting me borrow your mannequin head...can't wait till mine gets here (ordered one from Ebay). Fingers crossed and hopefully the hair gods will be w/ me more next wk then they were yesterday that's for sure lol!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buns Of Steel Bootcamp!

Not makeup related but it does have to do w/ my resolutions that I wrote about a few days ago!

So today I officially started my Buns of Steel Bootcamp (check out the link) and I definitely think it's going to kick my ass into gear and help w/ that lose weight/eat right resolution lol. If anyone out there is like me and watches Bulging Brides or The Last 10 Pds it's what I imagine Tommy Europe to do to those women (and anyone who watches that show knows it gets great results)! Lots of squats, compound exercies, multiple exercise sets w/ minimal rest know the stuff that you HATE while doing but LOVE the results lol!

I saw the postings and ads for it and I thought why don't I give this a try. I'm one of those people that likes variety in my workouts and I like group classes w/ a trainer to push me on (plus I like group classes b/c I'm kind of competitive lol). The trainer Omar is really great and gives a lot of 1 on 1 attention during the class but doesn't call you out or anything in a way that makes you feel stupid or that everyone is now looking at you b/c you're doing stuff wrong, just gives you tips and encouragement to keep going.

Plus he gives a lot of support outside the class too. He has a Facebook Group and you can email him anytime you want and he has a lot of YouTube videos w/ tips and recipes. Also I really like his concept for the meal plan. You know w/ a lot of other plans they give you a meal plan of what you are suppose to eat whether you like it or not. Well Omar let's you email him your food diary and then he'll give suggestions or ideas for better choices. I think that's a lot more effective b/c it's working w/ something you already do. Also Omar is great at managing all his students...I didn't show up on to class on Monday :S and Omar actually emailed to ask where I was...I actually need that accountability sometimes when I know someone will actually notice if I don't show up.

I'm doing the early morning classes...and yes they are EARLY but you know what once I get there and do them I feel great! It makes my day a million times more productive b/c I'm up early and out when normally I wouldn't be out of bed and I find when I have a good start to the day w/ a good workout and breakfast it makes me want to be healthier and eat healthier throughout the rest of the day.

So yeah if you're like me and want to get into shape I highly recommend you check out the website...I'll keep you updated on how it's going!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Career Related New Year's Resolutions!

I definitely have a few New Year's Resolutions this year (some even beyond the usual lose some weight/exercise more)! Not sure if I'm just being ambitious or if I'm somewhat disappointed w/ the way some things in my career have played out in the last year...maybe a bit of both lol!

Overall, I feel I was on the right track this past year but did get a bit lost in the late Summer/Fall. I have found some things to be frustrating...a big one being not doing more editorial shoots since I got back to Canada. I guess I got spoiled the year before b/c I was doing so many but since I got back to Canada it has proved difficult to get all the pieces together and to actually get the shoots done. I've met a lot of great photographers and have started to develop those relationships and hopefully in the coming year all the pieces will start to fall into place.


1. Start doing more cool editorials and start getting published again...I like seeing my name in print lol!
2. Update my blog more (b/c I'll actually have cool things to update about hopefully lol)
3. Learn how to Airbrush FINALLY...I have the equipment and haven't bothered to learn how to use it yet (no excuse for that one really)
4. Build a Bridal Website separate from my Editorial/Commercial Website (for that matter build my Bridal business)
5. Get going on my Bridal photo shoots I have in the works (to help build my bridal website lol)
6. Improve my Hair Skills to the point that I feel completely comfortable and confident in ANY situation - including doing Bridal Hair (to go along and help w/ that Bridal Business...see a trend here lol)
7. Continue to network w/ and meet more cool photographers, stylists, models etc.

and not related to makeup but of course always important - Workout More, Eat Better and Lose the 15 lbs I've put on since returning to Canada :S