Monday, November 28, 2011

PMD Review

A little over a mth ago I received an awesome new product called PMD Personal Microderm to review for this blog!  I was really stoked b/c 1. This looked like a really cool product 2. I'm obsessed w/ trying anything that's going to help my skin look its best! 3. It's been featured on The Doctors & Dr. Oz

So basically if you're wondering this product like the name suggests is a Personal Microdermabrasion Device.  If you're not familiar Microdermabrasion is usually a pricey skin treatment that you get at a dermatologists office or medi spa.  Traditional Microdermabrasion helps treat sun spots, acne, scarring, aging and promotes collagen production and cell renewal.  This is done by using Aluminum Oxide Crystals to clear away dull, dead skin cells.

As well all know going to the dermatologists for treatments can be booth pricey and time consuming that's why it's so cool that there is now an at home device that you can use on your schedule for a fraction of the cost of traditional spa treatments and offers great results.

I'm not going to lie the device isn't super cheap...the entire system which includes several replacement heads (each head lasts approx. 4-5 uses I think) retails for $179 USD but when you compare that to reg. facials or spa microdermabrasion treatments it's a STEAL!  Plus right now the website is holding a Black Friday Sale - 20% off!  Or maybe just put it on  your Xmas List for Santa to bring ;)

I've actually taken awhile to write my review about the product b/c I really wanted to use the product several times for myself and see if there was in fact any results.  I hate when I see reviews and the person has only used the product once...esp. w/ this type of product you need to use it several times before you can really expect any changes and you're only suppose to use it every 5-7 days.

I do see a difference in the texture and evenness of my skin and I do think some of the acne marks on my skin have improved and lessened esp. around the chin/mouth area - I tend to get a lot of discoloration there.  I also find that my skin creams do seem to absorb better into the skin after using it.

After using the device personally I can DEFINITELY give you some advice as to what to expect and what to do and not do.  As mentioned before the device comes w/ several replacement heads - Blue for Sensitive and Green for Medium.  DEFINITELY start w/ the BLUE!  I have a tendency to want results fast and therefore go right for the strong one - DO NOT DO THIS!  Also the device comes w/ two sizes of Heads - The smaller one is for the Face/ The bigger one is for the Body.  There is a sort of vacuum and vibration thing that works in correlation on your skin to give you the microderm results.

There is a video that comes w/ the device - WATCH THE VIDEO!  It will teach you exactly how to use the device and how to clean and take care of it.  This device is strong so you have to be careful - TRUST ME!  It says you can use the bigger head for bigger areas on the face but I have to be honest - I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS!  Also, it says in the video to try the product out on your hand at first - DO THIS!  Me being the Know-It-All Makeup Artist I am DID NOT do this and I used the large head on my cheeks at first and I'll admit it - the first time I used the product I got red marks on my cheeks that sort of looked like rug burn (it was completely my own fault).  DO NOT be a Know-It-All like me lol!  This device is strong and can leave marks if not used properly.  I'm not saying this to scare you but just to let you know it's effective and you just have to follow instructions.  Since the first time I used it I've only used the Face head on my face and I've never had any other bad results.

I say it's important to use it on your hand at first b/c there is this sort of suction/vacuum thing that happens when you put it to your skin and you have to move/drag it across the area you are treating quickly.  If you aren't use to the vacuum at first (like I wasn't) you'll have a tendency to not move it smoothly or quickly enough therefore causing the burn effect.  Also don't go over an area on the face more than once.

The only area I unfortunately found the product hard to use was my nose which is a bit disappointing just b/c I'd really like to work on those damn enlarged pores/blackheads there.

So here are some Before & After Results of my Face - I definitely think my skin looks more Even in the After Pics.  Both are w/ No Makeup so sorry to scare you all a bit ;)


AFTER - Fresh From The Shower lol!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Giveaway From VEET!

Hey Everyone!  As you may remember a couple of mths ago I did a review on some awesome hair removal products sent to me by the lovely ppl at Veet!  Well now we've teamed up to give you an awesome giveaway just in time for the Holidays!...Personally I don't care what time of year it is I LOVE free stuff but there is something nice about getting extra free stuff around the holidays lol!

So let's get down to the details!  This one is SUPER exciting b/c I'm giving away $100 worth of product from Veet to 1 LUCKY reader - YES $100!  That's A LOT of product!  What exactly am I giving away you ask - well I'll tell you!

The $100 Giveaway Includes:

- Veet Ready-To-Use strips for Face (Great for short hair & 
   delicate areas)
- Veet Ready-To-Use strips for Face & Bikini
- Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips
- Veet Hydro'Restore Cream (Lasts Twice as long as Regular
- Veet High Precision Facial Wax (Comes w/ instructions on     
   how to achieve the perfect brow)
- A Pink Stocking
- A Basket to hold the items

That's A LOT of product and w/ all that you should be able to stay hair and worry free for a LONG time!  Or you know what share the wealth and give your friends some of your winnings tis' the season after all ;)

So HOW do you ENTER you ask?

So upfront there is ONE rule - Sorry this one is ONLY OPEN TO CANADIANS (It's about the cost of shipping b/c there is so much stuff - The ppl at VEET are sending it not me).

Okay so here's how you ENTER!  DO 1 of the Following 3 options below...or do ALL 3 for more chances to win!


1. Tell me an embarrassing hair removal horror story (you know like you were on a date and realized you didn't shave your legs or something like that)

2. Go to and ENTER their $5000 Party Ready Shopping Spree (Yes that's right you can ENTER this contest by trying to WIN another Contest)

3. Tell me YOUR Favourite Veet Product

Please Leave Your Name & Email w/ Your Entry!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wanderlust Stills

Back in the Summer you may remember the video I did for Lilogi titled Wanderlust.  It was for their Gypset Theme week.  The videographer Renee Rodenkirchen actually did some still photography that I never actually got my hands on until today.  It's been awhile since the shoot but I thought you still might enjoy seeing the pics!

I'm actually shooting a whole bunch of exciting stuff for Lilogi this week actually in preparation for the new website launch!  Can't wait to work together w/ the team since again.  We always have so much fun and produce such awesome stuff!  So make sure you stay tuned for that!  I'm sure I'll take some awesome and inspiring behind the scenes pics too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

IMATS 2011 Recap

So IMATS happened in Toronto this past weekend.  For those that don't know it's an International Makeup Trade Show that comes once a year.  For the past couple of years I've worked the Yaby booth w/ creator Liz Yu and fellow makeup/hair artist Ashley Readings.  This year I could only work the Sunday b/c I had a wedding on the Sat. but it was still a great time, I got to meet some great ppl (nice finally meeting you Delia, Roshar & Angie!) and of course do a little shopping!

I'll be honest I really didn't buy that many "exciting" things when it came to makeup this year.  Actually I  know this is sad but I don't buy too many "exciting" makeup products in general anymore :(  These days I find myself mostly just stocking up on supplies and replenishing my kit.

From Yaby I basically just stocked up on some of my fav/popular Powder Foundations, Liquid Foundations, Concealers and Highlighters...the only thing I did get that was "Fun" was some new lipsticks lol!

From Alcone I got my usual big bag of sponges that I try to make last for at least most of the year.  I use to use a lot of sponges while I worked...I'm trying to cut down on this now lol.  I use to always get all my disposables from the booths at IMATS too but now I just get things on ebay...God I LOVE ebay lol!

I of course stocked up on my fav. go to moisturizer - Embryolisse .  It's a makeup artist staple and I've been using it for the past couple of years now.  I also picked up a new moisturizer they have designed specifically for Oily skin (key ingredient being cornstarch) - Emulsion Hydra Matt.  I couldn't resist after Vicki Millar stopped by the booth to tell me about it!

I was also lucky enough to get the LAST newly designed brush cup from MUFE!  My old one has def. seen better days and when I saw Roshar w/ the  new one I knew I had to get it!  At first they thought they were out but at the end of the night they found one misplaced and were nice enough to come find me at the Yaby booth so I could buy it!  So nice of them!  The new one is more rigid then the old one which is great b/c I was having trouble getting the old one to stay standing all the time.  The best part is it's bigger...def. a BIG plus for me!

The other stuff I bought at IMATS this year was Airbrush stuff.  I've been doing airbrush a bit in the last year but I really want to focus in on it a bit more and I def. needed a wider range of foundations and brands b/c previously I only had OCC.  So I bought a couple of Graftobian airbrush foundations (unfortunately they were out of a lot of them so I just got the two colours I use the most in my cream palettes - Vixen & Ingenue).  I also got a starter set of S/B foundation, Adjusters, Primer and Airbrush Cleaner from Temptu b/c again Vicki Millar always raves about it!

One of the things I was most excited about for the show this year was the fact that Roshar was guest speaking for Yaby! Roshar is a huge inspiration to me and you know what so NICE in person!  Seriously, really friendly...sometimes you're let down when  you meet someone you admire in person.  He did an amazing look for the Yaby seminar...I only wish I could have actually seen it!  That's the only downside to working the show is you never get to see any of the amazing seminars that are held!

Liz, Roshar & Demo Model (Don't you just LOVE the new Yaby pic in the back!)

Ashley, Roshar & Myself

Ashley and I tried on the wig from the demo...not our best looks lol!


Yaby Booth - Busy Busy!

Liz had new display tester units designed - So Much Nicer, Cleaner & Easier for EVERYONE!

Ladies Hard At Work Filling Orders!

Overall, the show was a great success IMO and I def. think it was busier this year on Sunday then last year!  I'm also so excited for Liz and to see how the brand is growing in recognition EVERY year!  Hopefully the show will just keep getting bigger and better!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Such Thing As "Wedding Season" Anymore!

So today I put another wedding in the books for what has already been IMO a VERY successful "Wedding Season"!  And you know what I've come to realize this year...there really isn't a "Wedding Season" anymore in Toronto.  I'm getting contacted for weddings in Nov, Dec, Jan...mths when you don't think of anyone getting married in Canada.  Sure it's not as busy as say May or June but still it's not like ppl aren't getting married that's for sure!

Right now it's looking like I'll close out this year w/ approx. 45 weddings...up from 20 last year (last year was my first official year doing weddings...still pretty good for a first year I think)!  Next year I'm aiming for 60!  And if you think it's too early to book for next year trust me it's NOT!  I already have SEVERAL weddings booked and confirmed for next year including a couple as far away as Aug!

Today's wedding featured a delightful and sweet bride Jennifer.  This was another wedding where I was just hired for Hair for Jennifer and her bridal party...and if I do say so myself I rocked it ;)  I did Jennifer's trial a couple of mths ago and she was looking for something soft, romantic and reminiscent of a Jane Austen character.  I loved what I did at Jennifer's trial and I'll be perfectly honest I was worried it wouldn't go as well today...thankfully it did and both Jennifer and I felt it looked even better than the trial!  Jennifer is one of those ppl that just has awesome hair!  You curl it, play w/ it, pin it and it still holds it's's just awesome and makes my life so much easier lol!

All her bridesmaids had great hair choices too.  They really understood what worked for them and their hair types which was great.  Sometimes you have ppl that want to do things that in all honesty just doesn't work for their hair type or texture.  Like Jennifer they all wanted something soft w/ curl.  The two w/ the finest hair wanted updos which was great b/c I'll be honest I don't think their hair would have held curl for the entire day/night.  Jennifer's MOH - Jen did a half updo and boy did this girl have A LOT of hair.  Wonderful, thick, dark, long hair!  Took awhile to curl it but once I got that base work in it was a breeze to pin up and create volume just cuz there was so much of it!  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take snap shots of the bridesmaid's hair but hopefully Jennifer will send me some pics in a couple of mths!

One of the coolest and most interesting things about this wedding was that Jennifer is actually a contestant on Four Weddings Canada on Slice Network!  I LOVE that show!  So kind of cool b/c technically my Hair Work will be featured (and kind of judged) on the show as well lol!  Jennifer is actually the last contestant for her group of 4 so I hope she learned a lot from the other weddings and comes out on top!  She's such a great girl she really deserves it!  Plus I can tell she has a strong sense of her own personal style and would be one of those ppl that brings a lot of personal touches into her wedding which I always think is great!

Here's a couple of pics I quickly snapped of Jennifer's Hair before I left.  Really hope she sends me some pics b/c I know they are going to look amazing!

Before she got changed...obviously lol.  Wish I would have noticed the collar...dammit lol!

Love the should have seen her shoes - AMAZING!

Sorry I don't have a better one of the back...I was in a rush and she was moving lol!