Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Digital In The City - Digital Marketing Classes for Freelancers

Having a social media presence and being online and in touch w/ various social media platforms is a really important aspect of every freelancers career these days (whether they want to admit it or not).  For a lot of us self-employed freelancers this can be a very daunting and difficult part of our business.  

It's hard to figure out what social media platforms are best for you.  How to best utilize them for your business.  Sometimes we become resentful and overwhelmed by the fact that it seems we "must be online" in order to see our careers grow and get new clients.  Plus we already have so many other priorities and tasks to do w/ our business it's frustrating to feel like we have to add another thing on to the list...plus it's one that we have to nurture and keep up w/ constantly if we want it to work!

A few wks ago I had the pleasure of doing headshot hair and makeup for a digital marketing expert Wahida Lakhani who has just branched out on her own w/ her start up Digitial In the City!  Her main focus is to help freelancers and self-employed business owners learn about digital marketing and develop strategies for success that best fit their business!

After learning a bit about her company while doing her hair and makeup I thought this could definitely be of interest to myself (as I would never claim to be a digital marketing pro) as well as many others that are in a similar field or work lifestyle as myself.  

Right now she has a 1 Day to Social Media Pro Class that is definitely worth checking out!  I'm sure there will be more classes announced shortly!  Also just an FYI any reader of mine who signs up for a class can use the Discount Code - ILOVEDIGITALINTHECITY and get $10 off your class (even the early bird price)...which is an awesome deal!  Personally I think the cost of the classes is an amazing deal even without the code!

As anyone who knows me knows I think it's VERY IMPORTANT to constantly keep learning and developing your skills for your business.  As a freelance makeup/hair artist that doesn't always mean makeup or hair classes...sometimes it's about marketing or other things that affect a business.  So definitely worth checking out if you're looking to master social media platforms and have them work for your business!  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wow What A Deal! Rhythm Spa Downtown Toronto

 I love a good deal!  I also love going to the spa!  So when those two things can come together I'm totally game!  If you're a looking to get pampered for a couple of hours and not break the bank I definitely have a great deal for you if you live or work in Downtown Toronto!
Rhythm Spa located at 199 Church St. (Just South of Dundas St. E) is having an amazing special right now! 

For $120 (including tax) you get:

30 Min Massage
30 Min Facial
30 Min Exfoliation
Eyebrow Shaping 
Brazilian Waxing or Full Leg or Full Arm...and it can be used over multiple visits!

We can't all afford to have spa days at The Ritz...but that doesn't mean we don't deserve to be pampered too!

I think this would be really fun to do as an afternoon w/ a girlfriend...go to lunch, go to the spa, hit a patio for some cocktails...you know all that fancy fun stuff ;)

I've been to Rhythm Spa before and I can say the staff are really nice and friendly.  It's a clean place and they've done quite a few renovations over the past couple of years to expand the business.  It's not the fanciest place in town but you're also not paying the highest prices in town either.

I should mention they also have some great deals for Spa Parties - Great idea for Bachelorettes or Birthdays!  Plus they also have some Monthly Membership spa services definitely worth checking out!

So if you're looking for some pampering...or a gift for someone that is in need of some pampering definitely a deal worth checking out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Softlips Cubes & Giveaway!!!

I'm doing another Giveaway on my blog - YEAH!  This one is from the wonderful people over at Softlips Canada.  You may remember I had a really popular giveaway w/ them a couple of mths ago and they've been nice enough to set up another one with me!

Softlips Canada is launching their new 5-in-1 Lip Balm Cubes and I got to try out the Vanilla Bean and Berry Bliss cubes myself and I gotta say I'm definitely a fan!  Small, sleek cube design, easy twist off lid and very moisturizing on the lips!  I have some other lips balms that I have to go over my lips several times before I feel like there is any product on them but these just glide right on and leave my lips smooth and hydrated.

I personally like to keep one in my purse and one near my bed b/c I think it's always important to moisturize your lips before bed.  I find for myself at least that's one of the biggest things that prevent me from getting dry, chapped lips b/c we tend to dry out our lips a lot while we sleep if we sleep w/ our mouths open...plus if you sleep w/ the air conditioner on in these Summer mths that can be super drying to your lips too!

They are also totally affordable at $4.99 a piece and available Walmart, Rexall, Lawtons and Shoppers Drug Mart...so pretty much everywhere lol!

Btw if you're curious what the 5-in-1 stands for:

Hydrates - forumlated w/ Shea Butter to restore moisture
Replenishes - with antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E
Smoothes - rich emollients leave lips silky and soft
Protects - long lasting moisture to protect against dryness
Adds Shine - for a perfect radiant finish

So now on to the GIVEAWAY!!!  What exactly is in the prize pack you ask?


1 Softlips CUBE lip moisturizer Berry Bliss
1 Softlips CUBE lip moisturizer Vanilla Bean
1 Clutch Purse with Zipper Chain Wristlet
1 Purse Mirror

Open To CANADA ONLY (sorry everywhere else) 

Please give the widget a moment to open it's sometimes slow to load

Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fantasy Farms Wedding

Back in May I had the pleasure of working w/ a pastry chef named Kadie on her wedding at Fantasy Farms in Toronto. I've never actually done at wedding at Fantasy Farms before...it's a cool venue and "bridal suite" is definitely one of the more "interesting" places I've gotten a bride and her party ready.  It's full on 70s style in the suite which is weird and sort of cool all at the same time.  

For her wedding day Kadie wanted a really soft makeup look w/ a flushed cheek, soft nude pink lip and neutral soft smokey eye.  Kadie has some of the biggest and bluest eyes ever...seriously they make her look like a doll and once I put the false lashes on them the look was really complete!  For her hair, Kadie like many modern brides opted to not have a veil.  I did a really textured side bun and I worked her beautiful applique headband into the style.

I think one of the coolest things about Kadie's wedding is that she designed her own wedding cake (being a pastry chef I wouldn't expect less of course).  She didn't actually make the cake which I think was a good thing b/c let's be real regular brides have enough to worry about before their wedding day let alone making their own wedding cake!  Instead she hired Bobbette & Belle to bring her vision to life!

I think one of the sweetest things about this wedding was the really touching and thoughtful email Kadie sent after the wedding expressing her gratitude for the day...I know it's corny but I'm such a softy when it comes to that stuff lol!

Kadie and her younger sister - who I also did hair and makeup for!