Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off to Chicago!

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Chicago. The bf has a biz trip there this wk and my b-day is also this wk (Oct 15th for anyone that's curious ;) ) so we decided to combine the two into a mini trip. I've never actually been there so I'm kind of excited. Plus of course I'm excited to go to the US and do some SHOPPING (esp. since the CAN $ is almost at par).

On the weekend I got to assist on a music video for Canadian R&B singer Massari. It was for his new single Body Body and the video should be coming out really soon actually. Massari was really nice and down to earth which was really cool b/c you never know how stars are going to act.

Even though the call time was for 6:30 am ugghh the day actually went really smooth and didn't feel that long like it sometimes can on set. The key artist Buffy was really cool and I would totally love to assist her again and the other assistant Taylor was really nice too.

Basically, other then Massari our job was to sexify his harem of women that were in the video lol. At first Taylor and I thought we only had to do 2 girls each but as I was in the middle of doing the one girl's hair (which took FOREVER b/c it was SOOO thick and had extensions lol) we found out that there were actually 7 girls not 4! Needless to say after that first girl I sure didn't spend an hr each curling all their hair into ringlets lol. Although, her hair did look gorgeous...I was actually quite impressed w/ myself as hair is the one thing I'm really working on right now. The clothing stylist in fact even came over at one point and said he loved her hair and asked me if I was hair first then makeup lol! God I swear that's probably the best compliment I've heard all year...I was like NOOO I'm sooo not hair first then makeup but thank you so much for thinking that...btw can you call my agency and tell them that lol ;)

Also should have some really nice new pics coming out soon shot w/ Troy Moth. Very clean commercial work but that's what I need in Toronto.

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