Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pixi Beauty Launches in Canada

With the long awaited arrival of Target to Canada also brings w/ it other exciting brands and beauty products to try and test out.  One of these exciting brands happens to be UK makeup brand Pixi!  Which is very exciting as I remember hearing great things about the brand from fellow makeup maven/bloggers Pixiwoo!

So when Pixi Beauty reached out to me to try their products I was very excited to do so of course!  I'll admit I got the products awhile ago (right before my trip to Singapore/Malaysia) so I didn't have a chance to blog about them then but I can say that I'm still using the products now and some of them even made it into my VERY condensed makeup bag while I was backpacking South East Asia!

First up!

Tinted Brilliance Balm: Just as the name suggests it's a tinted lip balm but it also reacts to your body's own PH levels and tints the lips a natural hue made just for you!  It is very nourishing and smooth feeling on the lips..not sticky at all which is great!  I got #1 Unique Pink which for  me personally is a little too natural or light...I would have liked something w/ a bit more punch or pop to the colour but it is great for someone who wants a very nourishing and soft/natural look to their lips.  I actually like to use the balm before bed as I always try to wear some sort of lip balm product before bed to prevent chapped lips.

Natural Brow Duo: The natural brow duo comes w/ a waterproof pencil w/ an angled tip and a tinted soft gel to hold unruly brows in place.  At first I wasn't sure about the colour as they only offer one colour and my brows are quite dark..it did take a few layers but I was able to get the intensity to a level that was dark enough to match my brows.  In which case this might be a great product for makeup artists that want to condense their kits and carry less products.  Use it lightly for a lighter shade or do a few layers to achieve a darker look!

Eye Bright Liner: Another great trick makeup artists who want to open a clients eyes and make them appear brighter and whiter use is to line the inner rim of the eye in a lighter shade - white can be too stark but this  waterproof nude shade liner does the trick!  Plus it's hypoallergenic, paraben-free, mineral oil free and suitable for even the most sensitive eyes...so line away and look light and bright...even when you don't feel it!

Last but not least my favourite product I received...and the one that is STILL in my daily makeup kit!

Flawless & Poreless: The only thing that comes slightly close to my obsession w/ my eyebrows is my obsession to find a great primer!  This is the one beauty product that I'm always trying out new ones and looking for the next, best thing!  I really liked this primer!  It's different than a lot of the primers I've been using recently in that it doesn't feel as heavy or siliconey but it does still smooth out my skin and help keep my makeup fresher for longer!  I was finding recently that my skin was getting really oily...like really oily really fast and I think part of that might of had to do w/ the silicone based primers I was using.  This felt light on my skin and even when I was over in Singapore and Malaysia where it's very hot my skin was staying matter longer!  It comes in one translucent shade so it's good for everyone!  Out of all the products I tried this is definitely my keeper!

So I'm definitely excited to see and learn more at the brand when I get to visit a Target...now open in TORONTO!!!

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