Thursday, March 13, 2014

Viora Reaction & Infusion - Tag Team Treatments To Fight Cellulite & Tighten Skin!

A little over a week ago I got to try out two treatments from Viora that promise to help fight cellulite and also firm, tone and tighten the skin.  Both of these treatments have been around for years in Europe and the US but are just now coming to Canada so in the very popular world of Medi Spas this is pretty exciting news!

Now I don't know about you guys but I like pretty much EVERY woman I know has my "problem areas" - mainly my thighs and hips so of course when I was offered the chance to get a free treatment w/ this new technology I jumped at the opportunity!

My therapist for the treatments was named Gail and not only was she a pleasure to converse w/ during the treatments but she was very knowledgeable about the treatments, products and pretty much anything medi spa related since she's been in the business for so many years...and she's obviously doing a good job on her own treatments b/c when she told me she had a son that was my age I was surprised to say the least lol!

After looking at my body...mainly my lower half Gail agreed w/ my own personal assessment - my thighs (particularly the back) are my main "problem area".  The entire treatment lasted between 45-60 mins and was broken up into separate treatments - Reaction & Infusion.  Both can be done on their own or combined for optimal results!

The first treatment was Reaction.  I'm going to try and describe how this treatment works the best I can in the easiest way possible lol.  It's a combination of RF energy heat and vacuum massage therapy over the treated area.  Basically heating the area increases blood circulation and along w/ the vacuum massage, strengthens the dermis and reduces the cell size.  So having both the heat and vacuum working together creates an even stronger and more effective treatment then just each on their own.

Now I'm not going to lie this wasn't "painless"...was it unbearable - No but I definitely wouldn't call it painless lol.  Apparently there's less pain w/ every treatment and it has to do w/ the fact that the treatment is trying to breakdown rigid layers under the skin that are helping to create it was explained to me much more eloquently and scientifically during the treatment but that's how I remember it between the discomfort lol!  This treatment lasted about 20 mins per leg and it really was the beginning part (like 3-5 mins in) for each leg that was the worst but totally bearable after all no pain, no gain right ;)

The next treatment was Infusion which is a great treatment to get after Reaction b/c it felt like a soothing light massage over the skin...definitely glad it came second lol!  It's a electro-mesotherapy treatment that is a pain-free (this one actually is), needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy. Now I've had traditional mesotherapy before and I can tell you it is NOT pain-free.  In fact I found certain areas VERY painful.  So much so that before my treatments I use to apply a numbing cream to my skin just to be able to take it...and just so you don't think I'm a wuss I actually have a pretty good pain tolerance - I'm currently doing laser tattoo removal treatment and I can get through that just fine.  Plus traditional mesotheraphy left my thighs bruised BAD for at least a wk after each treatment!  I did have a little bruising after these two treatments (I think Reaction caused it) but nothing that bad and it did go away after a couple of days, also my thighs were a little sore after the treatment and the next day but it pretty much just felt like I had a good workout or something.

So of course being that I only had the 1 treatment it's not like I can have a really good analysis on results from a personal perspective but I can show you a Before & After treatment pic Gail took of my thigh and butt's not a lot but considering it was only 1 treatment I actually think the result is pretty impressive!  Btw I can't believe I'm actually posting a pic of my butt...good thing I wore nice undies lol!

So if you're really concerned about cellulite or sagging skin these treatments definitely might be something you'd be interested in.  Do your research of course and see if it's right for you and of course go talk to a medi spa professional if you have any questions or concerns!

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