Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fantasy Farms Wedding

Back in May I had the pleasure of working w/ a pastry chef named Kadie on her wedding at Fantasy Farms in Toronto. I've never actually done at wedding at Fantasy Farms before...it's a cool venue and "bridal suite" is definitely one of the more "interesting" places I've gotten a bride and her party ready.  It's full on 70s style in the suite which is weird and sort of cool all at the same time.  

For her wedding day Kadie wanted a really soft makeup look w/ a flushed cheek, soft nude pink lip and neutral soft smokey eye.  Kadie has some of the biggest and bluest eyes ever...seriously they make her look like a doll and once I put the false lashes on them the look was really complete!  For her hair, Kadie like many modern brides opted to not have a veil.  I did a really textured side bun and I worked her beautiful applique headband into the style.

I think one of the coolest things about Kadie's wedding is that she designed her own wedding cake (being a pastry chef I wouldn't expect less of course).  She didn't actually make the cake which I think was a good thing b/c let's be real regular brides have enough to worry about before their wedding day let alone making their own wedding cake!  Instead she hired Bobbette & Belle to bring her vision to life!

I think one of the sweetest things about this wedding was the really touching and thoughtful email Kadie sent after the wedding expressing her gratitude for the day...I know it's corny but I'm such a softy when it comes to that stuff lol!

Kadie and her younger sister - who I also did hair and makeup for!

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