Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Editorial - Blithe Spirited

So I got a really cool surprise yesterday night. I was just doing my usual browsing on the internet of some of my fav go to sites and low and behold there was one of my editorials! It's on Fantasticsmag.com (click link to see). I knew they were going to be showcasing an editorial I did w/ Todd before I left Shanghai but w/ Fantastics you never really know when it's going to be up on their site so it was a really nice surpise to suddenly see it there!

A lot of times Todd will shoot an editorial and submit it to a bunch of magazines in various non competing markets and waits to see who picks it up. So this specific shoot is actually going to be featured in 4 magazines in 4 different markets which is really cool. He actually shot it 2 different ways too so that means it actually looks like 2 completely different shoots - one is a very commercial editorial look and the other has a blurry cool editorial look. 3 mags picked up the blurry and 1 picked up the commercial. I have the commercial one too but I can't put it up till the end of the mth when the magazine comes out though.

It's also great for me b/c each magazine will choose different pics so it's like getting multiple editorials and I can pick and choose which pics I like from each editorial. I really like the pics that were featured in Fantastics and there's a lot that show of the makeup really nicely. This same shoot was featured in this Hong Kong magazine called Baccarat and to be honest - they RUINED it! Bad pic choices IMO and they added this weird graphic thing to it which totally messes w/ the flow and feel of the editorial. I've mentioned this issue before w/ Asian magazines...sometimes they just don't get the difference between cool and tacky.

Below is the editorial featured in Fantastics as well as the editorial featured in Baccarat (you'll see what I mean about the stupid graphics). To get a better appreciation for the Fantastics editorial I suggest visiting their website though.

Fantastics Magazine Editorial

Baccarat Magazine Editorial