Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Condo...What A View!

So about a mth ago when I got back to Toronto I moved into a new condo w/ the bf. It's an AMAZING downtown location and has some AMAZING amenities including: indoor and outdoor pools, rooftop bbq, squash courts, aerobics room and classes, gym, sauna, whirlpool etc. We're on the 25th floor and technically our place is referred to as PH5 (penthouse 5) but don't get too's not actually a penthouse lol...just a really nice apt. and really big esp. for downtown Toronto standards. The bf did an amazing job in finding the place and we definitely got a sweet ass deal I can tell you that! I'm hoping to use my sweet pad, view and amenities to lure some cool photographers here to shoot w/ me lol! Plus my little breakfast nook area has two floor to ceiling windows w/ great natural light - can you say perfect place to do makeup! The bedroom also has two floor to ceiling windows as well...gorgeous and the perfect way to wake up every morning! So anyway, here's a few pics of the view from my apt...enjoy a bit of downtown Toronto in all its splendor!

A bit of lakeview
Air Canada Centre and Royal York Hotel
Some other buildings
Breakfast Nook AKA Perfect Makeup Station LOL


MiuMiu said...

lucky you! i wish i could move downtown.

Amy V. said...

aaahhhh, no fair!! so cool, and what a view!

Askmewhats said...

wow I missed shanghai! that's a wonderful view!!!

Katie said...

Welcome back! Great new place.