Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Minute Fill In - Sears Catalog

So Weds. morning I got a last minute call to fill in for a half day Sears Catalog shoot. Days when I'm not working I can be a bit of a sloth so I didn't exactly know what time it was when the phone rang and I'm always paranoid that I'm going to sound like I just woke up (b/c I just woke up lol) so I did a few practice hellos before I actually answered the phone lol.

Thankfully it was only 8:45 am so even if I was still in bed I didn't look too bad...unlike the time when a photographer called me for a last minute paid test shoot on a Tues at 11 am and I was still asleep and somewhat hungover lol!

Apparently the regular MUA sliced her hand the night before while doing dishes. She thought it was going to be okay but while she was doing the first girl it started to split open and bleed...not good. So of course I jumped at the opportunity to fill in for this. Sears is a great client to have afterall.

I literally knew nothing but where I was going when I left for the shoot (hell I didn't even have time to shower). I thought I was doing hair & makeup but when I got there I found out it was just makeup. I was sort of relieved b/c it was for the bridal portion of the catalog but kind of disappointed too when I realized doing both would have doubled my rate and I saw how simple the hair was that they wanted. But I guess b/c of the time constraints they thought it best to bring in both which I can totally understand (the original MUA was going to do both Hair & Makeup).

The one girl was already done so I only had two models to do. They were so easy and gorgeous. Great skin...god that makes things so much easier and quicker. Seriously, working in Shanghai made me forget how easy my job can be when you have a model w/ great skin (unfortunately a lot of models their did NOT have nice skin).

It was a super easy shoot though. Seriously, only two outfit changes and literally only 2.5 hrs of work for me. What a change for catalog shoots...again very different from Shanghai. In Shanghai they sometimes want 50-75 looks in one day!

So hopefully I'll get some more jobs again soon. The Toronto International Film Fest is going on right now and seriously it's one of my fav. times in the city. There's just a different energy and I love it! Who knows maybe I'll get a job assisting someone for that or something...I mean those things are always booked last minute. If nothing else I think this mth will be good for creatives. Troy Moth is back in town and we're already planning a few things and Todd Anthony Tyler is coming back to Canada at the end of the mth so that's very exciting too!

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