Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Brother Gets Married!

So my other brother Colin got married a little over a wk ago now in Montreal. This one was a little less hectic then the last one for the simple fact that I only had one wedding to go to in one city lol!

It was so nice to get away to Montreal for a few days and overall the weather was wonderful. It did rain when the reception was almost over but at least it held out during the outdoor ceremony...although it was a little hot out there I must admit lol...esp. since I was one of the Chuppah holders during the ceremony (my brother converted to Judaism for his wife).

It was a small wedding and overall fairly laid back and simple which is exactly what I would expect from the couple. It was great though b/c w/ it being so small there was a great sense of family and friendship that sometimes gets lost during bigger weddings.

I got to Andrea's (the bride) house early on Sunday morning to do the makeup. Again another first...it was my first Jewish wedding I'm always use to Saturday weddings lol. There were 4 bridesmaids and Andrea for makeup. Andrea's bridesmaids were all really pretty and easy to make up like Ania's bridal party (my other sister in law). What was great was that Andrea has an interesting mix of friends that come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds so it made it a lot of fun for me doing the makeup b/c I got to play up different features w/ different girls.

Her one friend Fang (who is Chinese) worried that I might not be able to put makeup on Asian ppl...that idea was quickly put to rest when she found out I lived and worked in Shanghai for over 6 mths lol!

For Andrea's makeup I wanted to keep everything fairly clean and simple b/c I know she wouldn't be comfortable w/ much more. Andrea has very pale, cool skin so I decided to use purples and greys for her eyes and they were the main focus. I also used a rather bold false lash that really brought it all together. It was so funny b/c to me it was obvious that the lashes were false but so many ppl actually thought they were real b/c you couldn't tell where the fake ones were. That is one of my biggest pet peeves in makeup actually. I can't stand when there is a space between the false and real lashes. The key is to get them as close to the real lash line as possible. I also like to take a mascara wand w/ a little mascara and then really blend the real lashes into the fake lashes so you really can't see the difference. For lips and cheeks I kept it really soft and natural w/ some soft pinks.

When I was in Shanghai I had a traditional silk Chinese dress made for myself so I was so excited to get the chance to wear it at the wedding. It looked amazing but I can tell you silk is not the best material to wear when standing outside on a hot and sunny day holding up part of a Chuppah lol!

Here's some pics from the big day!
The Happy Couple!
Colin, Andrea & Myself
Andrea & Her Bridal Party
The Couple Laughing During the Speeches - I Love This Candid Shot!
Close Up Pic of My Dress & Make Up

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