Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys!

As a makeup artist it's important to have a well rounded portfolio that includes - Editorial, Beauty and Commercial looks. When I came back from Shanghai I knew the area my portfolio was still lacking in was Commercial which in Toronto is what will actually get you the work lol.

Everyone kept saying the same thing. We love your book and you have great Editorial and Avant Garde Beauty work but you really need more clean Commercial work. I knew this was true but the hard part is finding a photographer to shoot a creative of Commercial work b/c let's be's not very creative and who wants to shoot that for free just to build the book.

So when Troy Moth, one of my favourite collaborators and photographers said he also needed to build his Commercial book I was thrilled. A few mths ago...when it was still relatively warm and sunny we shot a great boys commercial shoot. Really clean, really commercial and overall perfect for my book!

Here's a few of my favs from that shoot:
Btw the stylist from this shoot was Nadia Pizzimenti (Judy Inc.).

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