Monday, November 2, 2009

Kill the Queen - Halloween 2009

I know I'm a makeup artist and Halloween should send me into some sort of orgasmic frenzy but it doesn't really. Sure I don't mind getting done up and going out for the night but overall I'm not obsessed w/ the Special Effects Gore makeup. I took it in school just so I knew the basics but it was definitely not my passion. I find like Star Wars people who are into Special Effects are REALLY into Special Effects lol!

Anyway, I decided to go out for Halloween to Tattoo Rock's a rock bar/tattoo parlour in Toronto and overall I really like it. Cool music, decent crowd and a good time. Very last minute costume but overall I think it was a cute idea. I went as a murdered Prom Queen. Got to still do the pretty makeup and look hot but also include some of the gore that goes w/ Halloween. I did the stab wounds very last minute like practically walking out the door so don't judge too it's weird doing it on yourself lol.

So here's a few pics from the night:

"Oh No...Someone's After Me!"
"I'm Scared and Vulnerable...but still Sexy"
"I'll Get You W/ My Shoe"
Beware the Prom Queen
I'm Murdered but that doesn't mean I can't look Pretty!
Btw if you didn't notice my crown says "Bitch"...I'm a Prom Queen - Enough Said lol!

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