Monday, May 24, 2010

Natural Bride - Lindsay

On Sunday I had the pleasure of doing the Makeup & Hair for a wonderful bride named Lindsay. She was a total pleasure to work w/ and totally easy going. Exactly the kind of bride us makeup artists dream about. She's a simple bride w/ simple tastes and therefore her look followed suit. I kept her makeup and hair VERY clean and natural for her big day and basically just accentuated her beautiful features.

An important thing to remember...even though a bride might want to keep her look "natural" that doesn't mean that a professional makeup artist isn't beneficial b/c a professional MUA uses and understands products meant for photography therefore guaranteeing the bride the best pictures on her special day. Btw Lindsay got married on Toronto Island in an outdoor ceremony and I met her EARLY on Sunday downtown at her hotel.

We did a trial a few wks ago so the actual wedding day application was a breeze but that trial really did reinforce my idea that a trial is a VERY necessary part of the wedding process for EVERY bride. No one wants stress on their special day...and I don't want to be stressed out either lol. The trial w/ Lindsay helped out a lot b/c she wanted something super natural and even though I kept the colours very neutral at the trial we realized that she didn't want any shimmer on the eyes b/c she felt it was too much but she did like everything else including a bit of contouring/highlighting on the cheeks, soft blush, nude lip w/ peach gloss. On the day of I knew exactly how to create a look that she would love but that would still look polished and beautiful.

Here's a snapshot in the hotel room...can't wait to see some of the pics from the island b/c my camera really doesn't do her justice :)
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