Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shipwrecked - Hot & Stranded

Last Weds. I got hooked up w/ an interesting gig through my stylist friend Alexandra Loeb. She got an email from a friend of a friend asking her if she would be a stylist on this shoot for a flooring company!?! Turns out they need a makeup/hair artist as well so she put my name forward we did a little rate negotiation and it was done. The shoot is done and finished and I have to be honest I'm still not completely sure what exactly these pics are going to be used for but it was an interesting concept and it was a paid gig so that's all that matters lol.

The photographer for this project was this really nice, young guy Alexander Browne. We were shooting at this gorgeous house. It was a bit weird shooting in the house though b/c it's completely empty and it's actually going to be demolished soon and the owners are going to build a new home. The house actually had a bunch of graffiti on the walls b/c the owners let their kids throw some crazy parties in the house since it's being demolished...nice parents!

So basically the concept was two hot models stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean searching for land. The raft was made out of some of the flooring from the flooring company the shoot was for and the water is going to be added in digitally afterward.

On my end of things it wasn't too hard - Hot club makeup - ie. smokey eye, big lashes, nude or bold lips and big sexy hair. The girls were dressed in a couple of different bathing suits and tattered white blouses.

The models were really great girls and w/ their 5 in heels they made me feel really really short lol. I don't have the pic but there's this one pic of Alex Loeb and I standing w/ the models (who are both 5'10/ 6'3 w/ heels) and just the angle of the pic we look like little people...literally we look like little people lol! Also I have to give major props to the models who were great sports when we soaked them down in water at the end of the shoot just to get some variety in the was very cold inside the house and I know I wouldn't have wanted to be them!

The shoot was a lot of fun and totally relaxed....great easy going team. Here's some behind the scenes pics from the shoot.
Me Reaching to Touch Up the Amazons lol!
Hot and Stranded
Group Shot of the Models & Crew at the End!
Btw Stay Tuned for my Behind the Scenes pic of the VERY VERY Hot Lingerie Shoot I did last wk w/ Dexter Quinto, Alexandra Loeb and the amazing Bayan (Sutherland)!

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