Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Europe in Oct!

Don't think I've mentioned this yet but guess who booked herself a nice little two week vacation to Europe this Oct!  Yes that is right, c'est moi (practicing my French ;)...not really lol)!  I'm going Oct. 18-31 to be exact!  My b-day is Oct. 15th and I thought this would be a great b-day present to myself!

Basically, I've never been to Europe...yes that's right lift your jaws off the ground.  The girl who has lived in Shanghai, sat on the Great Wall of China in Beijing (I realized I never did post those pics :( ) and gone to Thailand has NEVER actually been to Europe...I know I know!  I've always been telling myself as soon as this is paid off or as soon as this is in place I'll do it but then I had a revelation...it's called I'm turning 29 in Oct. EEKKKK....SHHH don't tell ;)  If I don't do this shit now when am I going to do it!  So what if it takes me a couple of mths longer to pay off those pesky university loans...yes they are still plaguing me :( 

Plus I figure who knows what will be happening in my life in a couple of yrs or what responsibilities I'll have...uggh yes I'm thinking like an adult.  I guess once you near the end of your 20's it's time to start lol. 

I actually booked the trip about a mth ago.  It's weird...I balance this fine line between very well planned and structured and completely spontaneous (maybe it's the Libra in my lol). I mean I booked the flight well in advance but I wasn't even originally seriously thinking of taking a trip in the first place lol. Basically, I was just kind of casually looking at cheap flights to London...not really thinking anything of it...it's just something I like to do every now and then.  I do the same thing w/ apts....even though I don't actually plan on moving again till March. 

So yeah I was looking at flights and I found this great deal for a flight direct to London and back for $616 taxes and everything.  I told my Brit friend Matt and he said book that shit and get your ass over here...well he didn't say exactly that but I feel that was his sentiment lol...so I did! 

So it's two wks and I'm not really doing all of Europe..I mean it's two wks I'll have to take on Europe in chunks and different trips obviously lol.  So this one I'm going to do a bit of Britain and a bit of France. 

Another deciding factor in this whole thing was that coincidentally my brother and his wife are going to be living in Paris for a couple of mths in the Fall.  He is an artist...(so is my other brother...yes that's right we are ALL artists lol...but I always joke they are "real" artists lol). 

Anyway, he's an artist and he actually has a residency in art gallery in Paris for a couple of mths and it just so turns out the wk I was planning on going to Paris his Art Show opens...I mean how PERFECT is that!  Going to the opening of my brother's art show in Paris!

So yeah that's the update...I'm sure I'll talk more about it the closer the trip gets!  Hoping to meet a few of my blogger friends and followers while over there.  Probably not going to do any shoots though b/c I want to this trip to be a enjoy my time and do touristy shit type trip...maybe next time I'll plan a shoot or two as well. 

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Denise said...

Sounds like a great trip planned. Enjoy!