Saturday, September 4, 2010

Princess Bride - Justyna

Another Saturday, Another Wedding!  This week I had the pleasure of working w/ Justyna and her bridesmaids.  I also had my trusty partner Ashley w/ me to work her magic!  Mostly, we were just doing makeup today but we also did hair on the Maid of Honour and the Bride.  Ashley did an amazing job blending in the extensions I made for Ola the Maid of Honour and really made her look gorgeous (unfortunately I didn't get any pics of her today b/c she was so busy running around being an amazing Maid of Honour to Justyna). 

For Justyna the biggest transformation had to have been the hair.  I made Justyna these gorgeous extensions(seriously the nicest set I've ever made lol).  I blended two shades of blonde together w/ each piece and it gave the most gorgeous, multidimentional, natural highlights throughout the hair.  With the curled style it also blended so well into her natural, shoulder length the extensions gave her so much volume and fullness...seriously princess hair!

For the makeup the main focus was on the eyes but still kept rather natural.  Orginally, Justyna thought she wanted to do something very different then her normal look and go w/ a pink/grey smokey eye.  At the trial she quickly realized this was totally out of her comfort zone...this is why the trial is SO IMPORTANT.  It helps to solve all those probs before the big day so that everything is easy and stress free for you & the bride!  We ended up going w/ a very soft bronzy/brown smokey eye w/ a dramatic black winged liner and a nice flared false lash.  The cheeks and lips were kept very natural w/ just a hint of pink and a bit of contouring and highlighting. 

I did 3 of the bridemaid's makeup...there were 6 including the Maid of Honour and they were all gorgeous girls.  Again I kept the looks soft.  Sticking to primarily golds and browns to highlight their natural olive complexions.  On the last bridesmaid (who I don't have any pics of unfortunately) I did a really nice soft pink/brown smokey eye w/ a soft brown liner and a nice false lash.  I think one of the best things on her was how well I was able to perfect her skin...she did have a bit of acne scarring but can I just say again how much I LOVE the Yaby Cream Foundations and Powder Foundations.   Seriously, she looked flawless and you only need a bit of the cream foundation.  She said it didn't feel heavy or mask like at all...which is always really important to me as an artist.  I really try to keep everyone I'm working on looking fresh and natural and not like they are wearing a mask.

Here's a couple of last min pics of Justyna & some of the girls...can't wait to see the real pics later!

Doesn't she look like a Princess!
Back of the head
The girls...I did makeup on the two sisters in the middle.  Their hair was done at a salon.

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