Thursday, April 19, 2012

Entertainment Toronto

A few mths back I got a fun opportunity to work w/ an old university classmate Natalie on a fun tv show called Entertainment Toronto that's made specifically to attract tourists from the US to Toronto.  She's the host of the show and her husband is the producer and it was the craziest way we even ran into each other in the first place!

A few mths before filming I was actually helping my friend Ashley Readings (who I mention all the time) out at her then workplace Blo and Natalie had stopped in to get her hair done.  She was very pregnant at the time and it was just the craziest coincidence b/c I literally only helped out b/c Ashley was in dire need of help.  I gave her my card and said to keep me in mind for any upcoming film projects.

A couple of mths later her husband Kevin got in contact w/ me and I ended up doing her makeup and hair for her first tv appearance after the birth of her baby girl.  Literally the baby was just a couple of wks old!

I just got the clip and I'm really happy to see how good her hair and makeup looks!  Natalie naturally has VERY curly hair btw!  If I hadn't of known she just gave birth just a few wks before this I wouldn't have known at all...seriously she looks so good!

This clip specifically touches on some Mirvish Productions that were in town the past couple of mths

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