Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Simple Affair

I don't know if this trend is happening everywhere but I'm finding more and more brides are opting for more simple and small under 50 ppl and often the reception is held in a restaurant.  I think a lot of this comes from the fact that weddings are EXPENSIVE (esp in a big city like Toronto) and people in general are just putting their priorities elsewhere.  A lot of ppl don't want to start off their marriage w/ a pile of debt and maybe would rather spend their money on things like travel or a down payment on a house.

Plus a bonus to having a smaller wedding is you really only have to have the people you really want there...none of those extras you don't even know and you can add all those personal touches to your wedding b/c you don't have to entertain a giant group of people.

I've realized even when the wedding is small it doesn't mean the bride doesn't want to feel special on her big day.  Quite the opposite, even though the bride might not be having a formal wedding party or big reception doesn't mean she still can't get her hair and makeup done for her wedding.  I've actually worked on a lot of these intimate weddings where I  might only be doing the bride's hair and makeup and they've actually been some of the nicest weddings I've done.  I find I really get to know and connect w/ the bride and on the day of the wedding everything is a lot more calm and quiet and sometimes it's literally just the bride and I in the hotel room or at her place.

Back in Feb. I had the pleasure of working on one of these "intimate" weddings I'm referring to and I got some beautiful pictures from the bride Sylvie to share w/ you.  Sylvie is originally from Switzerland and her and her fiance were doing a very small wedding here (City Hall ceremony/Reception in a restaurant) b/c it was his second and were planning a bigger wedding in the Summer in Switzerland w/ her family.  She was so lovely and had the most gorgeous, glowing skin and beautiful hair.  I kept everything really clean and just wanted to show off her gorgeous complexion.  She also had great hair for an updo - curled liked a dream and just above her shoulders.  A lot of women think their hair has to be super long for an updo and in reality it doesn't.  In fact I PREFER when their hair is shoulder length...when it's longer it's just more to pin up or place and in actuality just a bigger pain in the ass a lot of times lol!


wedding hair and makeup said...

Jessica your hair style in the picture is really superb.

All pictures looking damn good!!!

Angela Hall said...

I think smaller weddings are a lovely trend. Weddings became circus like for a while and took the emphasis off the PURPOSE for the day.

Katya said...

Stunning photo! I wish you much happiness!

makeup artist training said...

all the snaps stunning