Friday, December 28, 2012

Engagement Season - Here's Some More Of My Past Brides!

So it's THAT time of year again!  The time when EVERYONE seems to get engaged!  And therefore EVERYONE starts planning their wedding!  If this year is anything like last year then I'm going to start to get booked up VERY quickly...and I think it will be b/c I'll be honest I'm already starting to heavily book into next year..some Saturdays I already have TWO weddings booked on the SAME day!

So Toronto/GTA brides...if you're reading this and you're thinking "Man, I'd LOVE to have Jessica do my hair and makeup for MY wedding" then you better get on it!  I'm always shocked how many brides try to book an artist last minute!  If you really want someone it's NEVER too early to book them trust me!

So as to be expected for this time of year it is definitely quieter for weddings but that isn't to say there aren't ANY weddings.  In fact even during the "off-season" I usually book 3-4 weddings a mth.  This is also the time of year when I get to do a lot of  "catch up" work like collect pics from brides, update my site, organize my receipts for tax time :S etc.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how to get pics from brides and let me tell you - I have been following my own advice and it's DEFINITELY paying off!  In the past few weeks I've received pics from 6 brides!  Plus, a lot of them have even been kind enough to write me a review...always good for business!

So without further adieu I thought I'd share w/ you my latest collection of beautiful brides!

Some more beautiful work from Mango Studios.  Mariam's wedding was extra special b/c I had worked w/ her from the beginning on everything from her engagement photos, to her trial and then her wedding day!

I did all the bridesmaid's makeup...Candace French-Goodman did the hair!

Final touches on the bride's makeup!  Photos courtesy of Just Klik

It's a wedding day miracle...I'm actually smiling during a picture...I normally look so serious lol!

I really loved the way Mary's hair turned out on her wedding day.  We did it a bit more undone and textured than the trial and it was gorgeous!

I did ALL the bridesmaid's hair on this one...they did their own makeup.

Hair & Makeup - Photos courtesy of MKG Photography

So pretty and so sweet!  I love her smile!

One of the few weddings where I ONLY did Makeup - photos courtesy of Jamieson Dean Photography
Love pics like this when I can see how clean and tight my eyeliner was ;)

Stacey was VERY particular about her brows..I'm actually really proud that she allowed me to do them and I got them the way SHE likes (as a picky eyebrow girl I understand how hard this can be)!

Another wedding where I did Makeup Only - Photos courtesy of  Heaven Meets Earth Photography
Monique was such a stunning bride!  Monique told me after the wedding even her Hair & Makeup artist cousin asked who did the makeup b/c she was so impressed ;)
Monique and her Sisters!

I did both Jaclyn's Hair & Makeup - Sometimes I swear I have the MOST Beautiful Brides! Photos courtesy of Courtney and Graham @ Precious Photography

I did the bridemaid's makeup - Blake Arsenault did their hair

So as you can see I've DEFINITELY been keeping myself busy ;)