Friday, December 21, 2012

Silky, Smooth and Beautiful Hair - Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Review

A few weeks ago I was sent Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil to try out for myself.  Now that I'm back from India I thought I should get back to business and start reviewing again!  So normally, I do my reviews based on using the product on myself...couldn't really do that for this one.  Although the product has a lot of uses it's biggest use is to tame frizz in curly hair and make hair smooth and silk during blowouts.  Being that my hair is about the opposite of frizz and naturally as smooth, straight and silky as one can get I knew I had to bring in the reinforcements on this one - my friends!

So I contacted my friend Vicki who jumped at the opportunity to get a free blowout and test the product w/ me...I mean what frizzy, curly haired girl doesn't want a blowout lol!  It ended up being the perfect day for my experiment.  Slightly rainy, she had washed her hair that morning and under my direction put no product in it so the frizz was in full effect!

Before - Front

Before - Back

I started by wetting her hair, then I added a small amount of the Josie Maran Oil to the hair focusing on the ends which are the driest part of her hair.  Right away I noticed it had a very nice fragrance...not strong but very relaxing like an essential oil you might smell during a massage..there is no added fragrance so I guess the smell is all natural...I like!  Another thing I noticed was that it wasn't heavy or overly greasy...which is actually good for someone like Vicki b/c even though her hair is frizzy it's actually quite fine and light...therefore I didn't want to weigh it down or coat it in too much oil.

After the product was in her hair I started section by section blow drying her hair straight using a big round brush.  As I worked my way through her hair I was really liking what I was seeing.  The hair was smooth and straight and even the roots were blowing out super well!  Once I finished I put a tiny drop more between my palms just to smooth away flyaways at the roots and Voila...beautiful, gorgeous, straight, smooth hair!

After - Look How Smooth The Roots Are!

After- Back

After that I was having fun playing hairdresser so I decided to curl her hair again using my straightening iron.  I mean if I'm using a Josie Maran hair product I gotta give the girl some sexy Victoria Secret Hair right ;) The curls turned out fabulous and smooth and they held nice to know the product didn't weigh her hair down in anyway or make it hard to work w/ afterward!  I shook out her hair a bit and it was still gorgeous curls!

Smooth Curls

 Smooth Curls - Back

This all happened on Monday, I saw Vicki last night for her one woman show Dairy-Free Love that's currently showing at Winchester Kitchen & Bar in Toronto (btw go check it out...great show and great food).  Anyone who knows about this or has seen the promo pics I worked on w/ Vicki for the show knows she has to put her hair into a beehive every night.  After the show miraculously enough she took out her beehive and her hair was still gorgeous, smooth and totally wearable!  B/c her hair is so naturally dry she actually only washes it once a if I go more than two days my hair is an oil slick lol!

So definitely a Must Have product for those girls that need some taming of the frizz!  But I should also mention it's not just for hair!  It also makes a great moisturizer and cuticle cream (man I need that right now) and apparently it's great for ppl w/ acne, stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis!  Sounds like a wonder product to me!  The Josie Maran version is also 100% organic and natural.  It's cruelty free, paraben free, vegan and the packaging is recyclable!


Victoria said...

Still looks great this morning! You and Josie Maran are magicians! Thanks again Jess!

pratima patil said...

Photos are great with
silky smooth hair that's a great difference i see there.Josie Maran is a great product. thanks for sharing.

sue said...

I have heard a lot about Essence of Argan - I have going to give it a shot
Thanks for the motivation

Mary Dewitte said...

I agree with your product review, Jess. Josie Maran Argan oil is the best facial oil I've ever tried. It hydrates smoothly and leaves a glow. It also improved my cuticles and left my hair shiny. It's really brilliant! :-D