Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whitening Lightning Valentine's Giveaway!

I haven't done a GIVEAWAY in a LONG time on this blog so when I was recently contacted by the ppl at Whitening Lightning to do a Valentine's Day Giveaway I jumped at the opportunity!  Especially given the AWESOME prize pack I'm giving away to ONE lucky winner!

You may remember before I've written a couple of blog posts about their amazing teeth whitening pens and lip gloss!  I even gave a discount code to get 70% off your order w/ Whitening Lightning - and GUESS WHAT - It's still valid so even if you don't win or don't want to wait feel free to use the code JESSICA70 and save 70% off your order!

So yea back to the giveaway!  Who doesn't want white teeth...and what better way to get them w/ the prize pack I'm giving away here!

What's included you ask....

Our combo kit is great! You get the Dial a Smile home whitening kit and the Super booster whitening pen.
The home kit contains 3 complete professional whitening treatments
  • Whihten your teeth at home
  • Takes only 20 minutes
  • Painless
  • An outstanding value- Don't pay $1500 for 3 whitening treatments from a dentist
  • 4-7 shades whiter per treatment on average
  • Great for smokers, wine, and coffee lovers
  • Great for teens that just got their braces off
The Super booster pen will whiten your teeth while you sleep with a Whitening Lightning Teeth Whitening Pen
  • up to 7-10 shades in 14 days
  • Works while you sleep
  • No unpleasant taste
  • Just paint it on

  • No sensitivity unpleasant taste
  • No mess
  • Throw your strips and trays away
Open To USA & Canadian Residents! Just a side note - sometimes w/ slower Internet connections it takes a minute for the raffle copter widget to load for entry...give time or try refreshing :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great giveaway, how do we enter?

Erica Purdy said...

How do you enter?

Victoria Myers said...

Unreal giveaway! Just in time for Valentines Day :)

Victoria Myers said...

Favorite Valentines Day Memory: My mom buying me dinner because she felt bad that I was single!

fragileheart said...

Woo hoo! You're so right! Who wouldn't want white teeth for Valentine's Day?

Thanks for having this contest Jess!

Shannon Ernst said...

I'm entering! I have had a couple good Valentine's but the best one in the past was actually while I was living in Canada. My marriage was long distance while going through immigration. I was lonely, depressed and really missing my husband.

Then flowers and a card arrived from him and within an hour a whole box of late Xmas presents with the most sweetest messages ever including vday presents. He didnt think the package was going to arrive in time, that's why he went and ordered flowers too :) It was just the sweetest and most thoughtful thing anyone had ever done.

This Valetine's we're together so we're celebrating this weekend by going to a Murder Mystery Dinner theatre!

Colleen at Forty Something Bride said...

When I was a little girl, my Dad would buy Valentine's gifts for all the ladies in the house. It was almost like Christmas! I would wake up in the morning and rush to the fireplace, and there on the mantel would be a display of presents. A huge heart shaped box of chocolates for my Mom. Smaller boxes for my sister, me and our Grandmother and stuffed toys too! The boxes were pink foil, decorated with pink and red plastic flowers. I kept those boxes for years! And I still have some of those stuffed animals!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Valentines Day was when my little sister told me she didn't get me anything because nothing could show how much she loved me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Valentines Day memory was when my little sister told me she didn't have anything to give me because there was nothing in the world that could show how much she loved me.

Tate said...

Would love to enter to win this, with all the coffee i drink I need it!

Sherry said...

As a single mom of 3 sons, one V-day they surprised me by taking me to Olive Garden and giving me amethyst jewelry, one piece from each of them. On top of that my eldest had just started driving and chauffered me to the restaurant. Talk about a nice day!

Kat K said...

HA, the only Valentine's day memory I have is a nasty date night with a lousy boyfriend! We were on the rocks, and lets just say Feb 14, 2009 was probably the worst night of my life. SO AWFUL! I'm hopefully 2013 will erase my painful past.


My favorite valentine's memory is the year that my son at 8 years old asked grampa to take him to the store and promptly spent about 60 dollars of grampas money at shoppers drug mart (the store my son wanted) on me for valentines day. There were singing cards and chocolate flowers and all sorts of funny things. It wasn't the gifts that made it special but the effort that my son was willing to go to in order to express his love the way he wanted to . Poor grampa was just along for the ride lol. It was special for me and still is.

Joanna Haughton said...

Fav memory: when I was pregnant and Andrew gave me a mother's day present for Valentine's because he couldn't wait until May!

HollyDolly said...

My favorite valentines memory was a couple of years ago - a surprise trip to Orlando, and getting engaged!

jane said...

My fav valentine memory was getting ready for my first valentines with my bf at the time. I was 22, he was 24, we had been going out for about a year, and before i left my house my mum leaned into me and said "Don't forget babe - if he asks you to marry him make sure he's looking into your eyes when he does so - if he doesn't then its a bad omen!" Ok mum... lol

Alexandra F. Watkins said...

Cool giveaways! ♥

Tina Knight said...

Great giveaways. Too bad I was so late for this post! Anyway, I still wanted to have a whiter teeth! Ha ha, and I don't want to spend too much penny buying it from my dentist. I was hoping that there is a cheap whitening kit for my teeth out there, do you have any idea where can I buy it? Thanks!