Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seizing the Moment - Another Trip, Another Adventure!

So one of my New Years Resolutions was to LIVE more in the MOMENT and to continue to travel more and that's exactly what I've decided to do!  I'm getting an early start on this resolution and crazy as it is I've actually booked myself another trip!  And the crazy thing is I didn't think this one through for 6 mths hemming and hawing about the perfect time to go and what about missing work lol!  This time I'm heading over to Singapore and Malaysia for just over 2 wks - Feb 18-Mar 6!

What spurred this one you ask!  Well I had such an amazing and inspiring time in India I still had the travel bug inside me when I came back...thankfully that was the only bug I got in India ;)  Plus some of the friends I met over in India are still traveling for the next several mths and since I'd rather travel w/ someone else I thought this might be a good opportunity to pick up where I left off before and go traveling again! Work doesn't really really pick up again until March so Feb is the last chance I have to go on any sort of long term trip w/out missing a huge amount of work until Nov. - so I seized the moment!

Why Singapore some ppl asked?  Well shockingly enough even though it's one of the more expensive Asian countries to travel within it's actually one of the cheapest to fly to (at least from my research).  I got a round trip flight to Singapore for just under $1200...that's pretty darn good to me and like $500 or so less than my flight to India (not including the extra fee I paid to switch my flight to a later date)!  Plus my layovers going there and going home are so 1 hr at each layover...I do have 2 switches but still I figure it just gives me a chance to move my legs and walk around a bit at least!

I'll probably only stay in Singapore for a few days as it's a small country and as I  mentioned before on the more expensive side!  Then I'll head on over to Malaysia and travel around there!  One of the most insane things about the whole thing is you can catch a flight from Singapore to Malaysia for under $30 w/ tax!!!! How is that even possible!?!?!?!  I can't even take a train within my own country to my home city for under $50!

Again w/ living in the moment I'll be honest I've barely planned a thing lol!  So unlike me!  All I've booked so far is my hostel for 3 nights in Singapore...I found a good one, that's central and reasonably priced so I thought that might be an important thing to book ahead.  Esp. since my flight arrives at 1:30 am!

Another cool coincidence is my photographer friend from Shanghai Todd Anthony Tyler might happen to be in Singapore right during when I arrive...would be super cool to meet up w/ him for lunch or dinner in another country!

Yeah...starting to get excited and can't wait!  This time I'll try to actually blog a bit during my trip!


Siân Lidgate said...

Amazing Jessica, I hope you have a fantastic time :-)

Kelly Williams said...

I hope you enjoy your trip! make a lot of memories and take a lot of photos to commemorate it.