Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fruits & Passion - A+ For Marketing!

I get a lot of deliveries to my apt...some are products to review, some are products I've bought for my kit...some are just clothes I've ordered online ;)  So a couple of wks ago when I got a large box and the ONLY thing in it was a bag of grapefruit w/ a note that said to type #pompelmo in Twitter to say I was confused and intrigued would be an understatement lol!

A few days later I got my answer w/ a very nice box of goodies from Fruits & Passion  in the form of a really nice hand cream and hand soap...both of course in infused w/ the subtle fragrance of Grapefruit (or Pompelmo if we're getting fancy ;) ).

The hand cream has quickly become a staple in my purse for when my hands need that on the go moisturizing.  It's rich and creamy but doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy or too slippery like a lot of hand lotions out there.  The not so secret ingredient in both the soap and cream is olive oil.  A great, natural emollient for the skin.

The biodegradable soap comes in a beautiful recyclable glass container (so it's not hurting the environment) and it's the perfect addition to place right near your kitchen sink...or at least that's where I'm keeping it.

I love how perfect and light both products.  Perfect for Summer w/ the accents of green cucumber, pink lemonade and grapefruit...makes me want to sit on a patio and enjoy some Summer sun right now!

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Lonnie Thaler said...

Hi Jessica,

I agree with you. This product is truly amazing. I've already used Fruits and Passion hand cream with a fragrance of Grapefruit. I love the scent and it's very soothing in my skin. I can't feel any greasy feeling when I use it.