Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hourglass - Femme Nude Lip Stylo

As everyone knows I'm a big lover of bright lipstick but even I like to go nude sometimes on the lips. Finding the perfect nude lipstick can sometimes be almost as hard as finding that perfect red.  So when the nice ppl at Hourglass Cosmetics  contacted me to try out and review their new Nude Lip Stylo I was more than happy to say yes!

And can I just say I LOVE this product!  Seriously, it has become my go-to nude lip colour and it looks great alone w/ their satin finish or w/ a gloss!  What's so great about these lip crayons is they look like fat lip liners but go on like lipstick so very easy to apply and take on the go & they come in 6 different nude shades!  Just like red lipstick there isn't one shade of nude that is perfect for everyone.  There are a lot of variables including you skin tone, natural lip colour, undertones etc.  What is a beautiful nude colour on a pale blonde might make a tanned brunette look washed out and gross.  Plus they are retractable and don't need sharpening!

I ended up going w/ #5 which is a golden peach nude w/ luminosity.  I also really want to try #4 actually so I'll definitely have to put that on my to buy list for the future.  They retail for $35 each which isn't cheap but they look and feel very luxurious and sleek so I think they are worth the splurge and are currently available at Sephora.com (.ca for Canadians) and will be launching in store in Canada this month.

My natural lip colour

#5 on my lips - no gloss

#5 w/ gloss


Sarah Blunt said...

I also use Hourglass cosmetics! I love it! BTW, did someone told you that your lips looks terrific?! I wish I can have a pretty lips like you. :-D

Cathi Graham said...

Thanks for sharing this product review. It can definitely be hard to find a good nude lip color that matches with your skin tone. This one seems to be the perfect color for you, it's not too light and the gloss has just the right amount of shine! I'd be interested to see some swatches of the other shades!