Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From The Lab - Primers

I'm always on the look out for a great primer so when a relatively new company called From The Lab contacted me to try out their Eye and Face Primers I was totally game!  I've actually been using these primers regularly for the past couple of mths on myself so the must be pretty good as I'm still using them lol!

First I'll start w/ the Eyelift Primer No. 328 - Like all eyelid primers it's primary purpose is to help eye makeup last longer, prevent creasing of shadow and also enhance the vibrancy of eye shadow.  I'd definitely say it does all of these things.  I don't wear eye shadow most of the time to be honest but for special occasions I do and I didn't have any sort of eye shadow creasing problems while wearing it.

What makes this primer just a little more "special" then some of the others on the market is it does have a luminous finish w/ just a touch of shimmer so it looks great alone w/out shadow if you just want to neutralize and brighten up the lid area a bit.  But beware if you're looking for a matte eye primer this is not the primer for you!

It also has beneficial ingredients like Para Cress Flower Extract which help w/ collagen production and increase skin's natural lifting capacities and it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles so not only will this help your eye makeup stay put but it also acts as an anti-aging lid cream - bonus!

Face Primer No 327 - Like the eyelid primer the face primer's main purpose is to help your skin look more smooth and luminous and to prolong your face makeup day to day.  I do use a primer every day on my skin before my foundation b/c I have OILY skin!  What I like about this primer is that it doesn't feel greasy or thick going on like some other face primers on the market - very light!  But one thing I'll say is beware the colour - it's lightly tinted white and it says it dries invisibly and works on every skin tone but I don't know if I totally believe that for darker skin.  It worked on me but I do have hesitations that it would be a good fit for darker skin tones..that's just my personal opinion.

Like the eye primer it also has anti-aging  benefits in the form of Peruvian Rhatany Root Extract.  It also has anti-irritants to reduce inflammation, calming the skin and Sarcosine visibly minimizes the pores.

Also, it should be mentioned that all their products are paraben free and not tested on animals...I know that's a big thing for a lot of people these days!

These products are not available in stores yet and are done through a membership program on their site. They are available to both USA and Canada which is great b/c it's annoying for us Canadians when places won't deliver here ;) and they promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise - if you aren't happy return the products for a refund!

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