Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lush Cosmetics - Limited Edition Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and Lush Cosmetics was nice enough to send me some of their Limited Edition Halloween bath products to try out and review.

For those of you that aren't familiar w/ Lush Cosmetics they are basically a bath, cosmetic and skincare line that believe in creating fresh handmade products from organic fruits, vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics.  Their products are free of animal testing, vegetarian friendly and handmade using little packaging and little to no preservatives in their products.  You can find free standing stores in malls or in major cities throughout North America.

One thing to be VERY clear on though even though their products are made from natural ingredients for the most part a large majority of their line has strong fragrances (anyone who has walked by a LUSH store can testify to this) so if you DO NOT like fragrance in your products these products that I'm going to talk about are NOT for you as all of them have a strong fragrance (it's not bad but if you don't like scented things you won't like these products).

First up is Pumkin Bubble Bar - I love bubble baths and I actually had the pleasure to try out this lovely item on a recent trip to Montreal in a very luxurious whirlpool soaker tub made all the more amazing by this little pumpkin looking treat.  It creates a nice amount of bubbles and turns the water orange.  It has a sweet and earthy aroma of orange flower absolute and ylang ylang oil and it's vegan.

Lord of Misrule - similar to Pumkin in that it's used in the bathtub. I'd say at least to me this product has the strongest fragrance but it may just be that I'm sensitive to the smells of patchouli and black pepper oil...not that the smell is unpleasant to me I just found that it's strong and lingers longer than the others.  Again this product is added to your bath and it froths in the water.  The green colour gives way to a wine coloured centre - soon popping candies fizz and maybe not the most relaxing at first but definitely enjoyable and a little entertaining lol...after the fizzing it's very relaxing and a great aromatherapy treat.  This product is also Vegan Friendly.

Demon in the Dark  - I tend to like a lot of fruity or tropical fragrance bath products so this was actually a nice change or treat to my usual bath soap or body wash.  Plus if you have a guy over it's a good alternative for them as it doesn't look or smell super girly so your boyfriends/husbands won't complain lol!  It's fragranced w/ spearmint and peppermint so very invigorating if you're looking for a pick me up...just remember to peel of the wax coating before using it or it won't work (obviously) lol! Vegan Friendly.

Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt was probably my fav. product if we're talking about fragrance.  It's a mix of oats, sandalwood and lavender which are not only relaxing but the bath melt which is made w/ cocoa butter and walnut oil is also very moisturizing and softening for the skin.  My only complaint w/ this product is the price point seems a bit high for a one time use product...I guess it's sort of an indulgence but def. a little pricey to be using all the time.  Like the other products mentioned today it's also Vegan Friendly.

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Zoe lou said...

The bath melt sounds lovely, like it would be really relaxing to use, I'm always in a lush but never thought to pick this up ..I may just do that now, great review and blog :)