Friday, February 6, 2015

Eyebrow Extensions - Game Changer!

On my first date w/ my boyfriend he commented that I had amazing brows.  I was happy as EVERY makeup artist is pretty much obsessed w/ brows and it's basically like giving one of the biggest compliments ever lol BUT I also felt a tinge of deceit b/c they weren't really my brows.  I mean they were of course but I filled them in quite a bit to get the shape and arch I liked...w/out makeup they were definitely not the well sculpted pieces of work above my eyes lol!

Years of over tweezing and waxing in the 90s (when thin brows were in...the last time, hopefully forever thin brows will be in lol) had left my sad little brows w/ holes and starting to far apart.  Now my brows weren't awful and since becoming a makeup artist I've definitely learned how to fix them and make them acceptable on a daily basis but of course that required makeup so it kind of excluded me from things like "no makeup" pics...w/out thinking I looked awful of course lol...I even filled them in if I was going swimming or on vacation backpacking.  Literally, even if I wasn't going to wear makeup I would still fill in my brows lol!

So when I heard about eyebrow extensions two weeks ago for the first time on Instagram I pretty much jumped for joy!  Immediately I started looking up where in Toronto I could get this magic service!  That's when I found Winks Eyelash Boutique in Yorkville (very close to me - bonus!)  I reached out to Winks and asked if it was possible to maybe try out brow extensions in exchange for a blog review (hey it has its benefits being a blogger ;) ) and they immediately responded saying Yes and on top of that they would give me lash extensions too! Bonus!!  Apparently they've been big in Europe for awhile but are just gaining popularity in North America now...I don't know what took us so long lol!

So on Weds I went to Winks for my appt.  Mei applied my eyelash and eyebrow extensions and she was friendly and answered all of my questions and helped me decide which lashes would be best for me.  I had had lash extensions before but this was actually a much more relaxing experience for me. She gave me a neck pillow and the chair reclined slightly so it was all very relaxing.  Plus, I don't know if she was just more gentle than the last person but my eyes weren't sore like last time during and after which was definitely a good thing!

Mei did my lashes first and she was very quick and gave me a very nice (not too insanely dramatic) lash w/ a sort of cat eye effect which is what I like when I wear false lashes too!  I do like lash extensions but for myself personally they aren't something I'd keep up all the time.  I naturally have pretty long lashes and I'm very good at putting on false lashes so I just don't personally see the point for the cost but I would consider them before a vacation or if I was getting married or something.  I definitely do understand why some ppl get them all the time though...especially ppl w/ short/sparse lashes like a lot of Asian girls.

But the BROW EXTENSIONS!!! That's something I might just keep up with!  Basically I have my dream right now!  Brows that don't need to be filled in and are naturally arched!  I really couldn't be happier about the whole thing!  As someone who has struggled with her brows for years this literally was a revelation for me.

As I mentioned before I don't have the worst brows and I do actually have brow hair it's just they start too far apart and they need filling a bit on the end and underneath to create the arch.  This actually makes the brow extensions easier for me b/c they can be attached to the hair I actually do have as well as to the skin in spots where there is no hair.

Brow extensions are not the same hair as lash extensions btw.  They are shorter and finer and of course come in a variety of colours to match your own brows.  Mine are dark brown.  They are very similar to lash extensions in how you care for them though.  You shouldn't get them wet for the first 24 hrs and you can't use oil makeup removers on them b/c they will deteriorate the glue. They will unfortunately need more maintenance then lash extensions (fills every 2 wks most probably) b/c often they are attached to the skin and not just the hair that is already there making them a little more delicate and not as "stuck" as lash extensions.

I'm not going to lie I do feel like I have/want to be pretty delicate with them.  If you are someone who rubs their eyes or brow area a lot lash and brow extensions wouldn't be good for you.  I'd also be very careful when washing your face.  I use to scrub my face in the shower but while I have these I'll only wash my face at my sink where I can look in the mirror and be precise were I'm washing and scrubbing so I can avoid the brow area b/c I do think they could fall out pretty easily :(

Because they require a bi-monthly maintenance they definitely aren't the cheapest beauty habit to keep up but if you're someone like me who is very obsessed with their brows and don't mind indulging in a little beauty luxury then you might find the cost worth it.  The results really are insane no one would know they aren't your brows trust me!

Cost varies at different places of course and I imagine it probably varies depending on the amount of reconstruction work has to go into the brows - whether it's just filling in holes or basically constructing a whole new brow for a client.  But it's definitely a beauty trend I'm happy to have discovered and keep up with!

Thanks again Winks Eyelash Boutique I couldn't be happier w/ the results!  Can't wait to share this info w/ my clients!

My "Before" Brows & Lashes...see not the worst brows my any means but not great!  Excuse my giant you guys know I DO NOT have great skin lol!

Not gonna lie...kinda glad my eyes are taped shut otherwise this might freak me out lol!

Lashes done and looking gorgeous! up I need to do something about those pores ugh lol!  But I do like to convince myself that my oily skin is keeping me young looking at least lol!

Completed brows!  Wow So NATURAL looking!

Before & After Shot of Brows & Lashes

Completed Day Look the next day w/ better lighting and makeup ;) lol

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