Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Miracle 10 Skincare and Peel

A few mths ago I had the pleasure of attending an awesome blogger event at the Miracle 10 Skincare Spa in Yorkville.  During the event we got to learn about the latest in skincare and makeup trends as well as have your own skin analyzed and assessed by the Miracle 10 skincare specialists.  At the end of the event we all received full size bottles of the Miracle 10 skincare system based on our skin type and needs.  We also were lucky enough to get a complimentary skin peel to be booked on another day! So overall I have to say a pretty awesome event w/ some pretty awesome swag!

I went away to Central America for 3 wks right after the event so I didn't want to start using the skincare system until I got back.  Plus I had to wait until the New Year to book my first peel b/c I was going to be in the sun a lot on my trip and you can't do a peel if you're going to be/or have been in the sun a lot.

For products in our gift bag we got to try out:

Cleanser - Cleansing dirt, oil, makeup etc. from the skin
Solution - For exfoliating and toning the skin
Sunscreen - Water and Sweat resistant, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and offers protection against premature aging and sun damage
AHA Gel - Advanced exfoliator that reduces build up of dead, lifeless skin.  Helps brighten the skin and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin - probably my fav. product in the system - also please be aware it may cause a bit of burning or itching when it's first applied (at least it does for me)
Light Serum - Hydrates and Soothes the skin.  Also helps to reduce fine lines and doesn't leave a greasy residue which is great for oily skin

So as you can see they were MORE than GENEROUS with their swag bag!  Also, feel free to check out their FAQs - it has lots of great answers about the products!

Anyone who reads this blog knows I do not have great skin...in fact especially considering my age I'd say it's quite problematic :( and I'm not going to lie here...it took about a mth for my skin to get use to the system and during that time my skin actually got worse...like a lot worse than it's been in ages! So bad that when I went to get my peel the woman giving it actually called in another esthetician to get a second opinion on some of the very deep/painful pimples I was getting.  They both agreed that I should stick w/ the system as it was probably just really deep cleaning my skin and pulling out/drawing the the surface a lot of the dirt, congestion and bacteria that's deep within my skin.

My skin has improved a lot since that first peel.  In fact I've now had 3 peels at the clinic and I really like what it's doing for my skin!

I've never actually had a peel before a couple of mths ago so it was a really cool process to me and my esthetician was great about talking me through all the steps and explaining what each step was for and the benefits of it.  I actually just had another peel yesterday and this time I took some pics and video of the process (which is also why there was a delay in my post...I wanted to wait till I had another peel).

It first started w/ cleansing of the skin and then next we did an optional (but actually my favourite) step called dermaplaning - it's an exfoliation treatment where a very fine blade is run over the face in order to remove dead skin and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  Afterward, I do find my makeup goes on the skin smoother and no you don't have to worry about hair growing back thicker or coarser on the face.

I actually took a short video of the procedure which you can see here!

After that the peel is applied to the skin.  I started w/ the most gentle lactic peel but last time I did the 30% Glycolic Peel..my skin is red for a bit after the procedure but it's nothing a little makeup can't fix.  And it's not that painful.  A little stingy but it's only on for a minute and w/ the fan blowing on my face I personally don't find it that bad at all. 

After that a soothing and hydrating mask is placed on the skin which is very cooling and relaxing after the peel.

After that they do this sort of neat dry ice type thing which is anti-inflammatory and helps disinfects the area...in this pic you'll see the "redness" from the peel.

I've already got my next peel booked at the Yorkville Miracle 10 Spa...definitely worth checking out!

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