Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Theatrical Wedding - Young People's Theatre

Last November I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca...probably one of the kindest and sweetest brides I had last season.  Right away during the trial we hit it off and actually had a few hidden connections!  We actually both studied Theatre at York University but didn't know each other b/c we were in different sections of the program and she was a year younger than me plus my friend Victoria actually stayed w/ her mom when Victoria was touring her one woman show this past Summer in London!  Not only that but when Rebecca spoke of her fiance Stephen she mentioned he was a Dramaturg at Young People's Theatre and I nodded my head...she asked if I knew what that was and I did (b/c of my theatre background...this was before we realized we both went to York lol)...I'm probably one of the only makeup artists (or non theatre ppl) to know what a dramaturg is so we definitely had a chuckle over that and she joked her fiance would want her to hire me just on that face alone lol!  Btw a dramaturg is someone who deals mainly with the research and development of plays and operas.  

So right off the top we obviously got along the trial went superbly (of course) so she locked down the day right away!  Which was actually great for her as I had a few brides interested in the date (and I actually ended up doing two weddings that day)...yes even in November ppl are getting married in Toronto!

Rebecca and Stephen's whole weddings was so unique and perfect for them and I really loved that aspect of it!  They actually met while working at Young People's Theatre and even though Rebecca no longer works there Stephen still does so they actually got to use the space for some of their wedding pictures and ceremony which they got to do on the stage!  How perfect is that for two people working in the theatre world!  I believe the show that season was To Kill A Mocking Bird so the courtroom stage set up was pretty perfect for a wedding ceremony lol!

For Rebecca's look I created a really beautiful side updo w/ a few small accent braids and overall I was really happy w/ how full I made her hair look b/c it was actually pretty fine in reality.  For her makeup we did a gorgeous natural champagne/brown eye w/ a winged liner and flared false lash and made the look really pop w/ a nice bold vibrant magenta lip!

I really love these pics that Mike Pochwat took b/c I felt he did a great job capturing some wonderful behind the scenes moments as well as the uniqueness of Rebecca and Stephen as a couple!  Can't wait to add these to my site!

 Love the eyes here! station is usually a disaster after a wedding...I'm hygienic but not neat lol!

 Really wish my hand wasn't in the way of this shot as it's really beautiful lol!

 My usual "work face" aka "bitch face" lol

In the workshop of Young People's Theatre

On a final note I should add that Rebecca also wrote one of the kindest and most detailed reviews I've ever read...seriously! nice is that!?!

Short Version: Jessica is amazingly talented , and I think everyone should hire her!
Long Version:
I booked her for hair and make-up services for myself and my bridal party for my November 1, 2014 wedding. She was absolutely amazing, and I am so glad she was able to work my wedding. She made my wedding party and me look absolutely stunning. She created a look for me that was both natural and dramatic/vintage glam, which was exactly what I wanted and perfectly fit with the look and feel of my wedding.
My bridal party was completely composed of people who never ever wear make-up, and Jessica ensured that everyone had a natural look. She was also able to calm their fears of looking overly made-up (fears which were completely alleviated when they looked in the mirror). My make-up artist cousin raved about how everyone looked.
Beyond the looks, Jessica is utterly professional. She was always quick to respond to emails and provided me with thorough, detailed information. Jessica and her assistant were also amazing presences to have around on the wedding day. In addition to raving about their skill, my bridal party raved about what awesome people they were and what a great energy the added to the day. Honestly, it was like adding two more friends to the room. I really feel that Jessica and Amber helped me relax as I was getting ready.
Not only would I recommend Jessica to a friend, I loved her work (and her) so much, I plan to treat myself to future stylings when I have a special event. Why should my wedding day be the only day I look that good?

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