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Teosyal - Customizable Fillers For Your Face!

As I mentioned in my SilkPeel post the other day I would do a follow up post about my experience trying out the AMAZING fillers by Teosyal by Clarion Medical Technologies.  Again this procedure was performed at Dr. Cory Torgerson's office and this procedure was performed by the doctor himself.

Right from the beginning he consulted w/ me to find out my personal face/fine line concerns and then suggested the best course of action to get the results I was looking for.  I don't have a lot of wrinkles as I'm only in my early 30s but I did have some areas under my eyes and around my mouth that bugged me a bit.

I've personally always been of the mindset that it's good to keep on top of and start these things before they become really noticeable.  I like to think of it as preventative anti-aging care...much like the various creams and serums I use on my face.  I always figure if I start now and keep it subtle 1. It will prevent less wrinkles from forming in the future 2. It will never be a huge shock where someone will immediately go "Oh you've had work done" b/c it's small things over time and it's never a huge change

Dr. Torgerson explained to me about how as we age we lose volume in our face and cheeks and he also explained for around my mouth our it was necessarily about filling in the fine lines but lifting the cheek area using fillers so that they lines themselves would be lifted away.  He explained that a great way to use fillers is actually tear's actually not one of the most popular or common places to use fillers yet but it's actually a great way to reduce dark circles and increase the volume under the eyes making them look less tired and sunken in.  I'll be totally honest this is the area I definitely experienced the biggest results and I can't believe it's not a more common/popular area to get fillers b/c I think dark circles really are one of the biggest skin concerns women have!  I also really appreciated his honesty and integrity when I asked about lip fillers and he explained he didn't really think it was necessary...I've never actually been that concerned w/ them but I just kind of wanted a professional's opinion on the matter.

A little bit about Teosyal b/c it's not necessarily that well known in North America right now (but I think that might change).  It's Europe's #1 Dermal Filler.  It's the purest filler on the market which results in less swelling.  Depending on the area injected the results can last anywhere from 6-18 mths. It also integrates naturally into the tissue, allowing for dynamic and natural expression (no frozen face lol).

So what's really amazing about the Teosyal fillers that Dr. Torgerson used on me is that unlike popular (and possibly more well known brands in North America right now) Juvederm or Restylane, Teosyal has several different customizable fillers depending on your face or aging concerns.  There are different fillers used for around the eyes vs. the lips vs. cheeks. etc.  I thought this was really cool b/c the areas are different w/ their own concerns and issues so it only makes sense for the filler to be slightly different in its formulation.

I think part of the reason fillers haven't become more popular in the tear trough area in Canada is that Teosyal Redensity II is actually the only dermal filler Health Canada has approved to treat tear trough hollows.  This specific formula has a subtle mix of cross-linked and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid and it's adapted to the fragile and challenging under-eye circles area.  There is little swelling and the results are immediate!  It's also blended w/ a complex of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and minerals to help restore the quality of the skin.

The Teosyal fillers also have lidocaine in them to help w/ comfort and pain for during and after the treatment.  They also have lidocaine free Teosyal for those w/ anesthetic sensitivities.  I personally found the procedures to be quite pain free...well a little prick but nothing I couldn't handle and it was all over quite quickly.  My face was a bit swollen/sensitive to the touch after and there was a bit of bruising but that's common and it went away.

Now on to some pictures!  I personally had 3 times of Teosyal fillers injected into my face.  A subtle amount of Ultimate in my cheeks to help with sagging and add lift to my upper cheeks.  Redensity II through my tear troughs which I talked about earlier.  And Kiss in the nasolabial folds.

This First picture although not the most flattering is my FAVOURITE b/c it actually shows the work with Half my Face DONE!  I'm pretty sure you can tell which side is done and which isn't lol!  Notice the subtle lift around the mouth and cheeks and definitely notice the huge difference under the eyes!  The one side that is treated has not large crease or dark circle!  Please excuse my skin a bit I did just have microdermabrasison right before this lol!

This picture shows a close up of the same eye Before and 2 wks Post Treatment.  Both No Makeup (other than a bit of mascara/brows in first pic).  Notice the reduction in darkness and the crease under the eye is dramatically reduced too!  It's just filled it and so much more refreshed! Also notice how improved my skin looks since the SilkPeel Facial ;)

This is a Before & After (1 wk post treatment).  I showed the first pic above w/ no makeup so that you didn't just think the difference was due to the awesome professional lighting at Dr. Torgerson's office and my equally awesome makeup skills ;)  Seriously he has his Before & After Picture taking skills down to a science lol!

The following 2 pics are Before & Afters taken in Dr. Torgerson's office w/ his awesome lighting...I actually think it's almost a bit too awesome because it covers up how bad my eyes looked in the Before pic so the results don't look quite as big as they actually were.  Plus again I didn't want you to think it was just the magic of good lighting and good makeup!

How Natural does it look!  Come on NO ONE would think anything unless I told them!

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