Monday, August 10, 2015

I LOVE Overtone Haircare!

So for the last year I've been rocking various shades and degrees of alternative hair colours.  At first I was doing purple and with every hair appt. I was bleaching a bit more of my hair to achieve an all over purple look.

In February I decided to switch it up and go blue!  I've totally been loving the blue...I think even more than the purple!  The issue for anyone who chooses to dye their hair these unnatural and crazy colours is the upkeep and keeping the colour fresh and not faded.

When I first heard of Overtone Haircare I knew (or at least hoped) my fading hair colour worries would be over!  After debating for a mth or so about ordering it (it's not that cheap and w/ the shipping and exchange to Canada makes it even more pricey) I decided to take the plunge and order! Let me tell you I'm SO GLAD I did!  This product is AMAZING!!!  Seriously the difference it makes on my hair just using the Weekly Treatment Conditioner once made on my hair made me a believer!  I bought the complete system which includes the Daily Conditioner and the Weekly Treatment Conditioner.

So this product is designed primarily for ppl w/ the wild and crazy colours in their hair, you know - Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, Teal etc.  But what's really awesome is the fact that you can combine colours to make your own custom colour for your hair.  Plus they have 3 different levels for each colour - Pastel, Vibrant & Extreme!  I'm using the Blue Extreme for anyone that's curious.

The best way to figure out what would work for you is to take their little quiz and it will let you know the best product to achieve or keep the colour you want/have.  You can even use this product on bleached hair alone (ie. you don't already have it dyed a crazy colour) and it will deposit colour so it doesn't just revive worn out colour it adds it too!  I'm actually going to try this w/ some blonde extension pieces that I have that I've been thinking of dying blue.

What I really love is how soft and silky it makes my hair feel after I've used it.  Unfortunately, all this bleaching to my hair has not been kind and I have a lot of breakage and dryness b/c my hair is naturally fine and thin and it was previously dyed black prior to my new found crazy colour routine. Plus it really helps cut down expensive trips to the salon to get your colour retouched and you can wash your hair in warm water!  No more cold showers!

I definitely recommend wearing gloves when you apply it to your hair.  It doesn't dye your hands like traditional colour but just to be on the safe side.  Also, it's vegan and cruelty free for all those people out there that are curious about that sort of thing!

Check out their FAQ section to answer any other questions you might have!

Both pics are with natural light hitting the hair.  The After pic I had used the Daily Conditioner twice and the Weekly Treatment Conditioner once!

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