Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christina's Engagement Shoot

Wow...not gonna lie I'm a little embarrassed to realize I haven't written a blog post in 2 mths!  Just goes to show how busy you can get sometimes w/ work!  It is wedding season after all and June/July have been pretty crazy for me...which I'm definitely not going to complain about b/c we all know there are those slow Winter mths when there is too much time!  Actually on an exciting note June was my highest grossing mth on record yet! The wedding business is definitely moving on the right track and I've almost doubled the number of staff wedding bookings this year!

Anyway, back to what this post is actually suppose to be about ;)  I met Christina back in January when she hired me to makeup and hair for her engagement party.  Right away I thought she was really awesome and I was hoping she'd hire me for her big day - which funny enough happens to be on my BIRTHDAY - Oct 15 2016.  You know if I'm going to work my birthday it means it has to be a bride I actually like lol!  This obviously shows what a planner Christina is as well b/c she's taking almost 2 years to plan the wedding of her dreams lol!  Even her engagement party at Wvrst had all sorts of special and thoughtful details to make it a bit different and unique.

Christina did hire me for her wedding - Yeah :)  And a couple of mths ago she hired me to do the makeup and hair for her engagement session - Double Yeah :)  When I say this girl is a planner you have no idea!  Originally she had a whole other engagement shoot session planned but literally the day before the shoot when she realized the weather wasn't going to co-operate she didn't reschedule the shoot like a lot of brides - no she went with it and literally planned a whole new shoot w/ new locations inside...and it was pretty friggin' awesome!  The girl had like 3 or 4 locations w/ look changes and everything lol!  This also shows that on her wedding day she'll be able to roll with the inevitable changes and switches that always seem to happen no matter what you do.

One of my fav things about Christina is that even though day to day she isn't necessarily a huge makeup person she loves to experiment for events.  For her engagement party we did a really vampy burgundy lip and for the engagement shoot we had fun w/ a teal green liner look and waved beachy hair which looked amazing w/ the flower crown she got from Coriander Girl!

Here's some of my fav pics from the shoot.  The location was Kitten and the Bear and even though I've never been there before I definitely want to try it now it looks so cute!  They also did some really cool stuff at Future Food Studio and comic book store too I think.  Really it was just the perfect locations to show off their mutual interests and loves!

Photos courtesy of All This Happiness

Can I just say they are the cutest together!  I met Daniele when I was getting her ready for the engagement party and just the way they look at each other and talk about one another...it's so cute!

What a gorgeous flower crown!

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