Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heading Home!!

So this is just a super quick one peeps! Officially heading back to Canada TODAY!! I'm sitting in a restaurant at the airport all checked in and relaxing b/c they thankfully DIDN'T weight my carry on luggage lol. They are actually getting a lot stricter on carry on luggage and I saw one check in girl weighing ppls....I was terrified I would have to go to her counter. Thankfully no! The only way I got my luggage in the weight restrictions was throwing out pretty much all my winter clothes (30 lbs lighter now they don't fit anyway :) ) and by making my carry on bag like 35 lbs (only suppose to be 20 lbs).

So excited to get back to Canada and get things going there again. I've been contacting a lot of super cool stylists, photographers, models etc. about working together so I can't wait! Don't worry I'm still going to keep this blog going as I'd hate to disappoint my "fans" lol.

Btw I did a really cool shoot yesterday w/ a yoga clothing brand called Aumnie Athletics. I'll write more about that another day and include some behind the scenes photos. The owner is actually from Vancouver but the company is based out of Shanghai.

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ashley said...

i hope your getting settled in Toronto and that you're enjoying being home!