Monday, May 4, 2009

Art Directors - Sometimes They Just Mess Things Up!

So I'm back from Beijing and I had an amazing time! I'll write more about that in another entry w/ lots of fun pics and all that! Can you believe I head back to Canada in 1.5 wks!!

Anyway, I'm on a bit of a roll right now! Got another editorial out which is cool. Unfortunately, it would have been a lot cooler IMO if the art director would have just taken Todd's original layout he proposed and published that. Sometimes I feel like art directors feel they just need to make it look like they are doing something and therefore they go and change the order of an editorial and overall just make it so much weaker! Like if they just published what the photographer suggested they aren't doing their job or something!? I find this happens a lot in Asia and many of them just don't quite get fashion or styling quite yet...very frustrating. They actually cut my fav. image from the whole editorial. It was suppose to be the opener and again IMO was WAY stronger than the opener they used (it's okay just not opener material IMO). I really wish they would have used the opener Todd suggested as it would have looked great in my book esp. as the opener...or even just published it in the editorial somewhere else. I'm still going to actually get this pic I like printed for my book b/c I just think it's a hot pic.

This was definitely an eye opener for me to realize just how important putting certain pics in a certain order really affects the flow and story of an editorial. When I saw the order that DestinAsian had picked I was kind of thinking...really this is the editorial I was expecting so much's kind of just okay. Then I saw the order/images that Todd suggested and I couldn't believe how much stronger the editorial was just b/c the pics were in a different order...I don't know it just looked so much better. Anyway, here is the editorial. I'm also including the pic they didn't use that I actually really like! Just a reminder you can click on the pics to see them in larger size - or just visit my website :)

Kind of wish this pic and the other B&W pic were in colour just for my book you know...the B&W looks great don't get me wrong it's just you know I'm thinking about me lol!This is the pic Todd and I wanted as the opener! I think it sets the mood so much better...and it shows off my work more ;)


what the pros do... said...

Great editorial Jess, its a shame they cut that last pic tho I think its my favorite from this story too!

Amy Allen said...

They're stupid not to include that one!


Tali said...

Wow.. beautiful shots!