Saturday, May 9, 2009

My "Good" Side

So recently I asked Todd to take some pics of me while I was doing touch ups on set hoping that I would get a cool pic to put on my website in the bio section and all. Well last Thurs I was shooting an editorial for a fitness mag and he took a few pics of me doing touch ups...unfortunately they are all pics that prominently feature my ASS lol! Why he thought that moment would be a great time for a "behind the scenes" pic is beyond me but it is nice to know what he thinks my "good" side is lol! I asked him maybe on Tues we can try for something that features my face just a bit more hahaha. So here's the pic that apparently features my ass the least lol.

Any of you that had ANY worries about my weightloss being too much can now safely put those worries away TRUST ME! The ass has gone no where lol!
Btw tonight is my Going Back Home to Canada dinner w/ some of my Shanghai friends. I'll try to take some pics for you guys...and yes I'll post some Beijing pics too...uggh I'm just lazy sometimes lol.


Amy V. said...

hahaha, so funny. i was back working about 3 weeks after the baby and everyone always would take "behind the scene" shots of my HUGE ass! no one wants to see :)

ashley said...

Love it! Work that booty.

My best side is definitely from behind. i have the WORST profile. ugh. breaks my heart.