Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post #100 - Assisting Liz Yu

Yeah my 100th post! How exciting! It will be even more exciting one day when I actually reach 100 followers...ways to go on that one though lol!

Anyway, I mentioned last wk that I assisted on a photo shoot and it was my first time assisting. Well wouldn't you know it I got my second chance at assisting later that wk. Last Sunday I got to assist Liz Yu (creator of Yaby) on a Runway Show for this Taiwanese designer that was visiting all the way here from Taiwan. I thought at first she might have hired me b/c of my vast experience on Asian models lol...but actually there was only one Asian model in the whole show to my surprise.

Liz also hired another assistant Whitney Sellors to help out. It's really weird in Toronto sometimes b/c you'll know a makeup artist's name and their work for a long time but you'll never have actually met which was the case w/ Whitney. I had heard her name for a few yrs now (the Toronto market gets small quick) but I had never actually met her. Totally nice and a great person to assist w/. It was also nice to hear that she reads this blog - Hi Whitney!

The look for the show was really soft. Grey eyeshadow w/ a bit of blue black smudged along the lashes, natural blush and a pink/nude shimmer lipstick or red if they were a special girl. There wasn't a face chart so to be honest my first model was totally not right but once I saw what Liz did w/ her first girl I figured it out.

What sucked was the models were all suppose to be there at 2 which although was super early was still the call time. By 4 I think only half the models had arrived. By the end one of the models never arrived which is totally uncalled for and unprofessional IMO. So at 7:30 we had a replacement girl come in where we had to scrub off a pound of makeup and mascara and comb out a head full of back combing to get her ready. She literally had all 3 of us poking and prodding at her to get her ready in time...but we did!

The other thing that kind of sucked was the show which was suppose to start at 8 didn't start till probably 8:30. The call time was 2 so all the girls had to get massive touch ups b/c the makeup had been sitting on their faces for so long and the curls had completely fallen out of their ponytails so it almost felt like we were doing things twice.

But overall it was a fun experience and it was great to finally work w/ Liz on something. I thought I had all the Yaby eyeshadows but after that show I realized there is definitely a few I need lol! Plus some new blushes and lipsticks too lol! I swear before I know it I going to become Liz's biggest promoter besides herself.

Here's a few behind the scenes pics of the girls.

The wonderful Liz Yu at work! She did amazing on those fingerwaves...I'm impressed!
All the Girls!

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