Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thieves Look Book

Yesterday I got to work on my male grooming skills for a look book shoot for a clothing company called Thieves designed by Sonja den Elzen. The model Brett was from Elmer Olsen Models. What a sweetheart! He's only 18 and just got into modeling not too long ago but what a great look. Hopefully he'll go far.

The photographer was Maxime Bocken. A great young shooter in Toronto that I was actually hoping to meet so what a great opportunity. We did some outside shots as well as some in studio stuff. Can't wait to see the pics!

While I was at the shoot I also got a call from my agent for two half days of assisting which was a nice surprise. They know I want to get better at hair so basically the assisting job is helping out w/ hair and nails for the campaign and look book for Nada, a really cool Canadian designer. I did the campaign today (talk more abou that later ;) ) and the look book tomorrow. I was assisting a really talented (and nice) artist w/ Judy Inc. named Sabrina Rinaldi. She was totally helpful and I was a bit nervous...if you can believe it it was my first time EVER assisting lol. Nice not to have to bring my kit though I can tell you that ;)

Well here's some behind the scenes pics of the very sweet Brett for Thieves.
Me Fixing the Hair
Maxime Shooting
Jen Tse the Stylist adding some Accessories
Brett looking Pretty lol!

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Rhia Amio, Make-up Artist said...

woohoo for Toronto talent! fantastic work :)