Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YTV Bumpers!

So yesterday I got to do my FIRST agency job! Considering it was my first I'd say it was a pretty big one. I got called last minute on Monday to fill in for another MUA who was sick. I got to be the Key MUA/Hair for a bunch of YTV Bumpers (promo ads) all revolving around a young magician. For those in Europe YTV is a kids TV network in the US and's pretty big (at least to me).

So I was a bit nervous the night before b/c I literally had no info except my call time and location on Tues. Thankfully, my nerves were quickly put to rest once I was on set. Everyone on set was totally nice and what I had to do was super easy. One lead guy (the young magician Neil) and 3 sort of background teen actors. The magician Neil was a really nice young guy and he did some really cool tricks for us.

Thankfully the weather held out for us too. I was afraid of rain and in the morning it was super hot but it did cool down thankfully. So after the initial makeup I literally just had to powder all day (how easy is that)! Plus the food on set was AMAZING! I'm so use to doing crappy indie film work where they feed you crap food that it was so nice to have some great catering on set!

I was actually kind of hoping the MUA would be sick for the next two days of scheduled shooting but unfortunately for me she was fine for Weds. Still YTV is a great first credit to add to my agency resume and I was Key which is totally cool. I mean I didn't even have to assist anyone.

On another positive note I got my second agency job tomorrow! I'm working on a music video which is cool. What's scary is that I've actually agreed to a Key Hair Position. Not even doing makeup...JUST HAIR! This is beyond scary to me if you must know b/c hair is definitely not my strongest area. I've been trying to get better of course but I am after all still a makeup artist first and hair second. But guess what for all those newbies out there sometimes that happens. Sometimes even as an MUA you get called in to do Hair! So everyone wish me major luck tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have a story to tell :S ...hopefully a good one! I just need to keep tell myself - Fake It Till You Make It!

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Deborah said...

Sounds exciting! I hope tomorrow goes well for you!!!! Hair aint easy when make-up is your strong point but im sure you'll do just fine!