Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clean Makeup Trend in NYC Fashion Wk - Good Thing I Got a Clarisonic for Christmas!

So far in NYC Fashion Wk - Fall/Winter 10 a big trend as far as makeup goes seems to be the clean faced No Makeup/Makeup. This sort of look is showing all over the runway early in wk in shows for Rag & Bone, BCBG and Yigel Azrouel.
As a makeup artist a true test of your ability isn't how crazy you can paint a face a lot of times but how well you can pull back, perfect the skin and let the natural beauty shine through. I'm all for perfecting the skin and making a beautiful, natural canvas but I have to admit I usually like the Fall/Winter runway looks a little better b/c they usually are a little more dramatic and exciting when it comes to makeup so I really hope we get some drama w/ some of the other shows...of course NYC tends to play it a bit safer then say Milan or Paris anyway.

If skin is going to be in this Fall I'm DEFINITELY glad I got a Clarisonic Brush for x-mas this year! For those of you who have been living under a rock this past yr I'll just fill you in on the Clarisonic Brush - basically it's this cleansing/vibrating/rotating brush that's gentle enough for everyday use but still deep cleans your skin 6 times better then traditional face washing. It also reduces pore size, smoothes texture, helps products absorb better into the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. So basically it's like giving yourself your own personal facial twice a day and it only takes 1 minute each time!

I'm not going to lie it is a bit pricey but if you're someone that gets facials on a regular basis or have tried every product on the face of the earth to help w/ acne, large pores and wrinkles it might be a good investment for you.

I have suffered from mild to severe acne since I was a teenager and I've had large pores across my nose and cheeks for as long as I can the last few yrs I've been noticing the appearance of fine laugh lines - AAHHH!! After just one use I definitely noticed an improvement in texture and softness in my skin. The first wk or so I did have some bumps on my forehead but apparently that's common b/c it's deep cleaning the skin and probably pulling some stuff out. I've been using it for a little over a mth now and I do definitely notice and improvement w/ texture and evenness of skin tone (even fading old acne marks), breakouts, the fine lines around my mouth are fainter and I do think my pore size is improving (although this is one area I hope improves some more over the next few mths).

I've even had the confidence to leave the house w/out makeup lately (well I'd still pencil in the eyebrows b/c even the Clarisonic can't help my over tweezing high school years lol). I've also been talking about the Clarisonic on set and whenever I mention I use to suffer from severe acne everyone is always shocked and comment on how great my skin is - I don't remember when ppl EVER commented on me having Great Skin! I should mention that my acne in high school wasn't the type that scarred so I was lucky but even in my 20's I've suffered from mild acne so now to be pimple free is really AMAZING for me!

Btw I got the Clarisonic Plus which has a Universal Charger and also comes w/ the Body Brush which I have to admit I haven't actually used yet...but come Spring/Summer I'm sure I'll be exfoliating my body to bits!

So bring on the clean face makeup looks of the season - I'll be ready :)


Rachel said...

This rally makes me laugh, because I was slated to Key a show at NY Fashion week, and the designer wanted really over the top makeup. told him it wasn't trending this way, and he thought I was retarded. Generally I will go with whatever look the client wants but after 18 months of the same look( Red lips, blue eyeshadow), I had to put my foot down in an effort to help him. Alas, I will not be do his show...but at least no one will thing I'm stuck in time!

And yes...the Clarisonic is worth every penny! My skin just BEAMS!!!

teenbata20 said...

Thank you very much