Monday, February 1, 2010

Kill Hannah

So back in late Sept/early Oct. I got the chance to work w/ this really cool Indie/Alternative band from Chicago - Kill Hannah. A photographer friend of mine Diem Franke called me in last minute and asked if I'd like to get involved w/ this impromptu photoshoot. Apparently, she's known the band for years and even toured around w/ them and they just happened to be passing through Toronto for a gig so she asked them if they wanted to do a shoot. The guys were super nice and down to earth and just really fun to work with.

So I finally got my hands on one of the pictures from the shoot and it's totally amazing! Diem did an amazing job on these pics and I can't wait to see the rest...there should be some single shots of the guys coming soon.

Apparently, the band is somewhat known in the UK and the US (although they really haven't broken into the Canadian market yet) and Diem said that one of the pictures from the shoot (I think the one I'm posting) is actually going to be put on a T-shirt for Top Shop...I don't know that just seems really cool to me that I'll have my work on a T-shirt in Top Shop lol. I told her I DEFINITELY want to have one of those T-shirts lol!

Going Left to Right:
Dan - Guitar and Background Vocals, Mat - Vocals and Guitar, Greg - Bass Guitar, Elias - Drums

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